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We are Switching Things UP – The #EMILINKS N3,000,000 Giveaway is taking a New Turn this Week! Meet the Lucky Day 14 Winners & be 1 of 10 Nigerians to WIN N10, 000 in Day 15 #MyDoorStory



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The #Emilinks #MyDoorStory N3,ooo,ooo Giveaway is still on and each day for the past 2 weeks, 10 lucky people have gotten N10,ooo for sharing photos of doors and the importance of the doors. More winners will be picked before the end of the month!

You can catch up with the previous days of the Giveaway here.

Thank you so much for participating as we love the creative turn your short stories are taking and your creative photos. Please keep sending them in, it might be your turn to win today!

It’s a new week and we are switching things up! So instead of sharing a photo of the bad doors in your home, we want to hear about the Good Kitchen doors (plus the aromas if you want) and your good wardrobes. So get snapping!


About Emilinks

Emilinks is a global manufacturer of world-class finishing and furnishing products such as doors, beds, kitchens, dining sets, wardrobes and shelves for homes, offices, hotels, royal palaces, presidential lodge, honeymoon suites and luxury villas. Emilinks uses a variety of innovative techniques blended with exclusive designs to build premium quality products.
With a record of excellence in all areas, Emilinks wants to empower Nigerians over the next 17 days!

MD/CEO of Emilinks Limited, Solomon E. Nwadiogbu, a very patriotic Nigerian is standing his ground to see that fake and substandard products are totally eliminated in Nigeria. He pioneered a campaign to eliminate fake and substandard products by crashing the prices of doors, wardrobes, kitchens and other furniture products in Nigeria.

We may have realized that doors play a huge part in our everyday lives. Ever wondered why there are so many philosophical sayings which include “Doors”, now is your time to reflect on the role doors play in your life and the disadvantage of having bad doors!


How to participate in the N3,000,000 Giveaway

  • Take a clear photo of yourself featuring a good kithchen door or a good wardrobe
  • Share a story about the importance of having good kitchen doors and wardrobes in your home and/or the society
  • We are looking out for creative, interesting, inspiring, intellectual and funny stories!
  • Creatively linking in the Emilinks brand will be a plus. The key word is CREATIVE.
  • Submit your entry via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on
  • For entries on BN, simply leave a comment on the post of the day. e.g Day 8
  • Remember to add the hashtags #Emilinks and #MyDoorStory to your post on social media or comment on BN
  • Unfortunately, we cannot view social media entries via private accounts and DMs will not be accepted
  • 10 winners will be selected daily to win N10,000
  • Enter each day!

Be sure to find out more about Emilinks and explore the brand via the following channels.
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Abbreviated Terms & Conditions
Participants can enter as many times as possible
Entries reset each day at 10AM West African Time, therefore a new entry is required each day
10 Winners will be Chosen per Day
For social media entries, no Direct Messages permitted, only via Open/Public pages
For entries on BellaNaija, ensure you include an active email address in the email box
Winners will be chosen by an in-house judging panel
Assessment will be based on the photo and/or the story
Participants can only win ONCE during the 30 Day period
There is no entry fee for participation
Participants must be over 18 years old at time of entry
Winners can be based worldwide, however, MUST have a valid Nigerian bank account
Money will be paid via local bank transfer
For due diligence, list of participants names confirmed via bank account will be kept on record
List of winners’ social media handles and BN usernames will be published
Winners are encouraged to share news of their win via social media


Here’s the list of our 10 lucky winners! You will be contacted today

Post on BN:

1) Lyop – #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day14
My hubby had just gotten a promotion from work. We waited for that promotion for five years and so it was a reason to celebrate. When we decided to have a party to celebrate, his colleagues insisted that the party should hold in our house. We obliged after a long time.
You see, why we hesitated at first was because our toilet door has always been bad. We were always calling the carpenter. Sometimes he came three times in two weeks just to check our really bad door. The evening before the party, the carpenter was in our house for more than six hours, trying to make sure the door would not embarrass us.
When the party started, I got a lot of compliments for cooking an incredible meal for my husband’s colleagues. I was on top of the world!
Soon after, my husband’s boss stood up and asked for our toilet, I took him to the toilet.
We did not see him come out. 20 minutes… 30 minutes… 35 minutes… my husband went to check him. The door knob had fallen while his boss was trying to open the door to get out and there was no way he could come out without releasing the latch. We were helpless; the man was already frustrated, I heard that in his voice. Soon, more of hubby’s colleagues gathered around the toilet, they were trying to get him out. We tried to release the latch with a knife, it was not working, we called the carpenter and, he promised to join us in two hours. Hubby’s colleagues had to break down the door when the old man got more frustrated. They had to save their jobs.
After the incident, one of hubby’s colleague called us aside, she whispered, “go and buy #Emilinks, it is affordable and it is designed for easy use, I swear, try it, if it fails you, I will refund you.” That sounded like a customer with trust for the brand, so we got #Emilinks and now we have no problem. Carpenter no dey chop our money anyhow, again.
To #Emilinks customer comfort is first and we trust #Emilinks.


2) Taiwo – I was job hunting. Today would make it the fourth time (or so I remember) I had gone for an interview that month and I was determined to ace it. I had just two good shirts then and, since power supply was epileptic, I had contracted the washing and ironing of one of them to a local dry cleaner. I would don it for the interview.

Morning came and I was all set for the interview. I rushed through breakfast and moved to hurriedly leave the house; I was getting late. I had hardly stepped out of the house when I heard the sound of a rip. I almost lost my heart, fighting hard to tell myself it wasn’t what I thought it was. I turned my head slowly in the direction the sound had come from.

There, at the side of my shirt, was a wide rip, gaping wide at me beside the culprit, my door, as if telling me, “today’s not your day”. And it wasn’t! I spent a lot of time trying to get the other shirt ready. I got very late to the place of interview and consequently lost the opportunity. I was indignant at myself and at the door. I had been told many times to change it, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I made up my mind there and then that if I would get a door, it would be a very good one or none at all. I asked around and eventually got an Emilinks door.

I have a job now and I can’t but look back at that day and smile. I learned a good habit in a hard way: A GOOD DOOR OR NONE AT ALL. And it has stayed with me till this day. #Emilinks #MyDoorStory



3) @SanyaoluThaophk  – #MyDoorStory #day14 #Emilinks
Trespassers can access our compound easily which is dangerous.#EmilinksToTheRescue


4) @cutieyaw – @bellanaija You are not safe with bad doors, only #Emilinks doors can secure your life & properties… #MyDoorStory



5) Adeshola S. – #Day 14 This is my home, this is where I live and as you can see, my bathroom door is bad, it has just one handle, instead of two, the handles have broken, but we manage just one, the second handle is damaged beyond remedy, so I had to throw it away because it was useless. Whenever we want to bath we always ensure the door is wide open, because if it closes in on someone, another person has to open it from the outside. One day, my husband had gone to work, it was just me and my little girl at home. When I finished my chores, I decided to have my bath. My little girl stood at the door, and as I was having my bath, I was singing to her so she doesn’t get bored, Just when I had soap on my face. I heard a click sound, my daughter had locked me in the bathroom. I quickly rinsed the soap off my face. I thought of how to get out, a door was separating my daughter and I. The handle was outside on her side. I called out to her, Aminat, please open the door, use the handle, I gave all sort of instructions but she was just too young to comprehend all I was saying. Even if she knew what a doorhandle was, her hand could not reach it, she was just a year & some months old. I thought of who to call and remembered my phone was in the living room. I felt so helpless, I was sweating profusely even though I had just had my bath. My daughter was already crying to see her mummy, I was crying too. My husband was the only person who could let me out, because he also had the key to the main entrance, but he wouldn’t be back until nightfall. So will I be in this bathroom till he comes? No way. My daughter was still crying, I also cried and wondered what to do, then something told me to throw my weight at the door. I called out “Aminat, please move away from the door” because she stood right there throughout and was also banging at the door. “Aminat please” I begged. So she wouldn’t get hurt. I threw myself at the door once, then twice and then it opened wide. I didn’t know my daughter was still behind the door, She screamed as the door opened, the door had hit her and she fell down. I carried her to myself, pacified her and checked all of her body. She had a few bruises on her legs. I told her ” Aminat, why did you put me through all of this” and hugged her to myself. I vowed ” No door will ever come between my daughter and I again” I can’t imagine going through such pain, anguish, anxiety and fear again. I will surely get the Emilinks Door myself even if my husband refuses to buy it. #MyDoorStory #Emilinks


6) Moses B. – Don’t Judge a Door by its look… this will be an ideal title of my worst door story. My story happen sometimes late last month we I went to my nephew’s school for their speech and giving day. And somehow I ate something bad that ‘spolit’ my tummy and made me hurriedly run out of the hall and look for a toilet to ‘poo’. so I headed to the classroom area and was lucky enough to find the toilets. Lucky enough they were neat and there was water, so I entered one of the toilets locked the door and bent down to ‘do my business’. After I was done that was where my nightmare began; I stood up adjusted my dressing and step towards the door to go back to the hall. I grabbed the door handled and turned the nob and that was when I realised the nob was spoilt and could only be opened from behind only. I was trapped in the toilet struggling to open but nothing was working, that was when I began sweating. what made matter worst was that I left my phone in the hall with my elder sister who was using it to take some picture and since it was not school day nobody was close to hear my scream or the bangs I was making on the door. Stucked in the toilet for like 30 minutes and practically soaked from sweating… I was left with no option but to break the door down one way or another I had to look for a way out. so I practically tore down the door to get to the handle from the inside to be able to reach the lock from inside before I finally was able to free myself. Phewww!!!! Boy was I glad to be out. I never told my sister my experience until recently when I found out about ‪#‎Emilinks‬ doors, and after telling her advised her to bring it up during the PTA meeting to change their doors to standard #Emilinks durable and reliable doors… cos I can assure that if it was a child that went to my experience it might be a whole story altogether. ‪#‎MyDoorStory‬ – Day 13


7) Abdulrasheed M. #Emilinks and �#�MyDoorStory�#DAY14#
Good doors are not only for decoration, they are primarily for SECURITY and PRIVACY… Its sadden that my door can neither be used to decorate, secure or provide privacy as #EMILINKS Doors Will do. My friends call it TRANSPARENT DOOR…but I surely know they are mocking me.

With this door, I’ve lost most of my valuables to theft on several occasions. Honestly, its just as good as not having a door because I stopped using padlock on it when I found out, it was even more easier for thieves to break into my room through the net than breaking the padlock.

With this door, my room it’s a free entry and exit venue, it cost me no paints, no padlock and no key. The only expenses I keep incurring on a monthly basis is the COST OF REPLACING THE NET, which I’m so sure would have been avoided if my landlord can afford a sure door from an international recognized door vendor like #EMILINKS.

My major concern is not the lack of security, fancy but the complete lack of privacy caused by the door. I hardly hide anything in my room without someone else having access to it. The most annoying thing I do hear from my landlady is, ‘’Welcome, I entered into your room to take some salt, sugar, pepper… when you were not at home”. Its so provoking.

Pls can she ever tried that in a room where #EMILINKS doors were installed? Question Of The day.



8) @gbxmi – Day 14 #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
So it happened that we had someone from the village over in our house for a few days and this door was his accomplice.
Whenever he hears someone has gone into the bathroom, he comes to the peephole to wait… Not to hold your towel or something but to check you out! I mean I’d like to think the mysteries of my terrible voice should be hidden and my private bathroom rituals remain private. Isssssh !! This continued until one day that my baby brother ran in after playing football that day and saw his favourite “uncle” watching his sister bath. Thank God for the Nigerian films,he has watched. He was able to decode what was happening.
He called him out, Told me as soon as I came out of the bathroom and you can be sure who was on his way back to Ondo that afternoon. He won’t be trying that on us again.
So this door right here, was his accomplice, his tool in committing the crime. I wish we had changed it to one of those lovely EMILINKS doors before he came so I won’t have this story to [email protected] #emilinks#mydoorstory


9) @ahmed4love17 m – Oh no, not again” was the thoughts running through my
head as I was standing on the chair with my friend who came to visit while my brothers chased the 2 rats that managed to sneak into our house yet again around the sitting room. This has turned into an almost normal occurrence since we packed into this house. This really bad door that leads to the backyard serves as an entrance to both humans and rodents alike. We have patched up this door as much as we could but it’s as if the rats have built their own secret way in through the door that we can’t figure out. God save you if you leave your food anyhow for a short time, just know you will go hungry that day.
We do a total cleanup of the house twice a week cos you’re sure to pack out decaying food from behind the cupboards and chairs and every hidden nook and cranny in the house. Worst of all, my friend has sworn never to come to our house again even though I have promised her that we have gotten a brand new emilinks door and we no longer see those rats


10) @mamafunmilayo – Let me call this thing a door and forever remain untruthful to myself, this is no door but a shallow covering. We were in a hurry to leave our old house since we were tenants there, everything we had was substandard. From the cushion to the doors. As beautiful as our bathroom looks, the door is an appalling sight to behold. A visitor once came and was very pressed and needed to visit the toilet , I had to follow the visitor so I can help her with the door. Renovation is going on steadily in our house and our chairs have just been changed, change they say is a gradual process and once my husband collects the loan from police college bank at Ikeja , I will make it a duty upon myself that our disgraceful door is being changed to #emilinks doors which company is very reputable for producing wardrobe doors , kitchen and bathroom doors. Very fortunately, this season is the best time of the year to buy from emilinks as they provide huge discount to prospective buyers. This is#mydoorstory day 14



  1. Shobande Yomi

    August 22, 2016 at 11:07 am

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

    No matter how Door is old/poor, it’ll continue to be called ‘A Door’.

