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Something Amazing is Happening in Lagos Traffic Today!



Now something exciting is happening today in the ever busy city of Lagos. Social media is on a buzz about something really special happening today.

So normally, driving in Lagos traffic early in the morning can be quite daunting and I checked the Traffic reports and found something truly inspiring that lifted my heart. Considering the challenges most of us face daily as regards commuting, one special brand with a lot of Goodness to share chose to step up today and take on the Lagos traffic challenge by ensuring commuters get to their offices and destinations with smiles on their faces.

If you were on any of these routes this morning please share your experiences. I also just got this image from someone inside a BRT bus and it seems Malta Guinness is not only on the streets but also in BRT buses as well. I am sure you will have witnessed some activities inside the bus in progress. Not only did they provide free rides to Lagosians, they went a step further to ensure passengers had a really good time on the bus as they journeyed to their destinations with lots if goodness to share.

If you were on any of these buses and you have pictures and/or stories to share, please share with us your Malta Guinness Goodness Ride pictures.

I will keep you posted as other information reaches me.

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  1. La' valve

    October 29, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    Interestingly goodness!…

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