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Ruggedman is my favourite Nigerian rapper. I luv his flow and his lyrics are always on point! I have luved his music ever since he unleashed his diss track – “Ehen” where he basically called-out every single Nigerian rapper. Ruggedman is back with a new album and the first single is called “Club Rugged”. The song is very catchy, well-produced and his flow is tight as usual.

TUNE: Indian melody in the background – CHECK
LYRICS: “…Wind ur waist for me….” – CHECK
VOCALS: Girl whispering seductively in the background (LOL) – CHECK

Anyway, I still luv the song!!!! I am sure his second single, “Ruggedy Baba” has a more Nigerian flava…….I will definitely buy his new album…U guys should get it when it hits stores soon
Click HERE to download Club Rugged – Brand New
Click HERE to download Baraje – From his last album
Click HERE to download Ehen – Ruggedman’s diss track
See his official website HERE

In terms of gist, Ruggedman now has a pimped out BMW with monogrammed seats….I dunno y it is news when Nigerian musicians buy cars……as if people dont expect them to be able to afford one? well, I guess music now pays in Nigeria!
What do u guys think of Ruggedman? Is he cute…lol? “Club Rugged”? Does Nigerian hip-hop lack a unique identity? Is it just a wannabe version of American Hip-Hop?

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