    This picture reminds me the Day me and my brother went to farm to get pieces of woods to cook at Night.
    After getting the woods, we headed back home and immediately we got home, the rain began and continue falling Heavily. Back then, our house is not yet covered fully with iron-sheets(Half of our house is covered and the rest not yet covered due to financial issues).

    The rain was falling and blowing heavy Winds along, suddenly we heard a strange Sound at the back of our house and we went to check where the sound came from.
    The Wind blowing had removed the door to the ground, I’m so sad that Day but no choice.So we have to tie it with a rope to the frame to make it stand for a while before we cover our house fully with iron-sheets.

    There are many disadvantage of this Door at the back of my house but the most painful part of it is that I can’t invite any girl to my house with that type of door at the back of room.

    Now that our house is fully covered with iron-sheets, we’ll be replacing this Door with Emilinks Door.

  2. Shobande Yomi

    August 22, 2016 at 11:09 am

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day14

    No matter how Door is old/poor, it’ll continue to be called ‘A Door’.

    This platform(bellanaija and emilinks) reminds me the Day me and my brother went to farm to get pieces of woods to cook at Night.
    After getting the woods, we headed back home and immediately we got home, the rain began and continue falling Heavily. Back then, our house is not yet covered fully with iron-sheets(Half of our house is covered and the rest not yet covered due to financial issues).

    The rain was falling and blowing heavy Winds along, suddenly we heard a strange Sound at the back of our house and we went to check where the sound came from.
    The Wind blowing had removed the door to the ground, I’m so sad that Day but no choice.So we have to tie it with a rope to the frame to make it stand for a while before we cover our house fully with iron-sheets.

    There are many disadvantage of this Door at the back of my house but the most painful part of it is that I can’t invite any girl to my house with that type of door at the back of room.

    Now that our house is fully covered with iron-sheets, we’ll be replacing this Door with Emilinks Door.

  3. Emebo Stephanie

    August 22, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Awake in a place  bereft of recognition i frantically search for a way out                                   Where is the exit?                                           How did i get here?                                         The darkness grips me instilling fear, what figure is that i see?                                With aid of my hands i vigorously search through the darkness hitting only brick walls until I locate a handle.Could this be it ? I turn the handle in anticipation of either good or bad. Light illuminates through the door, the door my way out, the door my escape route.Amidst this i am struck by the beautiful design and finish work, a smile slowly forms on my lips, a door by emilinks has paved the way for me.            #mydoorstory #emilinks #DAY15

  4. A

    August 22, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Congrats to the winners. It seems someone won twice though

  5. Florence

    August 22, 2016 at 11:12 am

    In some south western states in Nigeria (especially in this part where i reside),”-ember” months are the most dangerous of all months in the calendar.
    When i mean dangerous, i mean all sorts of evil happen around this it; kidnapping, robbing, rituals to mention a few. Am a working mum of 3( 10, 6 and a one year old baby girl). Whenever i want to go to the market, i will lock my kids inside the house and leave. I’ve been doing this for quite a while now and i hvnt had any fears at all because 1, The compound is very secured 2, My husband spared no kobo when he was purchasing doors for the whole house.
    My neighbour(also a nursing mum) always complains each time i tell her i locked my kids inside the house. I always tell her “my kids are safe”..with a smile.
    She was complaining probably because she thinks we are as miserly as she and her husband. They decorated their house with “fancy substandard doors” and she is very proud of that. She once told me that she’ll never throw a huge amount on something as unimportant as a door! Can you imagine? I replied her with “OK”.
    Am not always restless whenever i lock my children inside and go out because 3 years before i had my last baby, a family friend introduced us to Emilinks doors and we have since stuck to their brand. Honestly speaking, if you want an “all in one” door, pls go for Emilinks, their doors will give you PROTECTION, SECURITY..their doors scream class as well. You will never be disappointed because even if they decide to sell their doors twice or triple the price of normal doors, it’ll be worth all of your hard earned penny! Get an #Emilinks door today.
    #Emilinks # Mydoorstory #Day15

  6. Douglas

    August 22, 2016 at 11:15 am

    I am the head of a small community in Ijede Kingdom.

    The tales of Taria continues to trail her for she was loved by so many. Wherever you see her, she’s always happy and willing to put smiles on the face of others.

    Out of her widows mite, she feeds the children who are hungry, cares for the old who can no longer feel bones behind their fleshs and she is more than willing to help them pull water from the well and carry hem all the way to their houses before coming back to fetch ome for herself.

    To put it short, she was a mini god, an angel to the community.

    I always sort how to repay her deed but I could never truly repay her for how she kept the community together and happy.

    One very day, I thought I should pay her a visit. When I got to her small apartment, the first thing I noticed was her old wooden door from which I could already see her sitting on an old couch. I could barely put myself together. There was Taria, the ‘goddess’ and helper of the community living in a tiny mini-flat left for her by her late husband. The doors were all fested on by ‘mites’ and you could tell all the ‘roaches’ in the community all commune with her.

    “Good day sir To what do I owe this visit”, she greeted as she gave me those mild and warm smiles. I went on to thank her for all her deeds to the community. As I departed, I couldn’t help but wonder how she manages to pull a warm charitable heart with all the adversity she faces. You could tell behind those smiles, there were sadness, sorrow but she disguises them all with her smile and good heart. I needed to do something, I needed to make her feel like the ‘angel’ she’s known for.

    I wrote to various brands and multinationals for Months, and was neglected till one brand came to our aid – Emilinks. Not only did they replace her old broken doors to state of the art modern security doors, Emilinks helped renovated her home. They challenged other members of the community to emulate Taria that at the end of the year, anyone who’s selfless work and achievements to the community deserving of recognition will be rewarded similarly.

    I thanked the management of Emilinks for bringing smile and happiness not only to Taria but to the entire community.

    Day 14 – #Emilinkns #MyDoorStory

  7. Ayo

    August 22, 2016 at 11:20 am

    I was visited by a cousin and she saw how neat my wardrobe was and then she asked me why my wardrobe was so free from rats, cockroaches, and wall geckos. Then I replied her saying there were no secrets, I patronised #EMILINKS for good wardrobe doors and that is it.
    Later, she got to my kitchen and she was amazed. She complimented my good kitchen cabinets and good kitchen door. Then, I told her, “#emilinks again deserves the compliments”.
    #EMILINKS have given me pride. If it were years back, I would be so ashame of my wardrobe doors and kitchen cabinets and door. Back then, I always refuse any visits from my relatives because of this.
    Thank you #EMILINKS.
    This is #MyDoorStory.

  8. Mercy A

    August 22, 2016 at 11:23 am

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15
    I used to hate organization. My things were always scattered. During my NYSC days, the Ghana-Must-go bag my mother arranged my things in was torn really badly within two months. I usually dropped my clothes on the bed. If they are on the floor, I quickly threw them in a bag and moved along with my life. I never had time to arrange my things in the room. There was nothing motivating me to arrange my things.
    Then, I accompanied my friend to get new furniture for her room, She wanted a makeup stand and a wardrobe, we worked into the #Emilinks store that was when we saw there wardrobes. Different designs, well constructed and above all they were spacious. My friend bought one and I couldn’t leave without depositing for one that had caught my attention.
    I bought the wardrobe for its beauty but I have also learn that good wardrobes inspire organization.
    I make sure my clothes are well folded. I take selfies all around my wardrobe. When friends visit I take them inside my room. It is all about what a good wardrobe can do for us. Thank you #Emilinks for using a well designed wardrobe to teach me organization.

  9. chioma

    August 22, 2016 at 11:24 am

    2014 was the year, we had only lived in this house for like 5 months, like you know how fresh everything usually is, the paint, the mirrors, doors, everything was just lush and on point, Dad had spent a good amount of money paying the vendors who carried out the furnishing of the house, this was our very first house, finally our own house, our joy knew no bound. I for one i’m very particular about my room, cause for me its kind of like my own little sanctuary. Now on first sighting, the room looked really nice to me, and I loved everything and absolutely couldn’t wait to put in my stuff and upload pictures online for my friends to see. Now on this particular day I was taking a picture before church as we were about to leave for church and BOOM! the wardrobe door comes crashing alongside the mirror on it; like till this day I absolutely cant believe it, for heaven’s sake everything in this house was new. Dad was devastated, for the first time ever in my life, I witnessed firsthand how catastrophic Inferior goods can be. A colleague of my dad’s at work suggested we try the Nigerian Brand door #Emilinks ( my first time hearing that), after much persistence, my dad who is usually skeptical about Nigerian Brands however went ahead and replaced our wardrobe with #Emilinks. it has been 2 yrs of this wonderful journey with #Emilinks and I have absolutely no regrets, like looking at it everyday just gives me so much joy.
    Thank God Dad currently plans on changing all the doors in the house to #Emilinks some tome next year, of course on my insistence.
    Thank You #Emilinks for defying all odds and producing real quality doors and furniture, may you continue to soar higher. Oshe oooo!!!!!!

  10. Eunice

    August 22, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Door could be a security for you and at the same time speak a lot about you as visitors come in and go out through it. One day i was in the house with my younger ones and it was around 2am when our parents were away in the village for a burial. We were hearing gunshot and noise of robbery going on in our compound. All of us are as good as dead because the compound was under attack the noise of how people were been robbed and beaten from flat to flat. The compound has 8 flats and we were in the second floor. My younger brother just summon courage to go open our dilapidated front door to give access instead of allow them bang and enter to beat us. It was so funny and terrifying to her the foot steps of the robbers approaching our flat, on getting to our door, we heard them say ‘look at this door, you sure say this people will have money?’ They deliberated at our frontage for some seconds and move on to the next door, leaving us. Will i say it was our bad door that save us? Neither yes or no because this same door has granted access to some hoodlums to pack our electronics while we were away some months after we were been saves from robbery. Thanks to Emilink door which we opt for some months after. #Emilinks #MyDoorStory DAY15

  11. Lyop

    August 22, 2016 at 11:26 am

    I finally won. You guys, I tried for 10 days out of the fourteen and I kid you not.

    Wish you luck Guys!

  12. Eunice E

    August 22, 2016 at 11:27 am

    #MyDoorStory #Emilinks
    I woke up that fateful morning with a strange urge to eat my favorite food “eguisi and pounded yam”.Immediately I rushed to the market. I bought food stuffs and came home. The soup was almost ready when my gas got finished so I rushed to fill it,because the filling station was just two streets away. On getting home after filling my gas,i saw a group of people gathered in my compound. As usual the petty theifs in my neighborhood had invaded the house of my Neighbor and stolen the pot of rice she was cooking.They were also seen going to the direction of my apartment.I panicked for a while because I couldn’t help it if they had stolen my steaming pot of eguisi soup. But then I remembered my kitchen Emilinks door was intact. My good kitchen door saved not only my pot of eguisi soup but also my stomach.

  13. Lyop

    August 22, 2016 at 11:27 am

    I finally won. You guys, I tried for 10 days out of the fourteen and I kid you not.

    Wish you luck Guys!

    • Joy

      August 23, 2016 at 12:47 am

      Congratulations. Please all I see here are comments how can one get a picture attached to a comment?

  14. flames

    August 22, 2016 at 11:27 am

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #day15
    “Oh no, not again” was the thoughts running through my head as I was standing on the chair with my friend who came to visit me at home while my brothers chased the 2 rats that managed to sneak into our house yet again around the sitting room. This has turned into an almost normal occurrence since we packed into this house. This really bad door that leads to the backyard serves as an entrance to both humans and rodents alike. We have patched up this door as much as we could but it’s as if the rats have built their own secret way in through the door that we can’t figure out. God save you if you leave your food anyhow for a short time, just know you will go hungry that day.
    We do a total cleanup of the house twice a week to prevent odours cos you’re sure to pack out decaying food from behind the cupboards and chairs and every hidden nook and cranny in the house. Despite that, you can still perceive a hint of the odour.
    Worst of all, my friend and all of my other friends who heard the story have sworn never to come to our house again even though I have promised them that we have gotten a brand new Emilinks door and we no longer see those rats #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #day 15

  15. Abiodun

    August 22, 2016 at 11:30 am

    My 4 year old son is apparently too agile for his age. His strength and vigor has always amazed his mom and I and we make jokes about it. His strength definitely dwarfs those of his mates.

