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Hey Everyone!!!!
What’s good? I hope you had a great weekend because mine was f-a-b!
My friends threw me a surprise party! I was sooo shocked…Thanks sweeties!
It wasn’t my birthday nor was it a bridal or baby shower LOL…so you’ll just have to guess what the surprise party was for…
Anyways, hope that you are enjoying your summer so far…wherever you are in the world! I can’t wait to go to the beach somewhere and start rocking the bikinis and all that.
Did you vote for your fav on the Blogville Idol blog? This weekend’s theme was Nigerian songs! The contestants did a really great job…I was impressed! Pink Satin and Opeke…u girls rock…the judges are very impressive too so check out all the action – HERE

LOL…Today’s post is soooo random!
Sometimes when I am trying to figure out what to post, the most random ideas come into my head…Anyways, here goes enjoy…
I have noticed that over the last year or so, several prominent male Nigerian musicians have married or become engaged to women older than them. I actually think this is a progressive movement, in that, these men and women are bucking societal restrictions and following their hearts.
So many men in Nigeria marry women, decades younger for whatever reason and noone bats an eyelid…So why not the women?

Dare Art-Alade and Deola Ayeni
Earlier this year, Dare married his girlfriend, Interior Designer, Deola Ayeni. I really think they complement each other as a couple. All the best in their marriage.

Peter Okoye (P-Square) and Lola Omotayo
Peter from the Nigerian musical duo, P-Square has been dating ad executive, Lola Omotayo for over a year. Despite the age difference and all the uproar, they are still together, doing their thing.

Soul E (Emmanuel Oluwatosin Ifechukwude Okose) and Ure Queen Okezie
The Nigerian newspapers and magazines have been having a field day with this over the last week. Rising musician, Soul E of ‘Soul E Baba Dey Here’ fame is engaged/married (Apparently they have completed the registry ceremony) to Ure Okezie, a divorced former bank executive who is 11 years older than him.

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster
This has also happened on the international scene with 29-year-old singer, Usher who is currently engaged to Tameka Foster, who is over a decade older than him divorced with 3 children.

Please this is a fun discussion so lets not break it down to something else.
Anyways, so what do you think?
Ladies, would you marry/seriously date a younger man?
Guys, would you marry/seriously date an older woman?
Let us know…
Have a great week!

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