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Ebony Loving with Sika: “If it Feels Dry or it Looks Dull, It’s Time to Exfoliate!” | Watch



Ebony beauty Sika Osei is out with another episode of her beauty vlogs and today on Ebony Loving with Sika, she’s talking about the importance of exfoliating and how she uses it for flawless skin. Here’s what she said;

If it feels dry or it looks dull, it’s probably time to exfoliate. This is one of my 7 Cardinal Principles of Skin – a topic that I’ll definitely cover some other time. However, on today’s issue of the moment on Ebony Loving, I get to talk about my go-to homemade exfoliating scrub which is made up of Cinnamon + Honey + Lemon. This amazing combination forms a baseline routine that allows me keep my dark skin looking healthy.

Remember ladies, the act of getting that amazing look must begin with a healthy skin. Believe it or not, in my book, makeup is only secondary. I hope this video inspires you to think about your scrubs quite differently. Be sure to drop me a comment about your current facial routines below. xoxo

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    July 21, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Cant watch nothing….

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