    The other day, my wife had gone to the market to get some food stuff and I was left alone with Victor, my son. I decided to fry some fish to surprise my wife before she came back. Victor was playing somewhere in the compound.

    I put some in very hot oil and decided to go chill in the living room. My bad. I went back after some minutes and found Victor tugging furiously at the door. The aroma must have unsettled him; he badly wanted some from dad whom he thought was in the kitchen. I carried him away, gently, from the door and entered. It was terrible. There were splashes of oil all around with many more flying about. Despite the apron I had on, I still got burnt. I hurried to switch off the gas.

    I looked at Victor and couldn’t thank my stars enough I had locked the kitchen door firmly before leaving the kitchen. If it had been a bad door and not the Emilinks door installed, my agile boy would have been badly hurt and I would have regretted it all my life.

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory

  16. flames

    August 22, 2016 at 11:30 am

    @bellannaijaonline OMG no 9 winner 2day copied and pasted my story, word to word and I didn’t even win. Please do something about it

  17. Amos Mercy

    August 22, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Nawaooooo @cutieyaw and mamafumilayo is one person naa. I thought one person can’t win twice and I have been wrong for past 14days yet has not been picked. It’s well

  18. Olofinniika Omobolaji

    August 22, 2016 at 11:31 am

    In my twenty years on earth, I had never imagined that something so small could make so big an impact. I am still very shocked to my core, and grateful for God’s mercy and my father’s insight.
    My mom is Igbo, and my dad is Hausa –don’t ask me how they met–that’s another long story. I am the second of my father’s children and the only son. I spent virtually the first eighteen years of my life in Lagos, till dad said he wanted to relocate to kano despite all the ongoings there. I was first filled with fear as I was the only one drafted to follow him, but as a proper hood–Lag boy , I bone am.
    On getting to kano, the new apartment dad got was not as breathtaking as I expected, due to all the complaints he had made on having to spend so much on renovations. Everything looked normal to me, but can I be so wrong?
    Just like any youth with raging hormones, the first thing I did was check out the girls in the the new vicinity, they were all so drab and–erm–let me say not too beautiful. I was like mtcheew, where are all the beautiful Hausa girls I used to hear about?. OK sha, continu.
    After using about four weeks, I decided to just stroll down the street, and what I saw outside one old house left me starstruck. I saw what I would term an angel descended directly from heaven. Oh my God, was she beautiful?. She was fair skinned and the curvature of her face so delicately and intricately designed, designed in the sense that God really took his time on her making.
    I was staring awed for like five minutes or maybe more, and the next thing I saw was a very matured Hausa man coming after me with a dagger pointed forth. Without thinking twice, I turned around and ran with him pursuing me heavily. On getting hone I closed the door and engaged all the locks.. I was hearing noises outside as he invited some of his friends and they tried every means to bring down the door. From their conversation I was able to know that the man was her husband. I was shocked and scared, shivering were I was under the bed. I never knew all those stories of old men marrying teen girls were so true. I was there till they had to leave in exasperation of their inability to bring down the door.
    The next thing was just for me to pack my things, Lagos bound. I called my dad on the way, lied to him that it was boko-haram and that the door saved me. He told me that the door was a security door built for such purpose. He gave me the name as Emilinks Historic Amour door. Mehn I gat to give this testimony oo. Na the Emilinks door save me sha. Still on the bus I was thinking, mom has to get this door o, if all those Lagos babes mum and dad choose to chase me in such a manner, na die I dey.
    Emilinks to the rescue, Smiles (.._..).
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory

  19. Olofinniika Omobolaji

    August 22, 2016 at 11:32 am

    #EmilinksNG #MyDoorStory
    Sometime last year, I went to this studio in ikorodu to record a song. I checked all their equipments, and was so taking in by it all, because it was all ‘state of the arts equipments’. The fee was a little on the high side, but the view had already got me hooked. So I wanted to go bring my script from the car to start recording straight up, but that’s were trouble started. I was unable to open the door because it had jammed. I called on the guy in there, and we tried for close to an hour, and I was already frustrated. We could not break it because it was glass, and he had to call someone on phone who came on to open it from the outside by loosening the screws after about another 30 minutes. I was so put off that I just got into the car and drove off.
    Don’t chase customers from you, get quality doors, get #Emilinks
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory

  20. Elis

    August 22, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Day 14 #bellanaija #mydoorstory
    Every long school holidays , the children (mine and siblings) usually spend the holiday with one of us. It was my turn last year and as usual my nephews and niece came to our house for the holiday. This usually excites my little son as they would automatically become his playmates.
    They would play around the house most especially hide and seek. One Saturday, they were playing hide and seek, and then my son decided to hide inside the wardrobe. Immediately he closed the wardrobe door, it became stuck/jammed. Some minutes later when they couldn’t find him, they came and told us ( I and wife). Immediately, we started looking him only to discover he was stuck inside the wardrobe. The door handlle and key hole was damaged and once it is shut tight, it can not be opened.We had always neglected the wardrobe door thinking it wasn’t important. We tried to open the wardrobe door but it couldn’t open. My son was already crying and we were panicking as well. We quickly called the carpenter who had to break down the door before he could come.
    That was when we knew all doors were important. The next day we called and ordered for an #Emilinks door for our wardrobe and it was installed. Today we are still using the wardrobe and we have not had any issue.

  21. Olofinniika Omobolaji

    August 22, 2016 at 11:36 am

    I’ve gotta win, give it all I got, more stories to come still working on them…@Emilinks @bellanaija

  22. Atebodi Mosi Aisoni

    August 22, 2016 at 11:39 am

    #Emilinks#MyDoorStory#Day 15—–GUY THE DOOR NEED SPOON
    I just saved money to rent a one room apartment. See me calling it APARTMENT. Na one room Oh! Bachelor life don start. Paid the rent and those aGents aaaaaH!
    Only to find out my Room need real,quick and serious APC sharply. The floor is bad,the loafer broken and the door aaa. No be here. Door Wey need bending or tilting to an angle before it close, no knobs. If I mistakely close it properly from outside I no get enter room. Imagine taking your bath and the door just clips in na OYO be my case. No Fyn boy be dat. If there is a spoon or knife to unlock the door. I no wish this one on,even my ENEMIES. So to help matter I place a spoon in front of the door just I CASE. So last week my neighbour asked me why I always forget my spoon in front of my room. I just replied GUY MY DOOR NEED SPOON O! . I showed him and we just laughed over it. I just pray the landlady buys Emilinks door before my new name turns to GUY WEY HIM DOOR NEED SPOON you know Nigerians.

  23. [email protected]

    August 22, 2016 at 11:41 am

    I once had a very bad door. This door unlike Emilinks doors was too fragile. Margaret Atwood a famous poet once said; “It’s doors I’m afraid of because I can’t see through them, its the door opening by itself in the wind I’m afraid of.” I think she was referring to the door. (LOL) Even air from one’s nostrils can fling the door open. To the extent I was using my chairs and my tables to support the door at night to prevent easy access by robbers. Though I was not harassed by robbers, I never had a good night rest. I was the one protecting the door door that should have so instead. The door was at rest but I never was. Imagine how I would have slept peacefully if I had gotten Emilinks door. Having a bad door made me unproductive in my work place. A man without a good night sleep can never be efficient and effective at work. I risked been sacked just because of a bad door. Thank God I was not.

    Doors are not what people think they are. The beauty of a house is defined by it’s door. Not to even talk of having one of Emilinks’s doors. Show me a house of good quality and I will show you a house that has Emilinks doors.
    If you want to know the content of a house check it’s door. Not everybody who desire security and safety of it’s property can afford a security personnel but everybody that desires same can afford a good door. From Emilinks to be precise.

    Lastly, if you want to know a man that has value on his property, check the man’s door and if you have seen a man with a stylish and well designed door, look closely the door must be Emilinks’s.


  24. Busolammy

    August 22, 2016 at 11:46 am

    My Door Story.
    I am one Lady that will never strip naked in front of her fellow Ladies, not even in front of my Mum, That is how private I am, during my first year in the University, I got a room off campus in a 6 rooms apartment with a single bathroom and Toilet, I wasn’t Okay with it but Houses were scarce and expensive, My parents persuaded me to manage it for a year,we will get a better one next year they promised, 4 of the 6 rooms had female occupants while the other 2 were occupied by guys, I always make sure to wake up early and have my bath before the rush for the bathroom starts.
    On this fateful day, I carried my bucket of water, soap and sponge into the bathroom, I removed my towel then secure the door by twisting the nail attached to it, (this nail is the Locking mechanism) as I was taking my bath, somebody shoved hard at the door and before I know it I was facing one of the male occupants without having a single piece of clothing on, for some seconds I couldn’t do a thing, I experienced an array of emotions, Shock, anger, fear,with embarrassment topping the list! but I locked the door, I thought, How could it give in easily? I felt betrayed by the door! The guy was also very embarrassed , He quickly closed the door while saying sorry repeatedly, I wish the floor will open its mouth and swallow me, I avoided the guy like a plague, I couldn’t bear to face him for weeks. poor me became a victim of a bad door, If only the bathroom had an Emilinks door, I wouldn’t have experienced that most embarrassing day of my life I got a Nice Room in a Nicer house the next year, With strong and Beautiful Emilinks Doors fitted to all Doorways of course!
    #Emilinks #My door story #Day 15

  25. Pelumi

    August 22, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Each time I did something wrong my mum would punish me by opening the kitchen door while she was cooking. The aroma that came out that kitchen was tempting.
    My plan that day was to go steal some pieces of meat when she was done cooking like I did in the past.
    I ended up sustaining an injury I’m the process. I tried to manipulate my way through the door by its handle but the screwdriver cut my hand..
    Mum laughed at me that day and told me she had #Emilink door in place.
    Till this day anything I smell something good coming from the kitchen. I go to my room or somewhere else where I won’t perceive the aroma of the food.
    #Emilinksdoors #Mydoorstory

  26. Blessing

    August 22, 2016 at 11:48 am

    One of the most significant features of a kitchen is the Door. Kitchen door are one of the first things you see when you walk into a kitchen. first impressions are extremely important. What is more, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home. It is where people gather to socialize and to prepare food for special occasions or everyday feasts. Literally, the kitchen is the heart of the home. In addition, it is usually the room that sets the mood and design for the rest of the house. Behind every wardrobe door lies an almost infinite number of storage options. Organizing wardrobes depends not only on the type of storage but also on the clothing and accessories you have #Emilinks #MyDoorStory Day 15

  27. Amos Mercy

    August 22, 2016 at 11:50 am

    What have I done wrong that you hate me so much? @cutieyaw and mamafumilayo is one person naa. I thought one person can’t win twice and I have been writing creative stories for past 14days yet has not been picked. It’s well

  28. Twitter: jOlumilua

    August 22, 2016 at 11:51 am

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    As innocuous as they may seem, bad doors have the potential to damage properties and inflict injuries on people. I know this because I once had a bad door experience where a door that was supposedly top quality split in half when a stray biker hit it. Fortunately, I was a few yards away from the door when it happened. My neighbour whose door was damaged called the furniture company, but their number was switched off. Browsing through the internet for furniture about a week ago, I came across Emilinks. That’s where I saw the Pure Solid Wood option under the Internal Doors category. I was impressed by how the products are well sorted for easy reach and how the features of the doors are highlighted. They have at least FOUR(!) customer care lines. Most of all, I loved how the designs were a perfect blend of timeless class and contemporary appeal; there is no compromise! On my quest for durable furniture, I discovered Emilinks, where I also discovered that it’s possible to retain quality without compromising on style. So, I strongly recommend Emilinks’ doors, because I can assure you that you can sleep without worrying about your door flattening your head like mine was almost flattened. Sometimes in life, danger can’t be stopped but it can be averted if we have trusted protection. I will be moving to Lekki next year, and there is no doubt in my mind about who will supply my doors. Even The Incredible Hulk will have a hard time destroying Emilinks materials (LoL). Thanks for reading, guys.

  29. Adesanya Ahmed

    August 22, 2016 at 11:57 am

    Bellanaija, you chose the same picture for 4 & 10, please consider me now, I have been trying since inception. Thanks

  30. Geraldine Anulika

    August 22, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    Without a good wardrobe your clothes are sure to be scattered
    One good reason I love traveling to my aunts place it’s because the wardrobe.while traveling I will pack my clothes anyhow in my traveling bag knowing fully well that when I get to my aunts place and get in contact with the wardrobe I would be force to arrange it because of its structure and settings.
    This wardrobe has a very unique and innovative design,its built in a way that you don’t have to stress yourself while trying to sort out your clothes.its unique balance will make a rumpled clothes iron.
    Secondly it has this nice fragrance that will leave ur clothes smelling nice with out bothering to use a perfume.
    I noticed that anytime I pick a clothe out of the wardrobe to wear I feel comfortable,look neater,smell nice and I am always admired..with all this special qualities of this wardrobe I was forced to ask about it… Guess what???!!! It’s Emilinks wardrobe. I couldn’t wait to get home this time around to tell my parents about it.
    Now we have an Emilinks wardrobe in all the rooms in our house.I don’t need to travel to my aunts place to use her wardrobe cause I have mine now.
    “dress the way you want to be addressed”….emilinks wardrobe helps in my appearance and I’m addressed well. Thanks.

