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Atoke’s Monday Morning Banter: I’d Like to Spend a Night in An Igloo

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It’s been a little over a week since the Malaysian Airlines MH370 went off course and off the radar. I have been following the story with a lot of curiousity, because it has just been so freaking weird. Authorities have been scouring everywhere for the plane and they have only been able to come up with speculations as to what could have gone wrong. As I watch the horror, agony and pain in the faces of the relatives, who are unsure of the fate of their loved ones, the fleeting nature of life keeps echoing in my head.

One minute you’re texting ‘See you on the other side’ and the next minute you’re being sucked into the Bermuda triangle. In light of this, it’s very easy to see why some people adopt the You Only Live Once attitude to life and they try to get as much out of life as they can.

I remember being on a flight from Abuja to Lagos and we hit a bit of turbulence and the girl beside me was freaking out. After repeatedly calling all parties of the Holy Trinity, she reminded the God Head that she couldn’t die yet as she was not yet married, neither had she carried a child in her womb. Therefore, his covenant with her was not yet fulfilled and she wasn’t eligible to take up her place in the great beyond. When I got home, her negotiation with God stayed with me. Marriage and children were on her bucket list! It was time to start thinking of a list of my own – things I’d like to achieve in this lifetime.

So, with the disappearance of the Malay plane, I have had to dig out my really scanty bucket list again. I mean, I have some really weird ideas, like wanting to spend a night in an igloo. I’ve had a life long fascination with igloos.  Did they have heating of any sort? Did people stand up straight while inside them? The latter shouldn’t really be a problem as I’m really vertically challenged, so I figured that wasn’t a problem. How do I get there? Go to Canada? How does one get to the Antarctica anyway?

Next stop on my bucket list is, ‘Being in a police car chase in Manhattan’. Of course this is one of those things you don’t really think through when you’re conceptualizing it. For instance, will I ride with the cops or will I be the one being chased? We’ll work out the kinks later, but I’ve always imagined it’ll be a thrilling experience. I assume cars won’t be toppled over like they do in the movies but there’s just something about the anticipatory adrenalin that just makes me wanna do it before I die.

I wanted to go to space too, then I watched the episode of Big Bang Theory where Howard was getting sick all the time, and his puke just kept floating back in his face. Nah son! No space, no NASA for me. I’ve gone zip lining in a canopy of trees, so we can cross that off. I’ve had lunch with Banky W, we can cross that off as well. I’d like to watch a volcano erupt live (from a safe distance of course). I’ve always wanted to, since I was in secondary school. Something about the molten magma has always stirred an interest The list also has some super X-rated sexual activities in some weird as places but hey… that’s why it’s on the Bucket List. Once in a lifetime kind of thing.

It’s time to actually populate the list a bit more. So I scurried off to the internet for some ideas and boy do they have some really nice things out there: Hike Kilimanjaro; Ride an Elephant; Meet Oprah Winfrey; Drink Vodka in Russia – (this one sounds exciting); Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. (This is right on the timing mark isn’t it?); Serve my Country – (Nigerians can cross this off after NYSC); Write a Book (From your lips to God’s ears oh, brethren!)

And it goes on and on and gets even more exciting, but I’ll have to love you and leave you here. Thank you so so so much for always reading every week. I have too much love for you guys. Have a fabulous week ahead and remember life is too short to get bogged down by the little things. Let’s try and change what we can – mindset, attitude and perception.

Don’t forget to share your bucket list with us. Why it’s there and the stuff you’ve crossed off.

Peace, love & cupcakes.

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