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International Condemnation Trails Suicide Bomb Attack on Yobe School



Ban Ki-moon

International condemnation trailed Monday’s suicide  bomb attack at a government boarding school in Potiskum, Yobe, which reportedly killed several students and wounded others.

A statement issued by the U.S. embassy in Abuja condemned in the strongest terms, the incessant attacks on defenseless civilians in North East Nigeria this past week.

The statement cited recent attacks in Ashura in Potiskum in Yobe, Gombe, Malam Fatori in Borno and Azare in Bauchi State.

The Embassy statement indicated that “while final numbers are not known, scores of persons have been killed or injured in these attacks.

“The U.S. offers its sincere sympathy to the injured and to the families of the murdered.

“We urge the government of Nigeria to investigate these and other attacks to bring the perpetrators to justice.’’

It reiterated U.S. commitment to support the people of Northern Nigeria in their struggle to stop the abhorrent actions of Boko Haram and associated terrorist groups.

In New York, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, also condemned the bomb attack in Potiskum.

Ban extended his sincere condolences to the families of the bereaved and to the government and people of Nigeria.

A statement issued by the world body said “the UN secretary-general is outraged by the frequency and brutality of attacks against educational institutions in the North of the country.

“The UN scribe demands an immediate cessation to these abominable crimes.’’

Ban stressed the need to bring the perpetrators to justice through a process respectful of Nigeria’s human rights obligations.

He also appealed for adequate security measures for civilians.

“The UN secretary-general reiterates his firm conviction that no objective justifies wanton violence against civilians,’’ the statement added.

Also, a statement by UNICEF warned that repeated and relentless attacks on children and schools were attacks on the future of Nigeria.

It expressed concern that Nigeria already had the largest number of children out of school in the world and the attacks on schools would exacerbate the situation.

“We call on those with the responsibility and power to bring the perpetrators of this cruel act to justice, and to uphold their responsibilities to protect children,” UNICEF said in the statement

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  1. NaijaPikin

    November 11, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    Thank you America, UN, UNICEF and every other concerned organization. Unfortunately, our leaders are busy working on reelection so they are not concerned with bringing perpetrators to book. Please check back in 2015 after they have finished rigging their way into victory. Maybe someone will be concerned then.

    Note: I know I said check back after election, but don’t hold your breath. They may be too busy with shaming their predecessors and beginning their looting fest to give a damn about anyone getting blown up.

    but again, thank you for your concern. SIGH!!

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