  31. Amos Mercy

    August 22, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    The neatness of your house speaks a lot about you. I traveled to the village to spend some time with my mother-in-law last year. I tried as much as I can to be a good daughter-in-law to her by ensuring that the house is always clean.
    Every other places remains ever clean except the kitchen door area which makes my job impossible. In as much as I spent much time cleaning the kitchen area, in less than 3hours it will be littered with a milkish-coloured powder making my efforts unrecognized.
    What exactly is the cause of this mess, I kept wondering. At a point I called the attention of my mother-in-law and show her the challenge am facing on that door side. She told me that she has collected money severally to change that door to EmiLinks door but ended up spending it but as I have complained now, Emilinks door will be installed in that kitchen before the weekend is over. Instantly I called my husband to transfer some money into my account for EmiLinks door and he did. That’s how the house became very bright, neat and beautiful. If it’s not EmiLinks, it can never be EmiLinks door. For hygiene, security, and fight against malaria and typhoid, I recommend EmiLinks Doors for all #MyDoorStory #Emilinks #Day15

  32. jinkelele

    August 22, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory. Day15.

    Lovely. Absolutely lovely
    That’s the welcome that good food sends your way when you open the kitchen door.
    Wrapping its aroma limbs around in a soft cushiony hug. Aaaaah Bliss!

    On the flip side…the kitchen door also keeps the rats out And Lagos rats have no chill I swear

  33. Henry

    August 22, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Day 15.
    Lol I just remembered the experience I had about Emilinks wardrobes when I was in the third year at the University. I had moved in newly into a new apartment with my friend, and had already bought most of the things I needed in the room, including the wardrobe. However, the first day I visited my neighbour’s room, I got attracted to his own wardrobe because of its lush design and premium appearance, (meanwhile, I didn’t even know that Emilinks produces wardrobes then). So upon Inquiry from the guy, he told me that the wardrobe was one of the Emilinks’ finishing products that his father bought for his room, but that he loves it so much and had to bring it along to his school apartment. I quickly called my mother that evening to buy Emilinks products for my new room, because we were about to move into a new home then. Emilinks’ products is just the best !

  34. Olofinnika Omobolaji

    August 22, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Ever since I gave my life to Christ, opening the doors of my heart, He has made them so secure that the enemies cannot penetrate.
    For the enemy comes not but to steal, kill and destroy, but he has come That they may have life, and they may have it more abundantly…
    ‘Emilinks doors’, protecting lives and property.
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory

    God opened doors of blessing to us so we might secure them behind quality doors
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

  35. Yemisi

    August 22, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15 @bellanaija, My Door Story is one that will continue to linger in my memory. 4 years ago, I finished university as a graduate awaiting Nysc and i carefully arranged all my certificates in a file well kept in my wardrobe. One day, the whole family decided to go on vacation for 2 weeks and we locked all the rooms and the gates that leads to the compound. The holiday was really fun but on returning something happened. guess what it was ( it rained heavily during our absence) The whole house was flooded upon seeing that i was shocked. Quickly, i rushed to my room but it was a different scenario. The roof in my room was removed by the heavy rain and my room turned to swimming pool. i started shivering not because the room turned swimming pool but because part of my life was in the room. I quickly open my wardrobe but to my utmost surprise my clothes were intact not only my clothes my precious certificates that i spent so much years to acquire were also intact too. It was so amazing that emilinks wardrobes could serve as a protector. Having a good door can never be over emphasized. Thank you #Emilinks. It could only be Emilinks

  36. Chiebonam Ani

    August 22, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    #MyDoorStory #Emilinks #Day15 The demerit of living in a house or having a shop that has a substandard doors cannot be over emphasized. sub standard doors portrays a person or people as low life people to some peoples thinking but to me it wasn”t so because am a living witness to reject such saying mostly people takes thing so careless , we have to be security conscious, Many today take things for granted but forgetting that when there is life there is hope in which we have to protect our life, with standard doors like that from #Emilinks. We all know that things are very high in our dear country and as such, changing a bad or badly damaged door can be very difficult at this time. But we got to place our safety on top of our priority in life. Therefore, changing a bad door can prolong one’s life in the sense that it will shield you from incessant activities and prevent thieves from breaking into your dear house. For instant, My brother left earlier before me, and when leaving the house I locked door to go and drop my brothers children to school when they attend lesson , because school now were on holiday but was very sad to see that someone has tampered with the door and took away my gadjests while I was away. But on that sport am speechless knowing fully well that the havoc that befall me was due to substandard door had it been its a standard door like Emilinks I won’t have to worry about someone forcing or tampering with my door. My brother later accepted and have decided to change the door to standard door then i suggested to him to go for Emilinks doors because they are classy, strong, durable, beautiful and it adds beauty and protection to family and property. But i keep asking myself why must we wait not until bad things must have happened due to bad door before deciding to replace it. Lets get the thing that are of standard at the right time and not waiting until we have fall to be victim of substandard door.

  37. Yemisi

    August 22, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15 @bellanaija, My Door Story is one that will continue to linger in my memory. 4 years ago, I finished university as a graduate awaiting Nysc and i carefully arranged all my certificates in a file well kept in my wardrobe. One day, the whole family decided to go on vacation for 2 weeks and we locked all the rooms and the gates that leads to the compound. The holiday was really fun but on returning something happened. guess what it was ( it rained heavily during our absence) The whole house was flooded upon seeing that i was shocked. Quickly, i rushed to my room but it was a different scenario. The roof in my room was removed by the heavy rain and my room turned to swimming pool. i started shivering not because the room turned swimming pool but because part of my life was in the room. I quickly open my wardrobe but to my utmost surprise my clothes were intact not only my clothes my precious certificates that i spent so much years to acquire were also intact too. It was so amazing that emilinks wardrobes could serve as a protector. Having a good door can never be over emphasized. Thank you #Emilinks. It could only be Emilinks

  38. Sajuwa Gbemisola

    August 22, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Yaaayy I’m so excited!!! Thank you emilinks. Thank you bellanaija

  39. Ugwu Nwabueze

    August 22, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    It was about 12am midnight after we have finished eating dinner and went to bed. we live in I house with each room facing with his own door that doesn’t even close well without the support of our chairs,and very big gap between the floor and the door facing outside.My Dad who normally wake up in the midnight to urinate outside, was from his own room coming out with his very clear touch light when he discovered a big black sneak trying to find his way into me and my brother room.He shouted on us to wake up and stand ontop something.Before he find something to use and kill the snake,the snake have already entered into our room through the gap under our bad door.Me and my brother were afraid to near the door,before I could no what is going again I have wetted all over my clothes Calling on my God to come and intervain for us.
    what later happened was what I don’t know because they break the door to find me unconscious but wasn’t bitten by the snake.I hated the house,the bad door and any door that is not of good one. I thank God for Emilinks door that guarantees us security,safety and trust.

  40. Mark Uma

    August 22, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    During the weekend I decided to put my Culinary skills to test, I got to the kitchen to prepare my Favourite soup “Afang Soup” as I was about to begin cooking I heard the Door Bell and I went to get the door. My visitors were my office colleagues and I told them to make themselves comfortable that I’m in the kitchen, they all laughed and said I shouldn’t burn the food oOo I smiled at them as they sat in the sitting room watching the Rio 2016 Football Bronze Medal Match between Nigeria vs Honduras. As I was cooking they kept taking jibes at me that I can’t cook, I should go get a chef or better still go get married, yet I smiled in the kitchen. As I was in the middle of the cooking they told me from the kitchen that the were leaving because the football match was over. I told them to wait that I’m almost through with the cooking and they threw a jibe at me again that I can’t cook that’s why it’s taking me forever. I told them to relax, I’m almost done so I could see them off. When the Edikang Soup was done, I now opened the Kitchen door and the aroma infiltrated the sitting room and the delicious Soup Aroma change the entire ambience of the house which got them all salivating, meanwhile I’ve prepared Eba. I now got out of the kitchen and told them”okay I’m through with the cooking now it’s time for you all to go let me see you all off” They all protested, No na, Ah Ah Mark person no dey play with you again. I laughed out loud and reminded them when they said I couldn’t cook and all their jibes. They begged and said it was a joke, I smiled and went it to the Kitchen and brought the prepared Eba and Afang Soup to serve them. They ate it all and complimented my cooking, and they were to filled to stand up and go home Lol. That’s the power of my Kitchen Door, let me stop here because more Stories awaits you. #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

  41. Zeno

    August 22, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    #MyDoorStory #Emilinks
    It was the holidays,so I decided spend the holidays with my aunt in Lagos.The holiday was going well and I was enjoying myself until a fateful afternoon,i was in my parlour watching a movie when I started hearing screams outside. I was so eager to know what was happening so I rushed out. I saw a woman on the floor with a black cellophane. The woman was caught trying to break into the kitchen of the opposite house and poison the food of a man and his family. Unfortunately for her the man had Emilinks door erected in every part of his house including the kitchen.The kitchen door was so strong that the woman couldn’t gain access.She was caught trying to run out. I Was so dumbfounded,scared and shocked. If not for the firm quality of the Emilinks door,the man and his family would have been poisoned.I was so inlove with the strong Emilinks kitchen door that I decided to convince my dad to get one erected in our kitchen

  42. Nwabueze john

    August 22, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    #Bellanaija Bad Doors like this has no secret opening all over. Anything discuss at the back of this bad door is the same things discussed in public.I wish I had Emilinks doors best safe for private discussions,keep secret as it is been said. I want Good Doors,i need Emilinks door.

  43. Oreoluwa

    August 22, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    I was cooking dinner for my family of 5 that night. Dinner consisted of fried sweet potato and ayamashe (local pepper sauce) with zobo drink. I was quite stressed in the kitchen because it was so hot, I had no assistance from any of my two teenage sons plus I had just returned from work not too long. Yet, I was trying my best to cook everything fast enough so that hubby would not go to bed without having dinner- he wouldn’t eat anything once it was past 8.30 “to avoid developing a pot belly” he would tell you.
    With the potato conveniently on the gas cooker, palm oil already bleaching on fire for ayamashe, I faced the zobo squarely, to sieve it and bottle it. I finished that and quickly washed some plates, cups and cutlery to use in serving dinner. I was sweating a lot and just tired. I left the kitchen to set the dining table after which I decided to check on my baby in the room briefly. I got carried away changing her diaper and cleaning her up and all. I didn’t realize I had been gone for so long, but by the time I reached the kitchen, there was fire everywhere- inside the pot, around the gas cooker, licking the wooden cupboards and the door close to the cooker.
    I raised alarm!
    My boys who came into the kitchen to assist, bailed as fast as they could in fear when they saw the extent of the fire and the gas cylinder close by. Hubby was able to disconnect the gas cylinder, before rushing to get a blanket to suffocate the fire. Eventually, the fire was put out after it had successfully burnt some parts of my kitchen cupboard, ceiling and door.
    All the neighbours who came to help us kept telling us that we should just thank God that our kitchen door did not compromise easily in the fire, otherwise the fire would have spread to the adjoining rooms. The kitchen door was blackened thickly, but surprisingly, it did not yield to the fire or burn.
    One of the neighbours went to check the brand name on the door and said to everybody “No wonder; it’s an Emilinks. Another door may not have held up like this”. Ah no wonder answered some others. We didn’t even realize the quality of what we had, but now we sure do. We are grateful to God for saving us, we are also grateful to Emilinks for making such high standard door available in the Nigerian market at an affordable price. Needless to say, the whole family soaked garri and groundnut for dinner that night.
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day 15

  44. Ella

    August 22, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    “Omg! He finally asked me out!” I squeal in joy. I had been “stalking” this hot guy for a while on Instagram. He finally followed back, DMed, and now he had asked me out to lunch. I rush up to my room already visualizing the perfect outfit for our first date; “I’ll wear those white shorts and crop top I just bought with the red bag and ankle booties, he’ll be so blown away”. I get to my wardrobe door which I notice has somehow managed to fall apart more since this morning. It is hanging off its hinges and the locks no longer work. The bottom of the substandard door has eaten away leaving a jagged opening. “I really need to get a new door” I think to myself as I pull it open but my bad door isn’t enough to dampen my excitement about my date. I quickly fish out the clothes to put them on. “noooooooooo!!!!” I scream in horror as I notice holes in my perfect outfit, no doubt the work of rats and insects which have gained easy access through my faulty door. I pull out more clothes and notice they all have holes in them. “No no no this can’t be happening!” I say sadly as I look at my damaged clothes. I have to cancel on my hot guy. If I had a secure #emilinks wardrobe door, this wouldn’t have happened. #mydoorstory #emilinks #bellanaija #day15

  45. Richard C

    August 22, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Day 15
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    I am Mr Richard,I am a Chef. My kitchen is my pride.
    I saw this post from day 8 buy wasn’t opportuned to post because I don’t have any bad door in my place. By the way why should I have a bad door when all the products I use when it comes to furniture is Emilinks doors. I use Emilinks door in my kitchen that makes me stand out among my peers and fellow colleagues.Appearance it’s not all about the way you dress. Ur doors also say a lot. My kitchen door is so durable that I don’t bother about theft or any sort of roaches in my kitchen.My kitchen door makes my kitchen look beautiful either when it is open or close.
    I have lots of customers trooping in to see me all because my kitchen doors attract them.,my colleagues atimes think am using jazz but the secret is my door. All I have to say is that having a good kitchen door brings good health, nice look, progress (that’s if u are a chef like me) And such kitchen doors are gotten from Emilinks.

