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Hello Aunty Bella,

I need to get this issue off my chest immediately.

I have decided to get breast augmentation after many years of low self-confidence, teasing and insecurity. Some people might find this funny, silly or trivial but is very important to me. I am crippled my shyness and at 25, I have never been in a relationship.

When I was a teenager and I waited and waited for my breasts to grow with no avail. I would get teased incessantly at school and come home crying. All the other girls were growing while I was left behind. I have tried push-up bras and all the other tricks. They don’t work. I just look awkward and disproportionate.

Aunty Bella, I recently found out that the NHS offers free breast augmentation if a psychiatrist can prove your physique has affected your psychologically and socially. I have passed this stage and had been given a date for the operation. I have even chosen the size, type and all the other details.
Now to my present predicament, on the day of the surgery, I couldn’t bring myself to go. I started having second thoughts. Is this really necessary, how will I explain to my parents, what will people say?

People, please help me. What should I do.

Miss B-Dilemma

Wow…I dont know what to say.
I really feel for her. She obviously has self image issues.

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