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Happy #WorldJollofRiceDay2016! Here are 11 New Ways to Enjoy Jollof Rice

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How Do You Like Your Jollof Rice?

There are so many ways we make and eat our beloved Jollof Rice. Some make it with a Coconut twist, others with a side of salad or plantain while some just like it plain with chicken.

Whichever way you like to have jollof rice, we’re bringing you 11 ways you can make jollof rice. Some of these styles might not be new to you but we’re sure some of you haven’t tried Pineapple Jollof Rice yet!

Classic Party Jollof Rice by All Nigerian Recipes

Standard Jollof Rice, Salad and Chicken

This recipe for Jollof Rice, baked chicken and side salad by Kezia Eniang

Coconut Jollof Rice

A Nigerian favourite with a Coconut twist, here’s Coconut Jollof Rice by Sisi Yemmie

Pineapple Jollof Rice

Get the recipe for this fruity twist to Jollof Rice, here.

Native Jollof Rice

Also known as Palm Oil rice, find the recipe for this delicacy here on Dobby’s Signature.

Oven Baked Jollof Rice

Ever tried oven baked method to making Jollof Rice? It’s very easy here’s a recipe by Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Fancy Shaped Jollof Rice

Get fancy with your Jollof Rice and make it into any shape you like!

Jollof Rice and Plantain

Jollof Rice and plantain is great, but how about you try plating it in a fancy way? #ChallengeAccepted?

Jollof Rice and Moin Moin

Have some Jollof Rice with another Nigerian favourite, Beans Pudding aka Moi Moi

Healthy Jollof Rice

An alternative to our beloved Jollof Rice, with Jollof Bulgar Wheat by Bukie’s Kitchen Muse

Jollof Rice and Steamed Vegetables

Try this quick recipe for steamed vegetables by All Nigerian Recipes

How do you make yours and what do you like to eat it with?

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