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Bella Naija Presents 25 Days of Christmas: Vlisco Contest Winners

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Congrats to all the winners!
Thanks for sharing your special moments and photos with us.
The prize? A Vlisco pack containing 4 yards of fabric from various Vlisco collections!
As stated in the terms and conditions, prizes are available for pickup in Lagos & Abuja only.
We will respond to your email with the details.
Prizes unclaimed by 31st January will be forfeited.
Vlisco Day 1 - Oyato
Hey BellaNaija!

This look to me is special to me because it was something I had not done in awhile. In the busy life that I live, I hardly get to dress up anymore. So when June 6 came around, I felt like I had to go all out and I did. The day I wore this gown, it was my birthday. The Nigeria Entertainment Awards was that same day. I’d never been to the previous shows in the past years so I felt that since this would be the first ever awards show I’d been to I would make sure I looked and felt FABULOUS. So I bought my woodin with some shantung material and made the gown myself. That night I had so much fun with my special someone and with a host of great people. It my very own birthday gift to myself.
Odunayo Ade
OYATO, Designer
Vlisco Day 2 - Maryann Abogunde
Attached is a copy of my picture. It is a picture of me on graduation day. I graduated from Duke University with a Master’s in Medical Physics, and Oprah Winfrey was our guest speaker, and I got to shake her hand, so I will never forget that special day. I have to say that was my best look for 2009.

Thank you and have a blessed day!
Maryann Ozidu Nnenna Abogunde
Vlisco Day 3 - Olanrewaji Aluko
This is a picture of me wearing a Jacket I designed and enjoying it whilst looking Fabulous and thats what makes it special to me. The designs label is LD’B Designs —>

Thank you.
Lanre Aluko-Olokun
Tiene Akpabio
Hi Bella Naija,

Attached is a picture of me wearing a dress I woke up at night to make just to wear it that day. I wanted to look pretty in something I made myself. That was achieved and the compliments I got made it all more special.

Thank You
Tiene Akpabio
This dress is really special because I designed it myself for my sister’s wedding last summer. The response was so positive, it actually made me believe I could achieve my dream of some day becoming a designer, because at 17 most people think its just a phase. It is a knee length dress with an A-line cut and I added some accent with a midnight green chiffon strap, sequins and crystals that I chose myself to compliment the ankara.
Eki Ogunbor
nneka ezeala
Hey bella,

Love your site!!!!! this is a picture of me thanksgiving day 2009. I felt FABULOUS! aside from the fact that this same dress wouldn’t zip up just two months prior, lol, by some miracle, i got the day off work and made it home to baltimore for thanksgiving! I hadnt seen my family in months and i was just THANKFUL!
Nneka Ezeala
Bayo Lawal
this look is special to me cause it was at a photo shoot for my first magazine cover and for most part of my life i’ve been a pretty boy but for some reason after seeing this picture i realized i was getting older lol..becoming a man something i am very proud of at the moment.
Adebayo Lawal
saidat alabi
This is definitely one of my spectacular looks. Its a picture of me on my 21st birthday which was two days after i graduated. Just treated myself with studio shots trying to get a new look n this fits perfectly and it was fun too. I felt so fabulous, i call it my “now 21 n graduate” look. lol
Saidat Alabi
chiamaka Oragwu
I would say my dress makes me look really special! ! !
Am not only going to look special, but also feel special if am lucky to win a vlisco material, sew a really nice, eye catching style with it, and finally pose for an extra ordinary picture . BELLA NAIJA thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Chiamaka Oragwu
Tolulope Akanni
Hello Bella Naija,

I’m Tolulope Akanni from Lagos, Nigeria.

This look is special to me because I took it after a chapel service in my school. I got the opportunity to speak on stage to an audience of about 4,000 students that day and I got lots of commendations for my stage composure.
As an aspiring best selling author and public speaker, I decided to take this picture so it can remind me of how great I would look having this on the author’s page of my book, and how I would look when I will be delivering my dream $1million dollar fee speech!
Chinwe Egbuta
Hey Bella!!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday/New Year.

