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With Improved Skills & An Expanded Product Portfolio! Crusader Nigeria rebrands as Custodian & Allied Plc



Custodian and Allied PLC - BellaNaija - April 2013

Consequent upon the merger between Custodian & Allied Insurance Plc and Crusader Nigeria Plc, two insurance companies, the Board and Management of Crusader Insurance Plc have communicated that the new company will now be known as Custodian & Allied Plc.

According to a statement endorsed by Chukwudum Ofomata, Brand & Communications Manager, Custodian and Allied Plc, the merger has created the integration of skills, information technology (IT) and back office processes which will be to the advantage of the customers of the company.

Our merger has created invaluable integration of skills, information technology and back office processes. Now customers can take advantage of our increased spread, improved operational efficiencies and expanded product portfolio. “The merger between Custodian & Allied Insurance Plc and Crusader (Nigeria) Plc leverages on 79 combined years of insurance and financial services experience.

According to the statement, the strengths of Custodian & Allied Plc are its stronger balance sheet, financial capacity, improved operational efficiencies and an expanded product portfolio, adding that the firm has greatly expanded its scope of services with the merger with Crusader (Nigeria) Plc.

About Custodian & Allied Plc
Custodian & Allied is a wholly owned Nigerian company whose sole purpose is to develop, package and deliver innovative insurance products that best satisfy customer needs, whilst operating a highly profitable, efficient, resourceful and ethical organisation that will survive well into the future and be a valuable asset to its shareholders.

The company board comprises individuals who have proven track records in their various fields of endeavor, thereby bringing several years of experience to bear upon the board.

Custodian & Allied Plc is a registered member of the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA) and is approved by other regulatory bodies in Nigeria to offer insurance services.

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