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Hey everyone,
So I had already planned and chosen another Aunty Bella letter for today but I got this one yesterday and I was so moved by it that I had to share it with you guys immediately!
I will also do updates on previous Aunty Bella cases later today.
Please offer her some advice. Thanks!

Dear Aunty Bella,

Don’t want to sound all mushy but these Aunty Bella letters are helping people out. Reading some of the responses and comments people have left on previous occasions has given me a new perspective on my things.
Bella my situation is weighing heaving on my mind. I entered 2007 being absolutely miserable. I was wailing and crying in church, hoping that God would lift this burden off me.
I am sure many people are wondering what is wrong with me.
Nothing is wrong with me. I am healthy and successful and for that I am eternally grateful to God almighty.
Bella I am a strong woman, people see me outside and remark that I seem so put together, cool, calm and collected but inside I am burning.
I am in my mid-thirties and I am not married. I know that is not the worst thing in the world but it has just gotten to the point that I cant help but start wondering if I am cursed. I am not in a relationship, every relationship I enter ends dramatically and sadly. Leaving me heartbroken.
Believe me I am not one of those women that feel a woman’s ultimate purpose in life is to be a wife. I think that is so yesterday but still I just cant help feeling down. All my friends have LONG been married with children that can walk and talk. This Christmas, 2 of my younger ones got married!
Can you imagine, that my father previously refused to their fiances’ request because he was waiting for me to get married first! As at last xmas, the man got tired and just agreed. I think he has already given up hope that I will even walk down that aisle.
I have even stopped attending weddings because they just make me feel mad, I cant help but question why it isn’t me in that white dress.
I recognize so many of the City People brides as ‘juniors’ from my secondary school days. Please place yourself in my shoes and just imagine how that felt.
I am not looking for pity, just advice.
My longest relationship has been only a year. The rest just fizzle out before long. People are always whispering that I cannot keep a man.
I am praying, I am always praying. I left my catholic church for one of the Pentecostal churches hoping that I could reach out to God with more powerful ‘fire for fire’ prayers – e jo no laugh, this is true talk!
I was never a wild and crazy girl. I never dated married men, never did ‘aristos’ and all those things.
Please Aunty Bella readers, help! Don’t be offended if I sound forceful or miserable in the email. I am just being brutally honest.
Just a note, there are many women I know in their 30s, 40s even 50s who are unmarried and very happy. I am not trying to belittle you. I love your strength and resolve and wish I could emulate that.

Miss Misery From Nigeria

Please offer her some advice!

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