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Fola Daniel Adelesi: Reboot or Reset

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As human beings I think we have a lot to learn from many of those devices that we carry around and use on a daily basis. Just as those devices reboot or reset for better performance, it is simply wise for us to also see the need to sometimes reboot or reset for better performance or to last longer.
When you try to use your mobile phones or your tablet and it seems it cannot handle too many of your commands at the same time, it will most likely hang or malfunction in some other ways. When you keep pressing the device it will not respond to you at all or it may just give youre the other responses that you are not expecting.

In the case of human beings, life may have been placing too much pressure on us. We try to respond to all of life’s issues, but we just don’t know how to respond or when to respond and which one to respond to. At some point we are just clearly confused and dont know what to do. If you are in this situation then it might just be time for you to reboot or reset.

There are times you are also using a device and you would have forgotten that you pressed a button with the intention to open an application. Since it did not respond immediately, you moved on to other things and wanted faster results from your device. While trying to get those other applications to open, the previous ones you had tried to open then pop up and you get angry. In that moment you just angrily swipe that app away and wonder why it was coming up at a time you no longer needed it.

Now think about the times when people have placed demands on you. It looked like what they wanted you to do was really hard but you were still going to do it anyway. So you went out of your way to go and get that thing done; by the time you return with the expected results, the people who placed a demand on you had forgotten about the demand; so, they wonder why you are showing up with what you thought they will greatly appreciate. Instead of appreciating that thing you went out of your way to get, they throw it away or insult you because of it.

We all know how we treat our new devices. Every new device is like a new spouse, especially if you had to save up for a while before you raised the money to pay for the device. Or maybe you are using the option of paying in instalment which is now available on some devices and that depends on what you earn or where you work. The new device gets all the attention like a new bride. It is properly carried and given all the nice jackets available. After a while when there are newer devices in town, the current one in your hand is seen as old and it no longer gets the preferential treatment it was getting when it first arrived.

Are you still wondering why people are treating you the way they are treating you right now? They were doting on you (fond of you, loving, devoted, affectionate, caring and adoring) and now you just don’t understand what is happening. It seems like you are treated like trash.

Right now in our lives it may look like too much is trying to happen at the same time and we just can’t handle all of that. You are at a crossroad on your jobs, businesses and even precious relationships that you keep with other people. You have tried all that you can and nothing seems to be working out.

You definitely need to reboot or reset. I guess someone may ask how can a human being reboot or reset? Maybe I don’t have it all but I can tell you something that works for some people and it may be a hint on what can also work for you.

When I want to roboot I shut out of this crazy world completely! I may be in my house for a few days and never step out of the front door. Phone calls are restricted to only the extremely important ones and by that I mean those who will be worried if they don’t hear from me. If I have the luxury of time, then I sleep more and try not to do anything mentally tasking especially because my work – speaking and writing – always places a demand on my brain. By the time I do this for a few days then I am good to go again.

For some others it might be taking a vacation. This is not the expensive kind of vacation that you think about for pleasure. This is the type you take as an escape from world troubles into one reserved or coded area where you have more time with nature and are cut off from this fake world with all its distractions.

You may need to find other ways in which you can reboot or restore to factory setting. I am sure you remember what happens to devices that refuse to reboot or reset. They risk crashing and when they crash they will be scrapped or completely abandoned. You have choice today. If you don’t want to crash and be scrapped then you must take time out to reboot or reset and come back fully powered to perform!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Dennis Owusu-ansah

Fola Daniel Adelesi (also Fola Daniel Speaks) is a Professional Public Speaker, Learning & Development Expert, Communications Professional, and an author of more than 13 books. He's a highly engaging training facilitator who holds his audience spellbound when speaking at gatherings. Apart from his several platforms which include banks, insurance companies, and religious organizations, he has been part of some national television shows and he spoke so intelligently. Some of his published books include: - Get Up and Hit That Goal - Basic Skills for Outstanding Leadership - Breaking Grounds Despite Backgrounds - Writing Business Proposals - Indebted to Ignorance He's also a highly skilled master of ceremony with excellent poise and diction who is endeared to many corporate clients. He was on the Debaters TV reality show Season 1, he presented 'You Can' on Radio Continental in 2011 and he did motivational segments on Galaxy Television from Dec. 2008 to August 2009. He currently features consistently on Channels Television and Television Continental, two of the leading TV stations in Nigeria to discuss national and youth issues. He keeps a vlog at and his books are available on or

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