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Awesome Blossoms with Winihin Jemide : Flowers Speak the Language of Love



The Garden Show - BellaNaija - July2013 (5) Flower of the month: February Birth Flower- Violet: Violet is soft and sweet.

I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck” -Emma Goldman

The language of flowers dates back to the Victorian era, popularly known to be ethically conservative. It was a time when the expression of love and affection were practiced through personal romantic messages and love notes secretly attached to the flowers between two lovers, for fear of being caught and persecuted. It was a taboo to show public affection, to hug and share pleasantries. In order to institute the powerful significance of flowers, a flower dictionary was then written in the year 1819 and certain flowers eventually had specific meanings attached to them. This became a guide to the flower meanings throughout Europe and the United States.

We must count ourselves lucky to be part of this 21st century, where love and freedom abound. There is no need to hide under the desk to compose love poems or hide behind a mask to conceive it!

As days linger and time ticks more aggressively waiting for that special day, the fourteenth day of February, we long for that inner most feelings of our hearts. It is a day we love, we share and we give happiness. We all say to ourselves, ‘it’s a happy day and it’s going to be a promising new year!’

Many look forward to that blind date at the beach, a table for two in a 5-star hotel, a romantic getaway and of course, for the eccentric woman/man…the fascinating garden that relentlessly sends incredible messages of love. To some, they would rather be at home with their loved ones, watching the famous Telemudo all day.

Thanks to the happily-ever-after-couples who always strive to make their relationships work by rekindling and fueling up their love for one another. Many lovers, who after many years of their relationships, say love doesn’t make sense or perhaps, love does not exist, have failed to rekindle their love. We say to such lads, get in touch with these specialists and learn how to love, give and share!!

We must first comprehend that, Valentine’s Day is a day to give and expect nothing in return! I have learnt not to judge people, because many didn’t have the privilege of knowing or feeling love as you do. Many teenagers and adults have been products of child abuse, rape, violence and so on. The beggars on the streets, the bus conductors may not have been privileged to call a man, a father or a woman, a mother. As they grow older, they are aware of their circumstances and all they ever long for is revenge. How do we change their mindsets? How do we teach them that this thing called love is indeed a language and a way of life?

I have found that flowers indeed give meaning to life as they are strong tools of non-verbal communication and I believe in long-lasting relationships as well as long-lasting scents from those gorgeous flower bouquets or gardens. The power of a single rose flower, a jam jar garden, a bouquet or a beautiful decorated garden is indescribable. That soothing and revitalizing effect of purgation and meditation they provide is mind-blowing.

I have never felt anything as subtle and more romantic as a bouquet of flowers; so intensely and densely arranged that each piece of a cut flower – of roses, carnations, lilies. They speak volume and of course cascade alluring scents.

Why not surprise that special chatterbox woman with a beautiful garden on Valentine’s Day, and tattoo her name on the rooftop of the garden gazebo? Or perhaps, employ an artist to carve a cartoon of that husband of yours whom you think can be annoying at times, hang it over or have it glide on the fish pond? They would love it!

For every moment they walk into the garden, history and moments would be made and shared. Why not drop a message of hope taped to the teeth of your bouquet of roses and send out to your loved ones, give alms to the poor and perhaps, a bouquet of roses to the less privileged, the bus conductors and beggars? With smiles on their wrinkled faces, unending void spouting from their broken teeth and arms waving up so high that one could see each other’s armholes, a day is made! A language of love passed across to many would change the world for good.

We must then, learn that Valentine’s Day must not end at midnight, but MUST spread equally to the remaining days of the year.  Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of a new year of love and selflessness – with heads high up and feet matching beautifully to the rhythms of what  Valentine’s Day brings.


  1. concerned

    February 14, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Wishing all BN commenters and fans a very happy Valentines Day. May your day be filled with peace, love, joy, hope, fulfillment, chocolate and all that good stuff.

  2. @edDREAMZ

    February 14, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    Today for be election i swear…..

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