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Work Mode with Brown Uzoukwu: Excellent Work Ethics is the Key to Thriving in Times Like These

Brown Uzoukwu


 on - Downloads-10A wise man said “whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with all you might; because our skill, wisdom and knowledge will be of no use in the grave.”
From crashing oil price to tough business environment, soaring exchange rate, prevalent job insecurity and an impending economic recession, whatever economic theory may explain the present situation, the facts remain evident and prevalent- times are hard and might yet get harder.

If you have never been excellence-driven, this is the time for you to make a decision to do things differently. The most guaranteed way to remain relevant in times like these is to be excellent in all you do. There is no amount of economic situation that can crumble a business built and guided by excellence. This applies to you as a professional.

It is natural for people to panic in the face of harsh economic situations like these – considering the fact that it comes with fewer employment opportunities and massive retrenchments for people in the corporate world. However, employees that are excellence-driven will always thrive.

Excellence is the quality of being allergic to mediocrity. Excellence is the state of being exceptional good. When you are excellence- driven, you are not just concerned about the volume of targets you cover but the quality. Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well.

Excellence is not a gift some people have and others do not. It is not a singular act. Excellence is a habit. It is a lifestyle. We all have an excellent spirit within us, but some people keep suppressing theirs.

This is a time to demand more from yourself. There are people who deliberately decide to hold back their best for tomorrow. Some people are of the opinion that when they get to the big stage, they will show the world what they have got. Some folks are preserving their excellent attitude for their dream job. Some highly talented and skilled employees treat their current employment with so much laxity and disdain. Can you imagine a soccer player that is plying his trade in the Nigerian premier league deciding not to work himself out and giving his best because he is preserving his strength and skills for the time he signs for a big European club side? It does not work that way. Even if you feel that you are bigger than the system you are currently working for, let your results do the talking. If you fail to compete effectively in a local league, how do you intend to get a platform on the global stage? Show the world that you are over qualified for your current position with the quality of your output and delivery.

Embrace excellence because that is the only way out in these difficult times. The excellent employee will always take the center stage. The excellent employee will always thrive. No matter how tough the economic and the corporate landscape looks, individuals that are committed to an excellent life style and work ethics always win.

Excellence attracts. People naturally gravitate towards excellence. That is why Dubai is raking in so much money from tourism. That is why the queen of Sheba traveled all the way from Sheba to visit King Solomon’s palace. That is why even in Nigeria, the English premier league has more viewership than the Nigerian premier league.

See, when you are excellent at your job, you will naturally attract attention. People will want to identify with you. Organizations will want to have you on board. When your work ethics is guided by excellence, you don’t feel insecure about your job.
Excellence pays. Some people thinks that excellence costs, but rather it pays. It does not really cost you anything but your determination to be excellent rather it pays a lot to do things excellently. Even in this harsh economic situation, some folks are still being paid premiums just because of their commitment to excellence. People like quality products. People appreciates quality services. All ways strive to do the little extra. You know what I am talking about. When you want to deliver that job, you get that nudge in your spirit that tells you it can still be done better. That is the voice of excellence and it costs absolutely nothing to heed to it.

Shun mediocrity.It might seem like an easier route but the end is job insecurity and poverty.

Have a great week ahead.

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Brown Uzoukwu Educates and Inspires Young Professionals to Pursue their Dream Careers and Thrive in a Challenging and Positive Work Environment. He Provides Training and Coaching solutions for Schools, Small and Medium Organizations, Youth Forums and Individual Professionals.E-mail: [email protected]Phone: +234 (0)813 3514 781


  1. GraceOfGOD

    May 23, 2016 at 11:31 am

    @Brown Uzoukwu
    Good morning Sir,

    GREAT article. I really LIKED it. Excellence means a WHOLE lot to me at WORK. I wish I had the same “SPIRIT” in FOOD. I like EATING TOO MUCH and it is WRONG, let me COVER my face. I don’t know WHY but I am WEAK when it comes to food. My DETERMINATION comes in my job and in others AREAS. I pray GOD helps me to DISCIPLINE myself in the “EATING department”. Anyway THANKS for the article, it was GREAT in my humble opinion. Have a BLISSFUL week you ALL and stay BLESSED 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Adunni

    May 23, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    “Excellence is not a gift some people have and others do not. It is not a singular act. Excellence is a habit. It is a lifestyle.” This got me. Great piece, a necessary reminder in these trying times.

  3. Dream Analysis @Ibe Tochukwu

    May 24, 2016 at 11:57 pm

    wow, you got it on point…excellence is achieved through hard work. great tips,thanks for sharing.

  4. Innocent

    June 5, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    God bless you sir 4 dis wonderful article

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