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The Life & Times of DJ Olu…Watch His “City2City” Tour on BN TV




DJ Olu is the official DJ for Davido and the HKN Gang and in this video we get to see his UK club tour.

He shut down clubs in Birmingham, Essex, Sheffield and other major cities, delivering world class music experiences to club goers and music lovers alike.

The Tour is the first in a series of special surprise packages lined up by the superstar DJ for his fans and music lovers, to take over 2016 with not just his mixing ingenuity, but creating something fresh and original, which is yet to be witnessed within the DJing circles in Africa.

The video was shot by Nai Media and edited by Othniel Hart.

Watch below.

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  1. Sa'eedah Imam

    March 4, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    …..Dj Olu who is mostly **(known)**

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