  46. Kehinde Onyemaechi

    August 22, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15 Bad Door is based on different point of view,
    that is it can be redefined in several ways but to me its just that those having it
    always making sure that it is not widely open to all and on can easily get injured with bad door its either nail in it choked your cloth or some parts of the body , At times one will have to reject some kind visitation into the house having a bad door.
    Can anyone here guess such a drama ever perform by me all because am
    having a bad door in my apartment?
    Am waiting oh,
    OK since there is no one to guess, now here the story ,
    Then mostly friends of my do like to pay me a visit i do gave them excuse upon
    excuse that will make them not to come all because of bad, Once upon a day i
    was staying outside my house then my friend was on a bike he saw me and waved
    hand to me that he is coming but i pretended i don”t now him, i quickly rushed in to
    my room in other to avoid him, but to my surprise this friend of my came around
    looking for me. A neighbor of my brought him to my room they knocked and knocked
    i refused to answer them,
    As per bad door like it is called it has many perforated holes all across it body surface
    in which they were able to view from there and i had both of them saying somebody
    is inside there, maybe is not the one or which kind of sleep is he sleeping,
    I pretended all through till i noticed he had left. Bad doors are fixed either
    because standard doors were expensive or feeling less concerned but with the intervention of #Emilinks who had help crashed down prices of several standard door, Now wonder i begin to see newly fixed doors in most old buildings.
    As i was saying before about bad door, Apart from been feel embarrassed, one must be security conscious and bad doors
    has nothing to offered when it comes to that and the above little drama of my
    re-orientate me that it is good to have a standard door like Emilinks door instead of
    having a substandard or bad door , All of a sudden as am walking along the street i
    saw a very nice door and i walk closer to it to check the maker before getting to the
    place here come my childhood friend, we exchanged greeting there after i asked
    him was this door good?
    Now this are what he said,
    for its kind superiority it entails many have been talking about its standard, A friend of
    my has it in all rooms of his house, He was the one that referred it to me. Before when
    ever am living home i do feel uncomfortable all because of the bad door am having
    but now such a thing no longer borders me since i got this #Emilinks door you are
    That good saying of him then motivated me to fix good doors and do a general renovation, so its time to change it to the door that suit my taste and Emilinks door been the best choice because many have tested it and they were all saying good about the doors from #Emilinks door.

  47. Michael

    August 22, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    Formally my girlfriend didn’t like cooking whenever she came visiting, she never agrees to cook, although she’s a very good cook and I can say that because I’ve tasted her food, she always says she’s saving her strength for when we would be together, cooking wasn’t a big deal to me so I always overlook that. Four months ago I moved to my new apartment, the house was nice and all it’s doors were that of Emilinks, but the most interesting part of the house was its kitchen, the color of the door rhymed with that of the kitchen cabinet and they all blended with the tiles, it was a very good site to see. On a certain day my girlfriend came to visit me as usual and while I was washing at the backyard she came to stay with me, normally she hardly goes to the kitchen because she had no business there, but this time she had to pass through there to get to where I was, as soon as she got me she asked me if I was hungry, innocently I said yes and I was waiting to finish washing before I start cooking, the next sentence to come out of her mouth was “what should I cook for you”, it was strange but sounded sweet “anything” I said hastily before she changed her mind.
    After washing, for the first time in our relationship my girlfriend cooked while I lay down in the sitting room enjoying the sweet aroma. After the meal she confessed that she had an issue with my former kitchen especially the door but couldn’t help it when she saw this new one, all I muttered was thanks Emilinks!! Now it’s been four months and I’ve almost forgotten the way to the kitchen all I do is sit, enjoy sweet aroma and eat good food, thank you Emilinks. #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

  48. Nwabueze john

    August 22, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    It was an unforgettable testimonies for me and my family, That morning we woke up and found people all over our compound. It was an old woman who lives in the same compound with us making confessions about how she snick into peoples kitchen to poison there food,if not because of Emilinks Door we in our kitchen she said that she had tried several times to get into our.
    I was shock and said to my self so if not because of Emilinks door I could have been a dead man. Thanks to Emilinks door for saving my life

  49. Eleanor k-cee

    August 22, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Day 15:
    Catch them! Catch them!!. Don’t let them get away. That’s what we heard after eavesdropping on what seemed to be a planned robbery.
    We’re a group of three mischievous girls or better Still our nick name the three musketeers. I and my friend happened to visit the our friend and towards dusk we sort to take our leave. We decided to have a stroll around the vicinity before we left. While having the stroll, we heard some voices along the path and heard about a discussion going on about a planned robbery, after eavesdropping and trying to get away from there in other to report and perhaps warn people, one of them saw us and said catch them.
    No one needed to tell us to run for our dear lives. We ran, people we ran past were wondering what was happening.
    Two guys pursued us,the were telling us to stop before they get us but who on earth would stop after listening to them, obviously they were capable of harming us. Our friends house was still not close. As we were running we told ourselves we might be caught before we get there. We decided to run into a compound, we rushed in, the flats were much, rushing to the nearest one, a guy about our age came out, but we noticed his door was not strong. What if we hide there and we are caught because the door was not strong to keep the robbers out.
    As if God heard our thoughts, the next door flew open we rushed in pushing the owner inside and locking it. The owner, a lady was startled, we had to plead with her and hushed her.
    The robbers came in and started asking about us from the guy who saw us first, he told her he didn’t see us but his expression gave him away, he rushed into his room and locked the door, only for the door to be brought down with a kick, when the couldn’t find us, they came to the flat we were in and tried the same with the door, but it didn’t give way, they kept on meeting a resistance. When they heard sirens, they ran because they knew they would be caught.
    When they left, we came out after a while. we noticed the door that saved us was an Emilinks door,we were so grateful, we had to apologize to the other guy and we went back to our friends house to sleep for the fear of the unknown. Till date, we ask ourselves what would have been our fate if that door was not an Emilinks door?
    #MyDoorStory #Emilinks

  50. teesha

    August 22, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    My friend and I had gone to campus that day for last minute revision of our final year exam. This course we must pass ooo, we both determined. We studied,solved past questions and then group discussion. We wrapped it up with and we left for our room off campus. I remembered our prayer point was “Dear Lord, perfect all our efforts with success”. Getting to our room in the evening, we had our concoction rice, bathed and slept.
    I felt a tap on my shoulder, I shrugged it off. It became persistent. “Ooh what is it Sidney” I asked my friend. In her shaky voice, she replied “They said that we should bring our phones”.
    “Just do as you were told and everything will be alright”, a deep voice commanded behind her. Two big bros were standing.
    Immediately, I was awake and as if hypnotized, I brought out my two phones. They ransacked the room and cart away with whatever they needed. My friend and I held each other shaking.
    “You can go back to sleep now”, he said. Immediately, we lied on our stomach till they left.
    At the break of dawn, we called our parents and they called the Landlady. She came that day and apologized. That same week, she changed the old wooden entrance door to a secured and durable #Emilinks door. Till we finished our final semester paper, we slept soundly and with our eyes fully closed. Thanks to our considerable Landlady and Emilinks door. And Yes! we both had As in the course.
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory

  51. David

    August 22, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    I live in a house with neighbors, the wonderful thing about our houses is the fact that all our kitchens are outside the main house, my fiancé used to be shy to go outside too cook, but not to long ago I changed the door of our kitchen to that of Emilinks and fixed some nice cabinet, now she feels secured and goes there as much as she likes. A change of door can go a long way…#Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

  52. abolarinwa oluwatobi

    August 22, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    I’m always rest assured of anything I keep or store inside my wardrobe because it is always safe! from clothes,shoes,documents,books and money to mention but a few.I was checking through my wardrobe one Saturday morning and I saw the old story books I’d read in my primary school days,still neat,that alone made me remember my childhood days and how I used to hide inside the wardrobe when playing the hide and seek game with my sister,lol,.The wardrobe does help bring back memories from the past like when my mum brought out her old original iro and buba wears and was telling us stories of how it was made and the event she wore it to,then I knew the importance of having a wardrobe in the home.Its not just important to have a wardrobe but a good,standard and well built ones like Emilinks wardrobe.Having a well built wardrobe from Emilinks will help beautify your room,help keep your stuffs safe and intact!It protects your cloths from dirt and dust! And it lasts forever!I love #Emilinks furnitures for the opportunity they are giving everyone in Nigeria to have beautiful and affordable furnitures in their homes and offices even at this times where everything is expensive,yet they beat down the prices of their doors,kitchen cabinets, doors and wardrobes just for us to live comfortable.Thank you Emilinks!

  53. Adediji

    August 22, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    This is an unforgettable experience for me and my whole family.It was during the national strike when everywhere was dried and to even take a morsel of food to eat became Problem. My parents are both government workers and were really affected by the strike.That morning,mummy went to the kitchen and cooked the last food stuff for the whole family and we looked unto God to provide for us.We were all perceiving the aroma of the food and we believed that itwould be delicious.
    She closed the door of the kitchen with the food on fire and locked it and came to the sitting room to join us where we were talking.After some minutes,she went to the kitchen to check the food and we heard her calling us one by one.we first taught the food was ready and we eargely stand up to go and take our food,but,alas!we met a different story.”who carried the food here”,mum shouted.we were just looking at each other with no response and we were really taken aback since every of us was in the sitting room.My mummy was very angry and she started shouting.We checked the door and we realised what has happened,the door was forced open by someone unknown and the food was stolen.”ah ah,this bad kitchen doomed me today,what will I give to my family to eat today and this is our last food”,my mummy wailed.
    A month later,the government paid the workers’ salary and the first thing my mum brought home was a new emilink door.she said “my negligence toward the kitchen door cost my family hunger”.#Emilinks#MyDoorStory.

  54. Gemonyi

    August 22, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    Day 15
    My kitchen is my safe haven. My practical home laboratory. This is where I try out the most unimaginable combinations…. lol and it has to be clean and Pest free and I achieve this Only with Emilinks Door. I cook a lot and wouldn’t want anything to interrupt not even unwanted Nose detectors that can perceive from a distance.
    My friend actually uses Emilinks Wardrobe and the quality is Commendable. I admire it every time I visit. The sections are so beautifully placed and her clothing arrangement adds to the aesthetics. Emilinks comes with a class and luckily it’s affordable.

  55. Nwaka Uche

    August 22, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    My people as we all know writing of project is no be moi moi o,the stress in it even pass final exams.
    I was still in bed when my course adviser called me on phone ,he said I should show up in school before 7:30 so I can submit my project work,immediately I had “submit project” I just jumb up from my small bed . ran into the bath room and took my bath , my Waldrop is close to my bathroom. So I begin to search for a better cloth to put on, I nearly scattered all my wardrobe looking for my belt,after dressing I decided to visit my kitchen so I can put something in my stomach ,on getting they I immediately warm the small beans that I remain last night.after warming it and the food was in my hand my kitchen door which was made of zinc and timber fell towards me and I was trying to escape it ,the port of beans that I was carrying also fell and poured on my leg I was just helpless, this was not the first time the door is falling. I just left everything they and took my bag and ran to school.after the stressful day I came back very hungry so I went straight to the kitchen ,,the funniest part of it was the number of goat I found in my kitchen, as if the beans was not enough they eat up my garri and yam.
    But if to say I get good door for my kitchen this thing for no happen .
    #emilinks #mydoorstory #day15


    August 22, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    #EMILINKS #MYDOORSTORY #DAY15 I Remembered last years exmas when me and my family traveled, it was a fun filled exmas dat i enjoyed so well. After the exams we decided to come back home, on getting home i went straight into my room feeling very tired . when i entered my room i was very shocked on what i saw the roof of my room was open caused by heavy thunder, lightening and rain every item in my room was soaked with water my bed and every other thing so i ran quickly to my wardrobe where i kept my clothe and shoes opened it all my shoes and cloth no one was touched by the rain. All thanks to EMILINKS door for protecting my wardrobe for me.

