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Bye Lynn! Meet the Lucky 7 – Who Are You Voting For This Week On Glo Naija Sings?



It was all about the ’80s theme this week  on Glo Naija Sings!

The first order of business was the dreaded elimination, host Darey announced that Lynn had been voted off the show. After that we went right into the real swing of the show, the top 7 contestants visited the Little Saints Orphanage in Lagos last week and we saw clips from their visit.

Goodbye Lynn


Dionne Warwick – That’s What Friends Are For
No one could deny that Vicky looked pretty in her yellow dress accentuated by new hairstyle. Vicky’s performance was shaky for the first few seconds then she quickly picked up the flow and it was a strong performance from that point .It was a sure good performance as it had one audience member screaming – Bellissimo (Italian for lovely)


Billy Ocean – Suddenly
Christian came on stage in a red cap, salmon pants, red waistcoat and a blue shirt to perform Billy Ocean’s Suddenly, it was a good performance. All in all but we were more interested in his outfit than his singing.


Song: Whitney Houston – One Moment in Time
Every one knows it is hard to pull a Whitney Houston number but Oni really makes it all so easy, it was really a nice performance as she dazzled in her 80’s inspired white pumps paired with a pink dress.


Michael Jackson – I’ll Be There
Mattade brought back old feelings when he performed Michael Jackson’s I’ll Be There, it was a good performance but the audience didn’t seem to feel it as much as we did, some of the comments were a little harsh.


Tee Songz
Lionel Richie – All Night Long
Tee Songz made us want to listen to him all night long as he performed confidently and made the song a whole lot of fun. We totally loved his movement on stage – Tee Songz rocked!


Etta James – At Last
The classic Etta James  single “At Last” was performed by AmOK and it kept everyone puzzled as to why she was singing a song released in 1961 when this week’s focus was the 80’s theme. “At Last” is a very difficult song to conquer. Lynn tried her best but fell a little short.


Kool & The Gang – Ladies Night
Oh yes it’s ladies night, And the feeling’s right, Oh yes it’s ladies night, Oh what a night! That tune keeps playing in my head as Precious performed the funky dancing tune by Kool & The Gang, although his vocals were a bit off key. A blunt audience member said he didn’t enjoy performance at all.


Judges Comments

Sound Sultan
Sound Sultan was this week’s guest judge and he said he was wowed by 3 of the contestants and said Tee Songz to him was the best but the not so lucky Precious didn’t find much favor from Sound Sultan calling him the worst of the night.

Onyeka Onwenu

Nigeria’s Lady of songs Onyeka said Vicky performed the song with so much sincerity, conviction & empathy, Oni really surprised everyone with her one moment in time rendition and was really passionate about the song, Tee Songz  was called cute and she cautioned AmOK to watch the flat notes and also pointed out that Precious & Christian need something from inside to make the song come out better. Mattade got the axe this week from Onyeka as she called him the worst as she could not recognize the song.

Olisa Adibua
It seems as though Oni was definitely the star of the night. Olisa commended Oni and endorsed her as the best.Vicky got a nod from Olisa as he said her performance was good, but Precious got a big NO! from Olisa saying everything about his performance was wrong and he forgot the lyrics.


Here are the details you need to know to ensure your fave stays in the Glo Naija Sings game!
You can vote online here; the page also includes all the numbers for the SMS lines and details on how you can vote on MXiT.

Don’t let these aspiring superstars down! Here are the Top 7′s details, unique numbers and the songs they performed

Vote number = 7

Vote number = 1

Vote number = 2

Tee Songz
Vote number = 10

Vote number = 6

Vote number = 9

Vote number = 4

Vote Via the website
You can vote once per hour per registered email address on . Voting on the website is free.

Vote via sms
In Nigeria: Text just THE NUMBER that corresponds to your favourite contestant to 33360.
NB: Mobile voting is exclusive to Glo subscribers and SMSes cost N50.

In the Benin Republic: Text just THE NUMBER that corresponds to your favourite contestant to 7099.
NB: Mobile voting is exclusive to Glo subscribers and SMSes cost 150 CFA.

Outside Nigeria and Benin: Text just THE NUMBER that corresponds to your favourite contestant to +234 815 555 0000. This is open to all networks – international SMS rates apply.

You can vote up to 100 times per mobile number during each voting period.

Vote via wap
Type into your mobile browser and start voting. You can vote once per hour and voting via Wap is free.

Vote via mxit
Open your mobile phone’s browser and type in to download MXit for free. Then locate MXit on your phone under the applications or games section and register. Once in MXit, go to Tradepost>Entertainment>MNET and then add the Naija Sings Voting contact.

Voting on MXit is free and you can vote up to 10 times per voting period.

However, it’s you who ultimately decide – voting lines are open until midnight on Thursday so make sure you make your mark! Details are here!

Stay updated with all the Glo Naija Sings gossip wherever you are by following @GloNaijaSings on Twitter and ‘Like’ Glo Naija Sings on Facebook!


  1. Nene

    October 18, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    There’s nothing to judge….sounds like a high school talent show to me. Musical talent shows have fallen flat in Nigeria after the days of Omawumi and Timi Dakolo. Besides, why is Dare the presenter/host? He should be one of the judge….he’s way more talented than mere hosting.

  2. Brittle Paper

    October 18, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    @ Nene. Gbam! I rest my case. I thought I was in a twilight zone or something, that I was the only one wondering what exactly there was to judge in this show of mediocrity.


    October 18, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Vicky and Im Ok for life,,,,voting for u till I die

  4. lari

    October 19, 2011 at 12:40 am

    @ Nene and Brittle paper, abeg I agree. They should either toss them all out and get a new batch or scrap this altogether.

  5. adamma

    October 19, 2011 at 9:49 am

    i honestly couldnt agree more with nene, i was wondering where d heck did they get all ds amateur singers and put in dis show. i tot singing singing comp was all abt bringing out God given talents, ds peeps should go watch sunday best, american idol and use dat to review whether they ‘naija sing’ are singers or not

  6. lami

    October 19, 2011 at 5:30 pm


  7. ethelburnley

    October 19, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    come on all of ya!give them some credits.i wonder if those of u criticising them can sing at all.and stop comparing glo n sings with idols.someday,they will get to idols.rome was not built in a day remember…by the way at the end of the day there must be a winner smilling home with the prize money and all the other guys what do u have?duh

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