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This is a special edition of Aunty Bella because it features a problem sent to me by a fellow blogger (I cant name names…sorry!)
Thanks so much to my guest bloggers! I really appreciate their input….please show them luv
This guest blogging series will go on until Tuesday next week…..

Hey Aunty Bella and readers,

I graduated with a masters degree and found the job of my dreams with an investment bank.
On the other hand, my boyfriend graduated a couple of years ago and has been looking for a permanent job since then.
He has been temping with various agencies for a while now but nothing constant.
Ever since he got the news of my job offer, his attitude has been very sour. He is obviously not happy for me.
His excuse is that we will be getting married soon and a job with an investment bank will be too time-consuming and tasking on our relationship.
Bella, what do I do? I hate to say this but I believe that he is jealous. I will now be making much more money than him and this is a big blow to his ego. He is also sad that after all these years of job hunting, he has nothing while within months, I secured a top job.
He is actually a great guy and I cannot begin to list the things he has done for me both emotionally and mentally.
PLEASE. Let me know how I can save my relationship. I have tried to convince him for weeks and it is just straining our relationship.
Do I reject the job offer? Do I break u with him?

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