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Here is a new case for Aunty Bella.
Please take time out to offer her some advise.
If you have any issue for Aunty Bella – [email protected]
It’s completely anonymous. Thank ya~

Hello Aunty BN,
I think we have met but even you will never guess who this is. Bella, I don’t recognize myself anymore, I hate the person I have become over the last 2 years. I will start by saying my issue is not about LOVE, it is about MY LIFE.

Let me explain, I left Nigeria after primary school and returned after I completed my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. While I was in England, I hardly had any Nigerian friends, my parents shipped me off to an exclusive boarding school in the middle of rural England where I stayed until in finished my A-Levels. It was when I started university in London that I met a few Nigerians, I built life-long friendships there and reconnected with my Nigerian heritage. It was because of those friends that I decided to move to Nigeria after I graduated (although I worked for a year).

BN, this is where the trouble started.

I am in financial penury. I am so broke and it is all my fault. I have been living far above my means. I never used to be the type of person who cared about how people perceived me but that has all changed. I was never the type of person who cared about Gucci and Versace, now that is all I spend my money on. My wardrobe is filled with designer clothing and accessories, I go out nearly every night to expensive restaurants or bars. I take too many international trips (I travel somewhere at least twice a month). I just cant seem to stop myself. I am so miserable because sometimes, I don’t even have any money to eat, refuel my car with petrol or pay my driver. I promise myself to change all the time but each time I get my salary, the cycle begins again. More shopping, more trips, more events. I have no savings, owe quite a number of people money (bar tabs, designers but not my friends) and have huge credit card bills piled up in London.

Nobody suspects this is happening to me and I cannot share my problem with any of my friends because I come from a very popular family in Lagos (Everytime people hear my last name, you can see the change in perception), I have a very good job, nice car, clothes and a beautiful apartment (separate chalet in my parents estate). All my friends live the same kind of lifestyle as me. We travel together, shop together, go to all the high profile events together but the main difference is that their parents (or boyfriends) still sponsor them financially despite the fact that they are graduates in their 20s and 30s with well paying jobs. My parents are very disciplined people. They do not believe in spoiling their children. They gave us the best education possible and now they expect us to fend for ourselves.
To be completely honest, I now have a very snobby and haughty attitude that is making things even worse. I never used to be that way, at boarding school, my pet name was Smiley.
Please help me. I know I got myself into this mess.

Miss Cut Your Coat According To Your Size

Miss Cut Your Coat’s situation is sad but very prevalent in Nigeria. I think it is a case of misplaced priorities.
I am really looking forward to reading your comments. Thanks!!!

This is my 100th post! We’ve come a long way together, thanks for all your support!

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