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Hey Everyone,

How is your week going?
Hope all is great!

Anyway, check out this article from Joy Magazine on foreign women who packed up everything to move to Nigeria when they married Nigerian men.
It’s very interesting!

So wht do u think?
Would you pack up and move PERMANENTLY to a foreign developing country for your man/woman?

I don’t think I could…..
I feel these women are soooo brave for taking such a step! That’s love…

I mean after watching things like the 20/20 documentary on Nigerian scammers, I’m sure most people would be like ‘Hell No!’ lol….
I also think that most men would not do it… in pack up and follow their wives to her country.
While we are on the issue, check out Jeremy Weate’s blog – Naijablog
He’s British and moved back to Nigeria with his Nigerian partner, Bibi..
I dont know the details but I think its pretty cool

Also check out Araceli Aipoh’s blog (she is featured in/wrote the article above).
She moved back to Nigeria with her husband and has lived there for many years.

Anyway, let us know what u think!

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