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BN 25 Days – My Lifestyle, My VEDA – Finalist: Adeola Okeowo

My lifestyle? Hmmm……….. Well, maybe when I tell you about me, you will figure out the kind of lifestyle I have.

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Thank you for all the wonderful entries to our Bella Naija 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway!
Today, we are announcing the finalists for the My Lifestyle, My VEDA contest.
Originally, we planned to choose the Top 3 and present them for you to review. However, after receiving all the great entries, we chose our Top 4!
Its now up to you to ‘crown’ the winner.
Read the entries and then vote for the winner in our Polls section situated at the lower left corner of the main page.
Thanks and good luck to all the finalists!
Voting closes at Midnight (GMT) on the 31st of December 2009.
For more information on the exciting VEDA brand: Visit
My lifestyle? Hmmm……….. Well, maybe when I tell you about me, you will figure out the kind of lifestyle I have.
My name is Adeola Okeowo, a Civil Servant by occupation, a Secretary by profession. I have a Diploma in Secretariat Studies with Computer Application and a NIIT Certificate in Software Engineering, amongst other qualifications.
I am a very homely person, I go out once in a while if I have to or when am forced by my fiancée and friends, but honestly, I am most content when am watching a movie, reading a novel or in front of my laptop doing one thing or the other, when am not at work.
Fortunately or unfortunately, as a result of my profession, I presently almost cannot work or do without a computer either in the house or at work everyday. Infact, as a result of working with computers, I now use glasses. This is to buttress the fact that I am very familiar with different kinds of computers.
My hobbies are reading novels, watching movies, browsing the internet, chatting, swimming, but if you ask me what I enjoy doing most out of these activities listed up, I will tell you I enjoy browsing most. I am on Facebook (, Twitter (, Perfspot, Skype, Yahoo, amongst others. Amongst these sites and others, Facebook is my favourite and that was where I sought Bella Naija out online after seeing the show on TV.
It is noteworthy to mention that lately, my laptop, being old, is very slow, keys are malfunctioning, most times, you have to exert more energy than necessary to press keys, DVD doesn’t play well, atimes it does not even play at all, USB port is bad, voice chatting is awful, booting takes ages and to top it all, it fell and got broken as a result of a bad carry bag. It becomes frustrating for someone like me whose whole life has become computer.

I first knew about VEDA precisely on 24th November, 2009, when I saw some handbills at a First Bank branch, where I went to cash some money, advertising its purchase for as low as N5500 per month. I got some of the bills and took them to the office for my colleagues to see without even knowing that this is going to come up on Bella Naija’s site.
The features that VEDA has such as: varieties in colour (especially the pink one) and product, the glossy screen, the soft touch, durability, internet optimized, easy click keys, unclutters work space with only one visible cable, multimedia, right price, well packed laptop bags, which am sure VEDA also has, are all in contrast to the problems I currently have with my laptop.
With VEDA, I think my computer life will be changed completely and my business, entertainment, information and communication problems solved for life. Who says something good cannot come out of Nigeria? Truly, rather than focus on what my computer can do, VEDA will focus on what I can do with it when I get my hands on it. You call it ‘My Lifestyle, My VEDA’, I call it ‘My VEDA, My Lifestyle’.
Thank you VEDA, thank you BN, thank you Nigeria.
Attached are a few pictures and videos for emphasis.

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