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So, lets start off with a bang…shall we…I know this is old news to some people but..A couple of months ago, Agbani Darego the Nigerian former Miss World and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria participated in the UN Catwalk for Food Show in Lagos. It featured clothes by Deola Sagoe’s Odua Creations and was a fun show for a good cause. Other Nigerian models such as Oluchi, Ojy and Funmi participated as well…Here are some pics from the event:

That was all well and good but now the DRAMA….Agbani bared her boobs during the show…..for anyone who follows fashion, boobs on the runway are nada new but the Nigerian newspapers went crazy, labelling her as a ho, insulting her parents etc…….See Article Here. Other models wore very revealing outfits but no one faulted them. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is it justified? Was it necessary for Agbani to unleash her boobs in lagos? Does she have nice boobs? lol………Here is a pic for ur assessment. Please this is not an explicit site but you need to see the evidence to judge right? Do not click at work….VIEW HERE

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