  57. Henri Yire

    August 22, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    A sturdy, well-fitted, iron-clad kitchen door has foiled many an attempt at burglary. Choose wisely.
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory Day 15

  58. emeka

    August 22, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    When I visited my parents during holiday, I was in the room when I had our neighbours shouting my name. Emeka emeka hope they is noting in the kitchen, I ran out side went straight to the kitchen on getting they I saw a group of goats eating the soup my mother prepared before going to market .when my mother came back and was hungry I told her what happen but she put the blame on me and gave me the beating of my life .
    Is just my fault assuming the kitchen have as good door this couldn’t have happened .
    #mydoorstory #emilinks #day15

  59. Victoria

    August 22, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    #Emilinks#Mydoorstory#Day15…….One fateful day I came home from school but because I wanted to make it a surprise,I didn’t inform anyone at home of my coming and unfortunately,I didn’t meet anyone as at the time I arrived because they had all gone for midweek service.It was a perfect occasion for me to take my surprise a step further by cooking a sumptuous meal with the last money I came home with so my families members will arrive from church to a surprise dinner,I took my time and prepared a very delicious jollof rice,left it in the pot and took a walk down the road.By the time I was done with my walk,my family members had arrived too and after the exchange of pleasantries(don’t forget they were all surprised and happy to see me),I rushed to the kitchen with my younger sister to go serve my suprise dinner but to my greatest surprise,the unwanted guest in the house(a big rat which I didn’t have a prior knowledge of) had fed fat on our dinner and even littered the kitchen floor,I screamed and my sister had to break the news that they’ve been battling rats in the kitchen and due to the bad which leads to the backyard and that whenever they ate done cooking,they pack the food into a cooler and go hide it somewhere in the room where they know the rat cannot get to,I felt so bad because my whole effort to surprise them all had just gone under the drain,with this annoyance,I called my friend who I know had contacts of #emilinks (because he had always talked good about their products (,he hooked me up the following day )we got the #emilinks door and got rid of the rat. Now with #emilinks door at the kitchen entrance,we can leave our food in the kitchen for as long as we wish without the fear of being invaded by any unwanted guest.With #Emilinks….be rest assured .

  60. Olisaemeka

    August 22, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    It was my wife’s birthday and i decided to surprise her by preparing a delicious meal instead of taking her out. I wanted it to be be a big surprise, and thanks to my strong quality kitchen door that made the surprise possible and worthwhile.
    She totally forgot it was her day and went out for her usual weekend shopping. Immediately she left, i took off action preparing her favourite dish of jollof rice and chicken. My kitchen door was tightly shut to prevent the yummylicious aroma of the dish leaving the kitchen. I finished preparing the dish and setting the kitchen table decorating it with her birthday cake, the meal, drinks, cards and flowers. About five minutes after i was through, she came back and i told her to sit down so i can get her a glass of water. Immediately i opened the kitchen door, the aroma filled her nostrils and she immediately got up and rushed into the kitchen to behold the surprise. She was filled with so much Joy and happiness. #Emilinks #MyDoorStory Day15

  61. Mahka

    August 22, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    #Emilinks #My Door Story Day15
    My cousin brother is an Engineer,at the moment he has so much time on his hands- not yet employed.
    I come back from work daily and there he was bragging about the day’s fixes .I didn’t want to burst his bubble by complaining about how the door he fixed still has wires n metals poking out…so I cheered him on. Everyday,it’s one new fixes;bathroom door,kitchen bolts; with all the junk wires n metal scraps still poking out.
    One faithful Saturday morning,after I was about to rock my new Asoebi attire, getting to the front door,the dreadful scraps I thought I avoided pokes me and ripes through my dress. Anger was not enough to describe my mood. There n then I called my carpenter to change all the bad doors.
    We woke up on Sunday morning to the sounds of Emilinks doors being replaced in the living room. My face beamed with smile cos I knew ‘beta don come’. Even my poor cousin knew it was about time for a change. Many thanks to Emilinks, now we can prance around the whole house without fear of a tear…lol

  62. Bigson J Nnodim

    August 22, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    A good wardrobe is one that should provide proper storage space for clothes.While I was in the university, I stayed off campus in school.The wardrobe of my hostel is what marveled me.It was big and spacious. I had where I could keep my shoes,my box and most especially my clothes.The way my wardrobe was partitioned showed me that its producer must be a man of wisdom.My Emilinks wardrobe gave me much pride because it served its useful purpose and beautified my room.There was no record of termites or any other insect to eat its wood.I had a friend back at home,she called me one morning complaining that she was trying to clean her wardrobe and saw that some of her clothes had been eaten by termites and we know how that can be for a lady (they love CLOTHES)..I told her it was the kind of wood her wardrobe was made of that caused it and since she was working and earning money that she should go and get an Emilinks wardrobe and that she wouldn’t suffer such anymore and she listened because she knows I always tell her the truth..Emilinks wardrobe all the way.

  63. Emego Lois

    August 22, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    Like we all know without the heart the body cannot work so likewise without the kitchen a house is not yet complete.Few months ago I went to visit my aunt,she just came back from mecca and a party was organized for her.So a whole lot of persons came visiting both those that were invited and those that were not..The house was filled to the brim.All kinds of dishes were prepared.. Just think of any dish it was in the kitchen and the foodstuffs that was left were all in d kitchen,so the kitchen was closely monitored and I was in charge.The kitchen was located at the back of the house.I decided to go greet some visitors while coming back to the kitchen I saw a lady trying to open the kitchen door and I asked what she was looking for,she started mumbling and she left.After a while I left again and I locked the kitchen door but on coming back I saw this same woman but with a man this time trying to force my aunt’ kitchen door open..they were struggling. I didn’t go close to them but was smiling from afar..You might think that was silly but NO!I knew the kind of doors in the house,they are all Emilinks doors and I knew they couldn’t force that door open unless they used a bulldozer.I later walked straight to them and warned her critically that if she doesn’t leave the premises as at that very moment she’ll regret the day she was born because I was going to let the world know who she was..a THIEF!All she was saying was madam sorry and she hurriedly left.That was how our good Emilinks kitchen door saved me from hoodlums who called themselves neighbors. If it wasn’t for our good Emilinks kitchen door I would have been in deep trouble since I was placed in charge of the kitchen. I realized the importance of a good kitchen door. All thanks to Emilinks.

  64. Olofinnika Omobolaji

    August 22, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    MyDoorStory reminds me of how a friend of mine lost three important foreign investors in their company. They were to have this meeting with foreign investors from China and Japan, who were sourcing for middle-men in the cocoa business. They had prepared for their coming for three weeks, going as far as renovating and repainting some parts of the factory that would be inspected later by the investors.
    On that fatefel day, the investors came and were ushered first into the conference room. The meeting went on well, till they said they wanted to go inspect the Machineries and facilities on ground, and as one of the PAs went to open the door, the door refused to budge. It was not a funny thing.
    They were there battling the door for close to an hour, with the investors already angry, irritated and frustrated. The lock was broken from the outside, and the investors just walked out to their cars and left despite all pleas.
    The management had to sack all in charge of the company’s renovation that week, and thankfully, my friend was not among them. He later told me that someone had formerly recommended Emilinks doors to them, but due to its being a local brand, it was rejected for a foreign brand. Now, he said the doors have been changed to Emilinks, although the contract have been given to another rival company. The had lost a multimillion naira contract and the trust of their investors all due to a bad door.
    Get secured, Get #Emilinks !
    #Emilinks #MYDOORSTORY #Day15

  65. Kossy

    August 22, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    #EMILINKS#MyDoorStory#day 15
    Few months back, i moved into the new apartment but the door was
    bad. I didn’t bother changing it after all i have spent heavily to rent the apartment, who cares about a mere bad door? A friend came visiting and complained about it. Guess what? On that same day, the door “added another design to his cloth” (his cloth was torn). Is it not just a cloth? I apologized to him, took him to the seamstress behind because there was no tailor near by. Life continued with the bad door.

    On that faithful monday, i woke up late because of “weekend vibes” simply known as hang over, and on that Monday, many patient were to be attended to in IVF Unit. Timing is very essential in that unit as the result will be affected “if the sample (semen) is not analyzed in time. I rushed in and out of the bathroom, wore my clothes and stockings. On collecting my shoes to wear, it was not polished. What a morning!!! I rush out to the corridor to collect the brush, on my way back, i felt this excruciating pain on my left arm. The pain was so horrible that i dropped both the brush, shoes and whatever else I was holding. ” The door has done it again”!!! This time it didn’t only tear my cloth but my skin was ripped off as well. Very thought associated with office was gone instantly. At that time, i saw myself kicking and talking to the door as if it was a human being. “Lolz”!!! I am sure my neighbors were like ” please bring the chains closer incase he decides to take it to the next level- the Market square”.
    After receiving stitches on that day, my boss was like let me drive you home so you can have a good rest, and i said; “please Sir! Kindly drop me at the EMILINKS office behind the next street. This door must be fixed today ooo”! *Winks*


  66. Felicia

    August 22, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    Growing up in the dark and neglected shadows of festac and satellite town popularly known as featac extension situated at amuwo odofin mile 2.
    Regardless of being an upcoming slum with all the problems of a slums because of textural vibe and societal ego we always worked on our outlook which involves paintings, planting of trees and use of good features like doors, windows and wardrobe.
    But when my area was built during the 1990s. they were built flats of 16 per block and 6 per block and tightly packs together which was worsed with situations of local shops to support the residential area.

    One Sunday evening around 6:40pm. I saw people running around with buckets looking for water and detergent. Before I could deduct why and where they were going to. I saw the dark clouds and fire on the top floor of a building.

    Around 9pm when all the crowd have settled, the fire has ceased and the burnables have been burnt.
    I was told that a child was cooking and slept off and the kitchen caught fire by an exploded gas tank and started burning the kitchen which spread to the next flat and consumed everything.
    Everything caught fire and got destroyed expect one metal wardrobe with am elegant door. Which had the families documents like children result, certificates, certificates of ownership, LBIC insurance papers, business documents etc.
    That’s how a family’s possession thou destroyed by fire future was safe guarded by a quality wardrobe with trust worthy door like emilinks
    #truelifestory #day15 #emilinksNG #bellanaija #qualitydoors

  67. Rita Osakwe

    August 22, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
    Growing up, I hated kitchens but I LOVED food. I always felt kitchens signified stress and hardwork and sweat so I learnt to stay away, only lurking when there were scraps of food to be had before lunch or dinner. My kitchen door was a ‘good’ door, good in the sense that bad food never came out of it. It was sturdy, strong and, permit me to say, a most loyal friend. After a bad day at school, my first port of call would be my kitchen door, and I learnt to lose myself in the aromas it brought. It was like being transported to other worlds sometimes. Some days I’d be greeted by the tropical, mouth-watering aromas of steaming chicken and meat and stews, other days by soups reminiscent of my village. My kitchen door was a beautiful one and symbolises my unquenching love for food as an adult.
    Recently I went to my childhood home for a short visit and guess what brand my kitchen door is? #Emilinks! After all these years my kitchen door still stands. Thank you Emilinks for my beautiful childhood memories. Thank you. #Day 15

  68. cindy nwovike

    August 22, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    #my door story #day 15 #emilinks#
    There used to be an on going war between I and the rodents which kept sneaking into my kithcen whenever I was asleep, they would sneak in, no doubt attracted by the lovely aromas always coming from that direction(lol), and have a little party with my dishes and my food items! It wasn’t really funny until I discovered emilinks and had it installed in my kitchen, now all I need to do is close my door to keep the little monsters away..Thanks to emilinks doors my kitchen and food items are safe from rodents and all the germs they carry..

  69. Maryam S

    August 22, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #day15.
    No Emilinks,No strong and Fashionable Doors.With Emilinks doors,Ur house or building is sure to have that outstanding look.

  70. Felicia

    August 22, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Another fire story
    Growing up as a teenager and last born weirdly I had to take care of myself because everyone was busy with themselves. parents had to go work and my siblings University…. This obviously indicate that I wasn’t planned for, but I didn’t feel that way.
    After closing from school on a Friday ,I was so exhausted from all the sports and other recreational activities. I was so hungry and tired. I decided to cook little noodles and sleep till mother comes home and we cook dinner for the family.
    After putting the noodles in the boiled water and added the sauce ET AL, I dosed off listening to music unknown to me the noodles got burnt, the pot became black and probably caused fire which made the gas tank explode and shattered pieces of metal gas tank flew around the kitchen.
    It was the loud that work me up in the Dinnering room which was by the kitchen and alerted neighbors, who helped killed the fire.
    Luckily my kitchen door was able to contain the fire, smoke and absorb the fired metals around. Which stopped the fire from going round and the house burning.
    In a systematic sense my quality kitchen door saved my life and my families investment [our house].
    Reading about this competition and emilinksNG doors made me appreciate the need of a good standard door like that which saved my life
    Am in my 30’s now. Am elated to be Alive
    #anotherfirestory #bellanaija #emilinksNG #day15 #mydoorstory

    • Oladipo Opeyemi

      August 23, 2016 at 11:32 am

      Day 16
      #Emilinks #MyDoorStory
      I gained admission into the university and decided to stay off campus in a one room self contain.It was a new site,so there was still a lot of bushes around. My hostel was a new one and everywhere was beautiful.After some months, the land opposite my hostel was bought and the bushes there had to be burnt.A few days later I started seeing little rats in the premises of my hostel (I dislike rats).I was sitter in my room one evening, a rat ran into my room,my kitchen door was closed but I realized that the rat was able to pass,I was shocked. When I checked I saw that rats had created a hole below my kitchen door.It was a frustrating semester.The rat were the type that could eat even plastics,they eat anything and the more I kept hiding my foodstuffs, the more they adapted.I blocked the hole with a piece of cloth,they tore it to shreds.It was frightening.I didn’t know what to do and I had to bear this till the end of 100level.After that I went in search of another hostel and this time I had to see the type of doors they had most especially the kitchen door because the kitchen is the heart of my house.The hostel I decided to rent had an Emilinks door,immediately I googled it and I saw good commendations, I also saw for myself that this kind of door can’t be eaten by a rat and so I payed for the hostel and that was were I stayed until I graduated.My kitchen door was intact, nothing affected it,not termites or rats.My Emilinks door is the best thing that happened to my kitchen. Every landlord should try get an Emilinks door especially in the kitchen and come and thank me later. Thank you Emilinks for saving me in school.

