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Hey everyone!!!

Bella is away and has no internet, and as a fan myself…I’m pretty sure you have been logging on to see if the blog has been updated!! Sadly it is, but not by Bella. She has AGAIN dragged me to put on these big shoes of hers, that I loathe {I’d rather just gist her in person, LoL}!!…

Now, I’m here wondering what to blog about, and it hits me!! IT’S JULY!!! Bella, started blogging in the month of July, July 1st 2006 to be exact, and like me and thousands of you out there, we’ve been hooked ever since!!

I, then took liberty to declare JULY, Bellanaija MONTH, for TWO reasons, okay THREE.

1. You’d have to admit that Nigerian blogging took a new, fun, edgy, classy, entertaining, lovely {I can go on} direction when Bella started blogging.

2. She’s dedicated at least 200 days of her life to blogging, AT LEAST…and she deserves a break!!!

3. Bella herself, is born on JULY 26!!!…So, it’s only right this blog is dedicated to her, and her blogging!!!

I hereby call on Bellanaija addicts to send your well wishes…if you are the creative type; cards, videos, letters should be sent to [email protected] {So, she doesn’t see it}…to be posted on her blog on her birthday, deadline for this is July 25!!

Watch out for this month, because it’s’ going to be updated with Bellanaija 1sts, role models, many more…and GIVEAWAYS of some of Bella’s favorite things!!!!!

FIRST give away!! goes to “Mystoriesmytestimonie” A medical student in New York who was the 1st to acknowledge Bella Naija’s 1st year anniversary, here and on her blog –> Mystoriesmytestimonie Congratulations darling, you’ve just won yourself a FREE one year subscription to one of Bella’s favorite Magazines; HauTe – Fashion Nigeria!! Mystoriesmytestimonie is a blog by Joy, who also started hers JULY 31st!!…So Happy anniversary too darling!

On behalf of everyone HAPPPPPPPPY ANNIVERSARY BELLA!!! We appreciate all your effort, and dedication for establishing a premiere entertainment medium for Africans in a Diaspora!!!

So, PPL do share your mini Bellanaija moments, and how it may have inspired or opened your world to a whole new look of Africa. Also, how you came across the blog along with your intial reaction!!!

P.S; Please don’t forget to send your well wishes to suprise her on her b-day to –> [email protected]
P.P.S; She has no internet. So, has no clue what is going on, so if she forces any of you to read to her or text her what’s on the blog…tell her, something nice, you’ll read it later…LoL.

XxLove youxX

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