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‘My Africa Is’ Returns with An Exploration of Senegal with ‘Edition Dakar’ | Watch the Trailer



My Africa Is

My Africa Is is an initiative which seeks to tell the story of Africa with the goal of creating an awareness for the continent. The executive producer and host, Nosarieme Garrick, had this to say about what inspired the show: “Perceptions are shaped by what we see, so we’re staying true to our vision to change the lens, not the topic on Africa. My Africa Is is a credible resource and visual gateway to Africa, keeping it real and embracing the challenges as well as the successes our subjects experience, as they navigate the realities of their various cities.”

Season 2, titled “Edition Dakar,” will be released on the 2nd of October 2014. Read  excerpts of the press release below:

“The three-part series will focus on life in Dakar, Senegal, Francophone Africa’s fast-paced metropolis. Edition Dakar captures a colorful, true-life perspective of the views and realities of three different narratives. Layering a multi-perspective story-telling approach, each episode personally engages the audience, providing unique insights into the lives of the main characters and their interaction with their communities. Featured segments of season 2 include:

Le Journal Rappée: A new genre of news, sparking a lively conversation with Senegalese youth by relaying opinion and analysis on the weekly headlines through rap
Malika Surf Camp and Senegalese Surf Culture: One of Senegal’s surf schools encouraging locals and tourists to surf Dakar’s shores.
The Sunu Street Project: A dance program, empowering Senegal’s young hip-hop dancers.”

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Watch the trailer here:

We can’t wait for October 2!

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  1. Yeti

    September 26, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Can’t wait. Loved seeing the surfers !!

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