  71. Falilat

    August 22, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15. @bellanaija, My door story is one that has given me a scar and believe me bad door no matter how maintained will always cause damages. It was my sisters birthday last year and the family decided to throw her a parlor party. And on the D-DAY, we started the preparation from decoration to cooking and we made sure everything was in order. before then, we noticed the kitchen door was faulty but we kept procrastinating on changing it reason being that we’ve changed the door times without no. It was almost time for the party, i changed to a lovely dress as the celebrant sister and i had my make up done which took me about 30 mins. guests arrived and the party started and it was time for item 7. I quickly rushed to the kitchen with a friend of mine to help serve the food. As i was about to carry the food to the sitting room, my beautiful dress got hooked by the kitchen door and as i was struggling to remove it i got injured. i noticed a sharp pain at my back behold it was the door handle with a sharp nail and my beautiful dress got torn. I cried and wondered how a bad door like ours would spoilt my day on a special occasion. The next day the door was changed to #Emilinks door to avoid more harm and damages but the deed has been done ( my scar). If only we had changed our kitchen door to Emilinks door earlier, my day wouldn’t have been spoilt. But once beaten twice shy. Thank you emilinks for providing the best. it’s either emilinks door or no door at all..

  72. chioma

    August 22, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Having a good kitchen prevent high blood pressure be it from rat or stealing(tells you who’s entering you kitchen or leaving) it also prevent food poisoning for those using out door kitchen.emilink tend to hAve this attribute#emilinks creating valve.

  73. Odunayo

    August 22, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    In time past, it was only during my stay at five and seven star hotels, that I would get a feel of bedroom luxury, specifically because of the large and spacious wardrobes at the hotel; made with quality materials. In all the apartments I had lived, wardrobes were always an issue- small and improperly constructed. It is clear that not much thought is given to utility in the construction of these wardrobes.
    Arranging my stuff in the wardrobes at the hotels gives me a feeling of liberation from suffering- such as I usually feel when I think of my wardrobe back home, where I have to scrimp on space, continually make do and wedge the door to keep it from disturbing me while picking out clothes. A lot of heckling goes on at home simply over space! Also, shoes and clothing accessories are strewn all around for same reason. We have given away and disposed of a lot of our clothing and accessories, all in a bid to create space.
    When I was building my own house, you can trust, that with a vengeance, I went for the best wardrobes on the market bearing the brand name Emilinks- which is another name for 100% Italian, 100% Nigerian quality wardrobes. Since I had noticed this particular brand in many of the 5 and 7-Star hotels I had stayed, it was a no-brainer for me to go for Emilinkswardrobes when the time came.
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

  74. Christiana

    August 22, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #day15
    I was getting ready for work this morning, I went to the bathroom to take my bath, I had finished bathing, only for me to bring down my towel and dry my body, the towel hooked on our door which has been so bad for some months now, as I was struggling to remove my towel, the door fell and hit on the WC which broke into pieces. That was how I couldn’t get to work earlier. If only I had used Emilinks door, I wouldn’t have encountered this big problem.

  75. callista

    August 22, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Having a good kitchen door prevent high blood pressure be it from rat or thieves(tells you who’s entering your kitchen or leaving).when going out you realize that you stuffs are secured even at night you sleep is sound and peaceful .it also prevent food poisoning for those using out door kitchen.emilink tend to have this attribute#emilinks creating valve.

    • callista

      August 22, 2016 at 5:03 pm


  76. Remmy

    August 22, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day 15
    Before i changed my kitchen door to Emilinks door, rats and mice had always given me loads of headaches, they eat anything eatable, they are like parasites in my kitchen, if i patch the door, they will eat the wood and gain entrance, but one day a friend introduced me to Emilinks doors since then my Emilinks Gloss Kitchen door prevent rats and mice from entering into my kitchen, they cant even eat the door because its a glossy and its a strong door made with fine wood from Emilinks, my glossy kitchen door from Emilinks makes it easier for me to clean and maintain. Emilinks Doors any day anytime 🙂

  77. Adesanya Ahmed

    August 22, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    #Day 15. Doors add value to us and they depict who we really are. #MyDoorStory #Emilinks

  78. ritand

    August 22, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    #MyDoorStory #Emilinks #Day15 .when was in secondary school, I lived outside the school premises. Before I got admitted in that school, my dad had gone there to secure an accommodation for me. After he might have seen a nice house, he came back to tell me that he will be going there with me so that he will show me the house which we did. The day i left for the school with my friend, my dad gave me my house rent asking me to pay it to my landlord unknown to him that I have my own foolish plan. On reaching there, instead of us going to the house my dad showed to me, we diverted to a friends room, packed our bags in her room, went out in search of cheaper room. Lucky enough we later found one. You know that cheap things always have K-leg. And this the case of the room we found which happend to be bad doors,windows and ceiling. As foolish as we both are, we uniformly said to ourselve “are we going to live here for eternity? Is it not to take our weac and neco exams”? Lets manage it. At least we can use the money that will remain to take care of ourselves” how stupid we were! Had i know always come at last… It dawned to us on the day some group of about four boys attacked our yard. But as lucky we were, we went to night prayer of Rev. Fr. Obayi that night. It was when we came back in the morning that we met our door which had been baptised by wood bittles and termites on the floor staring and smiling at we both like idiot. We started crying that was when a neighbour told not to cry rejoice and praise our Chi. We got confused and at the same time very furious. We managed to ask her what she meant. That was when she said that those armed robber raped every single girl in our compound. We started regretting why we took that dangerous decision. I have since then never go for cheap product. I have learnt that Emilinks products are costly but last for eternity. Cheap products always run belle. Our society should desist from this.

  79. cindy

    August 22, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    #emilinks #my door story #day 15
    Never underestimate the powers of a determined rat they can eat and scratch through any door to get to where they wish…this has always been the believe in my house as all the wardrobes at home had holes in them from where the evil creatures had passed through…talk more about the kitchen doors, rodents having a jambori each time the house was asleep became a usua,l despite everything tried to ward them away…I could be in the kitchen with a friend and ‘brrrr’ a rat would run by…despite the delicious aromas that usually came from our kitchen neighbors were weary/reluctant to eat from our house because of the ever present rodents, but that was before we heard of emilinks doors and had it installed…Now we just shut the doors to keep the rodents away and guess what? No matter how hard they scratch they never get beyond the surface!!! Thanks to emilinks my kitchen is safe from rodents and all the germs they carry and our neighbors troop in and out to take part in the extremely delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen…#always emilinks doors#

  80. Oluchi

    August 22, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Its always advisable to have a very good kitchen door.A Good kitchen door is one of the important qualities of a kitchen. It prevents rodents and insects from entering the kitchen because those things can be poisonous to the food we eat. Here in my house,I use emilinks and I’ve never for once regretted using. its durable, strong and beautiful.
    I also have my wardrobe that’s among the things that make my room very beautiful and my clothes well arranged.
    Go for emilinks and you will never regret it.
    #Emilink # mydoorstory -day15

  81. callista

    August 22, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    #emilinks #mydoorstory #day15. Talking about a good kitchen door reminds me of the kitchen door in my house.Whenever this door is open the aroma hits you like a tsunami! Trust me this aroma can make you an overnight crook.unfortunately you cannot sneak in to steal when it is locked and their is no tactic to opening this door you just have to beg(lol). Thanks to emilinks the Door keep the food far from me and other with the same motive as me.

  82. Somto Yvonne

    August 22, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory #Day15

    I finally changed my bad kitchen doors to Emilinks doors not long ago. Now, the rats just sit at a safe distance and stare hopelessly as I move around in the kitchen showcasing my cooking skills. Even when the irresistible aroma fills the air, they know they cannot get a taste as I would not leave the kitchen door open when I’m done. I think they’re going to die of hunger soon because my wardrobe doors have been changed to Emilinks too. No more books and clothes to feed on.
    Thanks Emilinks for being the best ever

  83. Ifunanya

    August 22, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    Growing up,my mum would always give us a hard time about how scattered our room was. She noticed that if there was one thing we found to be an uphill task,it was arranging our room. It was better to tell us not to watch TV all day than for us to arrange our room. The room was always littered with toys,clothes,books and what have you. So she devised a strategy- always to use that as our punishment. Whenever we committed a crime,the punishment would be to arrange the room. No neat room, no food. Trust smart kids now,we devised our own strategy too! Pack everything and dump in the wardrobe,then shut the doors! That way,it’s a win win situation! Now i’m all grown, but you know,old habits die hard. I still dump everything inside my wardrobe! It was a constant source of disgrace which I ignored until the day I was to go on a first date with my new boyfriend. On that fateful day, he came to pick me up and as usual,i hurriedly dumped my mess into the wardrobe,just in case he decides to enter my room. And enter he did! He banged the door so loud that the wardrobe doors opened a crack. I was just praying it stops at just a crack until I heard a loud thud on the floor, Gbim! Everything came tumbling out including my “unmentionables”! OMG! On my first date? Could the ground just open and swallow me? Talk about the embarrassment of the century. Calmly,my boyfriend just smiled and said,”Babe, are you set to go out? Chai! Gentleman, as if he didn’t even see anything. I just followed like a lamb being led to slaughter but instead of a nice,posh restaurant,he drove me straight to Emilinks for a new wardrobe. Now the new Emilinks wardrobe has given me what I call class!. The old trick still works,my room is ALWAYS neat and my wardrobe is not scattered either, thanks to the 4-in-one package Emilinks wardrobes give you. It has a storage space above,a shoe rack below, series of shelves/cabinets to the side and of course the main space for hanging clothes! All my household items can fit into the wardrobe,its spacious,compact and very serviceable! Thanks Emilinks for being imaginative and ingenious! You remain the best! Emilinks saving me from more disgrace since forever!
    Day 15 #mydoorstory #Emilinks

  84. Owameyeh

    August 22, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    I got invited to my boyfriends elder sisters house yesterday. This is no joke! She is a middle aged young lady that is making serious cash, so as expected her house is really beautiful and well furnished. So after taking a tour round her house and some much relaxation, we decided to go to her room and try out new clothes and shoes. You know how we girls do it now. “Omg” were the first words that came out from my mouth as i entered the room. It was so girly and beautiful and no doubt had beautiful stuff in it. I went closer to the wardrobe to start ransacking her stuff. Jeezzz! The wardrobe was so beautiful and classy! It had various sections for her various clothings and this made her clothings look very tidy. Her wardrobe was such a “rare gem” and I asked her where she purchased it from and she said Emilinks! The next day i had my Emilinks wardrobe fixed for me. Emilinks wardrobe, instant beauty!
    Day 15
    My doorstory

  85. Kelvin Odum Lisbon

    August 22, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Day 15
    Having wasted soo much money in cooking soups at least three times in a week, I wondered the reason why the soup I cook get sour in less than 24hours.
    I love my home made soup and can’t imagine not having any in my kitchen. So, I had to run to my neighbour who lives a flat away from mine. I complained to her and she laughed out loud. She told me how she experienced the same issue until she caught one of the neighbour’s kids stealing meats from her pot. “I never wanted to make an issue out of it, so I had to keep quiet about it” she said.
    “I had to take a drastic step. I had to change my door immediately.” I didn’t wait for her to say more, I thanked her and headed straight to the nearest emilinks shop. I got a new door for my kitchen and protected my food.
    This time around, “I am the only way through which anyone can enter my kitchen” I said when I open my kitchen and confirmed my soup was still in good condition after two day of making it.
    #Emilinks #MyDoorStory.

  86. die of envy

    August 22, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    poverty don kill una
    na cos of 10k all of you dey write these stories?