Love your website, keeps me alive in this part of the world. <3

Chinwe Egbuta.
Top of the day Bella,

Am a ardent reader of not too sure if this pix depicts my best look,but i know this will pass for a spectacular look.i so love my smile and that does it for me…well it was just a regular day nothing special.
Keep up the good job,

Victoria Ironua,Abuja
ngozi areh
Dear Bella Naija,

My name is Ngozi Areh and I am a dedicated reader of Bella Naija. I love all the current news, fashion, and day to day lifestyle you and your team bring to us. I became a loyal fan of your page when my mom introduced me to the webpage, and ever since then I have bookmarked your website on my computer. I thank you for the opportunity you are giving us to win fantastic prices and I wish you continued success in your venture.

The photo I am going to share with you is from my brother’s traditional wedding in Nigeria which I attended on April of 2009. I wore a pink native skirt and blouse which had to be sewn in a short period of time because I flew in from the U.S. and I had to do my fitting and all. I wanted something simple because I believe less is more when it comes to my fashion.

My look for that day was special because it was a proud day for us being that my big brother was marrying his soul mate and I was so blessed to be in the midst of everything. I also think my look was special because I recently chopped off all my hair in my journey to become natural in January and I refused to add any extensions, but rather I sported my short natural hair when I traveled to attend the wedding. I felt beautiful and special with my hair short, and when I wore my pink traditional attire it further validates my point that you don’t have to always add some kind of length to your hair for an outfit to look elegant on you. I loved everything about my look from the outfit to my glasses which all made my look very elegant and simple.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the pictures.
Kunbi Egwakhe
Hey Bella,

In between graduation and searching for a job, I decided to try my hand at sewing and after several botched fabric, this is what came out. I absolutely love this look because I made it and when I heard the prize was more fabric, I knew I should at least try and win:)

Kunbi Egwakhe
Dabul Mimi
Hello,Bella this picture was actually taken in my house,i was going for a wedding and had to wear all gold,the asoebi was the aso oke,and my make up was done by Sistas makeup in Abuja, Mairo Musa,a talented make up artist trained under Tara.
Dabul Mimi
Ajara Bomah
On this sunny day in October, I visited my friends clothing store on Campbell Street in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She had this wonderful dress sitting on the mannequin. I had to have the dress so I tried it on and what do you know. It fit perfectly, from the colors, to the fabric and what I loved most about it was that it was Made in Sierra Leone, by local up and coming designers.

Ajara Bomah

jen vlis
This picture was taken at my college’s international student fashion show
my freshman year. We had to ‘design’ looks by wearing our own clothes:
blending Western staples with ethnic outfits. I asked my mum to send heavy
damask from Nigeria then I tied, pinned, and wore it with plain black top
and slacks. I also added a few jigida (hausa waist beads) for ‘color’.

That was the first and only time I ever tied damask gele up a headtie
together. It was definitely an achievement for me and people loved the
ethnic fusion.

I had a chance to show off my afro-centricity( and rep naija) through gele
and beads from my northern Nigerian roots to my relatively non-diverse,
Africans-lacking school community in rural Tennessee.
Jennifer Juma
I am a dynamic dresser and I like to play with colours. But sometimes, I like to keep it classy. This look did just that for me. It is subtle yet bold and still lets me play with colours. That’s why this is my fav look!

Sonate Gandonu
Hi Bella,
Around June/July, 2009, I was at Bella’s for an interview on ‘style me’ because I believed it would give me an opportunity to improve on my looks and dressing as I am not too good when it comes to both. Unfortunately, I was not among those that scaled through because up till now I have not been contacted. Then I began to wonder what could have been the cause. Is it that I look that good or is there nothing wrong with my dressing? Then I saw this advert on ‘BN 25 Days of Christmas: Vlisco Contest’ and decided that I was going to partake in it.
Before i saw this advert, i had already taken this picture. Even though, the outfit in the picture looks nice and i feel comfortable in it, added to the fact that the idea of the style was given to my dressmaker by myself, that is not the reason it is special. It is special because on this particular ‘ordinary day’ i took this pix in the office, i also received the news of my double promotion at the office. So i thought its worth a try on BN.
Attached herewith is my picture.
Good luck to me.
Adeola Okeowo
Christiana Egwakhe
Hey Bellanaija,
Here’s my favorite 2009 look. Recently, I decided to cut my hair because I wanted to see if I could rock short hair. Apparently, this picture says I can!:)

Christiana Egwakhe
Hey Bella!

This picture was taken last Christmas at my uncle’s wedding! I had to glam it up a little bit because….well, I’m Nigerian! lol.

Congrats to all the winners!
Happy 2010.


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