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BN 25 Days – My Lifestyle, My VEDA – Finalist: Bola Aduwo

Hi! I’m Bola, a former radio broadcaster, producer now turned scriptwriter!

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Thank you for all the wonderful entries to our Bella Naija 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway!
Today, we are announcing the finalists for the My Lifestyle, My VEDA contest.
Originally, we planned to choose the Top 3 and present them for you to review. However, after receiving all the great entries, we chose our Top 4!
Its now up to you to ‘crown’ the winner.
Read the entries and then vote for the winner in our Polls section situated at the lower left corner of the main page.
Thanks and good luck to all the finalists!
Voting closes at Midnight (GMT) on the 31st of December 2009.
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Hi! I’m Bola, a former radio broadcaster, producer now turned scriptwriter! I’ve always had an avid interest in the goings on in the entertainment world (both here and abroad) specifically music and film.

I’m pro-Naija, pro-Nollywood and pro-woman and in that order! Not a women’s libber but very interested in the upliftment and advancement of women. The pro-Naija and Nollywood bit came about when I noticed after attending a film festival in Germany that the only available films on Africa where documentaries on famine and war in Darfur and poverty in Uganda! For the first time, I realized the service Nollywood (which we all take for granted) had done for Naija. How do you explain the SUV’s, mansions and pretty, well fed looking actors and actresses? (Anyway that’s a story for another day!) I knew the industry had its flaws so I decided to lend my skills to contribute to making it better.
My other passion is writing. I lurve to write! I write scripts and screenplay for filmmakers in Nollywood. Films like Guilty Pleasures, Reloaded, Nollywood Hustler (which I co-wrote) are a few that come to mind. I also write scripts for soaps, T.V and radio programmes. As a result of this, I get to meet the actors, actresses, producers, directors etc in Nollywood and the TV world! Cool! I also contribute articles to entertainment and lifestyle websites like,,,, etc. As a result of the many misconceptions and misinformation on the Net about Nollywood, I started a blog last year www.whatsgwan.blogspot where I write articles, interviews and upload pictures on behind-the-scenes info on the industry. It will soon be upgraded to a full website.

I would absolutely lurve to win the Veda Fly laptop because it represents all that I am… pro-Naija, portable, well-packaged, with the right features in the right places! (Haha!) The ergonomic keyboard will make writing scripts and stories so effortless. It’s lightweight so I can carry it anywhere; the beach, on location, and long as there is electricity (or my battery is well-charged) I can blog and write my articles and upload my photos and submit my stories at breakneck speed (thanks to the 24hrs internet service) The pre-loaded Quest multi-media software will enable me access tools to do tasks as it relates to my business, information and communication all from the comfort of armchair or anywhere I am.

My hobbies? Watching films, (especially documentaries) reading novels and magazines, listening to music and surfing the Net! Since most of my work is done on the computer and the internet is only a click away, it seems I’m always online! That’s why the Veda Fly with fully paid 24hr internet for one year will be so welcome. Imagine how much I could save in subscription money?!

My fave sites to visit are (naturally!),,, to name a few.
Fave music? I love acoustic soul… so soothing and deep. It was such a treat for me to discover Asa! Acoustic mix with a naija twist…mmm..lovely! I love her songs especially ‘Eye Adaba’. I also love T.Y. Bello, (so eclectic) and new kid on the block, Nneka. Foreign musicians; India Arie, Lauryn Hill(the best ever), Alicia Keyes (my girl!) Jennifer Hudson (fieeerce!). I can imagine uploading their music on my new (hot Pink!) Veda Fly laptop and typing away. The stories will come out even hotter and juicier! I’m also great fan of Naija hiphop; artistes like M.I (Gosh! He’s too much) Jeremiah Gyang (soulful), Kels, Ruggedman, Banky W., Slam. I love R.Kelly’s romantic and songs (the cleaner ones though!) and his other inspirational ones.

My style… Hmm..I aint no fashionista, darling! I’d rather go for the simple look. Comfy, simple, clean. Just my jeans and tees and ofcourse my VEDA FLY laptop slung in a rucksack on my back as I head to location! That’s just the way I’m wired. When I absolutely have to glam up, (groan!) I end up wearing black, and even more black! Dressing up to me is like having your teeth pulled… painful but you do end up happy with the results at the end of the day! Heh heh! My dears, I’ll leave all the making up and blingin’ for the actresses in the industry!

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