  87. Derby Eze

    August 22, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    I am a very unorganized person when it comes to my clothings and things of such and this is because my wardrobe is very small and I have alot of stuff that are in it,so me taking things out from it just makes everything unorganized.I remember two of my boyfriends calling the relationship off because of this my predicament. I have even lost some friends of mine. I looked for a remedy to this, but it was to no avail as I just accepted my predicament as being born to be very un-organized. This made me even scared of entering new relationships.
    Years after years passed with this predicament until this particular guy came into my life. He was my ideal man but i did not put my all into him afterall i was still going to be dumped when he found out about my un-organized nature. The relationship grew deeper and we became really fond of each other until I invited him to my apartment which I guess put him off.
    After two guys, my boyfriend came to my apartment with a beautiful wardrobe and some men to install it. I was wondering what he was up to. After installation of the wardrobe, he kissed me on my forehead and said” baby, Emilinks wardrobe is your remedy”. I was still confused. So my boyfriend helped me fold my clothes into the wardrobe. This wardrobe had various compactments for different clothings. I had space for my shoes, jeans, tops, blazers, etc. The wardrobe is just so silky, classy and distinct. With this wardrobe, I became more organized and my relationships lasted longer because I could now keep my clothes in different sections without having to disorganize them. Emilinks wardrobes are distinguished in the field!
    Day 15
    My doorstory

  88. Debrah

    August 22, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    A wardrobe is almost like a house as it provides storage\shelter for our clothings. Emilinks wardrobe provide your clothings with the best storage they can ask for and even add beauty and class to your room. Get Emilinks wardrobe! Get beauty and class!
    Day 15
    My doorstory

  89. Helen

    August 22, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    That Ahmed no 9 is a renowned thief and has been winning with different accounts. He is the same person that kept stealing my stories on facebook last week with two different accounts. I hope Bellanaija hasn’t paid him. Thief.

  90. Kehinde Onyemaechi

    August 22, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    #MyDoorStory #Emilinks #Day15
    Having a good kitchen door translates to wanting to live a better secured
    lifekitchen means where what will took to survive on a daily bases is kept, which
    must not be recklessly handled and if not having a standard door that mean
    my foods are not secure from all saute of domestic kinds which can
    contaminate them with poisonous drops either by body or touching them
    by there mouth. We all hard about Lassa fever, the cause and it effects, but
    within my habitat rats are many, But with a good door in my kitchen none of
    them were able to make there way into my kitchen,
    Moreover, have had some people saying rats chop some parts of either
    there Kitchen door or there wardrobe, that is they pinched holes on them which
    enable those rats to make there way in, in which they destroy either their documents or
    there food stuffs but thank God that i chosed the best door with great standard
    which has disallowed unwanted things from gaining access into my kitchen.
    Thanks goes to makers and sellers of standard doors.
    To people out there be it Friends or family if you know you don’t have well secure
    door either for your kitchen or your wardrobe i urged you to go for #Emilinks door
    they have it in different styles in which you people will surely get those you people
    will like to fixed either to kitchen or wardrobe.

  91. Ekperechukwu C.

    August 22, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    Please, am yet to receive instructions on how to redeem my price. Am a winner (No.6) on the day 12.
    Thanks in anticipation @bellanaija.

  92. Paul

    August 22, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    Day 15
    I grew up in a face me I face you apartment where the kitchen is not part of the main building. Cooking in the kitchen was always done by my mum or elder sister. The door of the kitchen was a plank that one will carry to slantly cover the entrance. On a particular day, it was my mum that was in the kitchen. After finishing cooking the pot of egusi soup. She place it on the floor while she was preparing amala, it was raining with heavy breeze. The breeze blew against the plank and it fell on our pot of egusi soup shattering every thing. My mum nearly cry cos there is no other alternative. We ended up drinking garri that night all because of our kitchen cover cos I cannot call it door. #Emilinks #MyDoorStory

  93. Ogochukwu

    August 23, 2016 at 12:37 am

    My clothes and books are safe thanks to Emilink wardrope doors. I don’t have to worry about termites, ants etc. When I was younger, termites ate up my school books and even some of my cloths. It was so embarrassing as my classmates will always be making fun of me. This was due to our bad wooden doors. There was nothing we could do about it but to change it. As we didn’t have much financial resources we had to manage the bad door. Me and my siblings worked hard to be the best in our respective classes. This paid off as we won cash prizes in our schools graduation and prize giving day. My parents decided to use the money to change our wooden wardrobe doors. Every moment we look at the door, it gives us encouragement. It symbolizes our hard work and commitment! It gives us pride. #Emilink #MyDoorStory #Day15

  94. Cosy Obiaga

    August 23, 2016 at 12:54 am

    I was still a young boy, precisely 7 by then, we were in our hometown. It was a normal cold Christmas season, we were supposed to be at our hometown because it has being tradition for people to travel back to their hometown during the festive season especially the Igbos. It was a cold Saturday as usual, I woke up earlier than everybody, I looked at the clock and I saw 6:30 am, I ignored it and rushed to the bathroom, I was really pressed, that should have being what woke me up because a normal me slept till 12 noon; what?! It’s Christmas for Christ’s sake, I’m entitled to a good sleep. I rushed the process at the toilet because I was actually dozing off on the toilet seat, the sleep had me very bad, and I needed more sleep. At last, I finished, I cleaned up but I couldn’t get out. I pushed the door fiercely but it just didn’t want to open, I tried harder and that was when sleep zoomed off my eyes because I just realised the door was jammed and I was stuck in the toilet while everybody was fast asleep without Harmmattan helping matters. I shouted and hit the door hard, I was now scared of the toilet I was in, I banged the door for like 30 minutes up to no avail. I cried helplessly until my uncle came around, he alerted my parents, they tried to open the door but they couldn’t. My uncle decided to break down the door, but before then, he warned to move away from the door, I was too nervous to listen and that was door came landing on my face with a thud. I fell to the ground with this door on top of my face, I couldn’t see anything but just a blank and black space filled with star until I finally slept off. I woke up to see that I was saved. Praise God.
    Fast forward to last Christmas, the same thing happened, but wait, why me? Again? This time I screamed but I suddenly stop but it was too late, everybody was alert this time, they were up with their tactics trying to open the door again, excuse me, this was a new door oh, apart from the first one that was brought down. They were still struggling with the door when I suddenly hit the door, I am a man, that was my prove but my uncle got the bitter end, the door hit him, I guess it was payback although mine was without a warning. Well, no serious injuries, he was fine. I told them it was high time they changed the door to a more suitable and original one, I told them about emilinks door and the testimony it had gained on social media. Emilinks are maker of wonderful, beautiful and strong doors, doors that can’t be affected by any weather condition.
    #emilinks #mydoorstory #day16

  95. Muhammad Adamu

    August 23, 2016 at 7:10 am

    My Good Wardrobe is my free style-sharing community hub.i mix the best ‘conscious’ fashion with services that prolong the life of my clothes. The antithesis of fast-fashion, my Good Wardrobe loves long-life style. My wadrobe always keep my clothes neat and fresh, without squeezing. #emilinks #mydoorstory #day15

  96. cynthia

    August 23, 2016 at 8:37 am

    #day 15 #bellanaija #emilinks #my doorstory
    I just returned from work that tuesday just around 6pm.i went straight to my kitchen to fetch food to eat. As I was eating, I felt a very sharp pain and tingling sensation in my leg. I looked down and it was a big scorpion.. I knew instantly that it had entered through the door. It’s an old house and the doors were extremely bad, the down part of the door eaten off by termite. I always close the door by stuffing some pieces of clothes in the open space in other to ensure it was tightly closed. I guess this scorpion managed to force its way into my home. But that doesn’t matter now, does it?. I tied myself and with the help of my neighbors I was taken to the hospital. My friend Chioma had told me about Emilinks door and how strong and durable it was. I quickly ordered for my Emilinks door. Since I installed Emilinks door there has not been any case of pest invasion. I sleep with both eyes closed knowing that Eliminks door is giving me the maximum protection I need.

  97. Elis

    August 23, 2016 at 9:16 am

    Day 15 #mydoorstory #Emilinks #bellanaija
    Last year, I visited my elder brother at Warri and I stayed for 2 weeks.
    One day, he hurriedly left for work only for him to call me an hour later that he had forgotten some of his documents. He asked me to bring for him from inside the Wardrobe where he kept them. immediately I entered his room, I was amazed at the beautiful door of the wardrobe. My brother had always had good taste.I opened the door to bring out his documents and saw that he also kept other valuables there. Inside the wardrobe was also superbly made of fine and strong materials. I immediately took the documents to his office and I complimented him on his wardrobe and most especially the door.Then he bragged on about the wardrobe . He told me he needed a wardrobe that can protect his clothes and also his valuables from damage and household pests and that was why he installed #Emilinks wardrobe. He said he had used that wardrobe for some years now and he had not any issues with dusty clothes or rats eating his documents.
    I was very impressed with this and I would definitely go for an #Emilinks door once I have my own apartment.

  98. uzor emmanuel ifeanyi

    August 23, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Professionally I am an architect. Door can be described as a building component which gives people access to enter and exit their house. I live in a three bedroom apartment, with toilet and shower ensuit. I have lived in this house for 4 years ,everything about the house is ok expect the wooden bathroom door which is damaging resulting from constant water pouring on it from the bathroom, thereby giving access to rats and insects into the house. I said to myself “I have only stayed here for two years, and I strongly believe that after five years from now this door would have completely damaged.
    I have no other option than to call the attention of the land lord, who on his arrival was surprised too about the damages done to the door by water, mostly on the down side of the door.
    Land lord: Mr. Emmanuel for how long have you been observing this problem?
    Me: sir I have stayed here for two years, but recently, I came to realize that the door is gradually dilapidating and damaging gradually.
    Land lord: you are an architect, I wish to know which brand of door you will advise me to buy that is reliable ,because the person I bought the previous doors guarantee me that the door will last, but now it has not stayed up to the guaranteed years, it has already start damaging.
    Me:sir I will advise you to buy emilinks doors, there are affordable and strong; emilinks doors are of best quality standard, reliable and aesthetically beautiful. emilinks is the door I have always advice my client to buy, because if the door is not emilinks door then it can never last long or withstand the test of time.
    Land lord: thank you Mr. Emmanuel, immediately I leave from here. I will place an order for emilinks doors which I will use to change all the doors in the building.
    Me:ok sir
    Three days later, fourteen doors were delivered to my compound, I was surprised because I did not have the knowledge that emilinks also engage in home deliveries. With this kind of service, I give kudos to emilinks doors because they are one door company that produces standard reliable and affordable doors which can withstand the test of time. All the bad doors in the building were removed and replaced with new emilinks doors, and I wish to say that up to this present day, I have never encounter any change or damage done on the door by water or any other factor. And I said to myself, if I am opportune to build my own house. I will use emilinks doors in the internal and exterior doors of the building .These make me believe that if a door is not elimax then that door cannot serve for long .if a door is not emilinks then it’s not a door.

  99. cobham peter

    August 26, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    just a regular friday afternoon,I’m sipping my coffee,trying to write the next scene of my book,my dad walks by and puts a kettle on the fire,I write that down”…. my dad…, puts a kettle ….on the fire,I ask myself how is that relevant to the plot of my book,I start pacing the room,I walk to my room ,open the door and it falls flat on top of me.
    I wake up;oh its just a dream,I get up from my bed heading to the bedroom door and wam..!!! It falls flat.,I rush to my dads room, get a nail and a hammer,I hit the problem; hammering till it becomes a solution,….A job well done;could almost pat myself on the back,that’s if I was “Goro in mortal kombat”.
    It was quite hot so I decide to take a nap in the living room,and suddenly I hear SRCEAMS;UP NEPA…!!!!,I jump up in joy and remember the deadline for my book is tomorrow and need to power up my laptop,I dash to my room and Wam..!!! I knock the off,…..
    UP NEPA..!!!!!….I jump excited and ask myself didn’t that just happen,I run excitedly to my room to finish my Article and power up my laptop,I halt suddenly and remember this is where I knock the bedroom door down in the dream;so I walk gently instead and grab the doorknob, and open the door gently smiling that it didn’t; Wam….!!!! The door falls down.

    I stare down @ the door for a couple seconds,I take a deep breath,pick the door up,lean it against the wall,I see flashes of flickering light in the living room,I remember a scene from;scary movie;as the black guy gets killed going to discover why the lights flickered,so I say to my self that’s why I’m black;”we don’t investigate,we run”..,NEPA seizes the lights…okay now I have to discover why those lights are still flickering,I peep into the living room,I see an Arrow point to exit the house,okay I exit the house,at the stares I see another Arrow pointing to exit the building,I do so,I see another Arrow pointing to exit the compound I do that,the I see an arrow pointing up”.I look up and there’s a Door in the sky,I levitate to the door,open it and a Bright light beamed at me,I hear a Commanding voice yell; Cut..!!!!,and the lights go off,the Boom mic is lowered,the Director tells me well done,the Continuity lady say;Director for the scene we no put hashtag Emilinks my doorstory on top of the Door..Director grumbles and says everyone back on set lights, camera, Action..!!!!

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