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Dr Abosede Adeyemi Lewu & Lanre Olusola discuss common problems parents face in this Age | WATCH on BN TV



On a new episode of Heart of the Matter, Life Coach Lanre Olusola sits with Dr Abosede Adeyemi Lewu who is the Founder of Girlsaide.

Dr Lewu draws from her experience dealing with teenage girls at Girlsaide to help address some common problems parents face in this age.

Watch it here:

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  1. Misse

    September 8, 2016 at 11:28 am

    I kept this link for days, so that I can find time to focus properly and watch this video. I must say a BIG thank you to Dr. Abosede Lewu and Mr. Lanre Olusola, this message was very insightful. Especially, now that I am going through a tough time raising my daughter not even as a biological parent but as a step-mom & yet to have a child of her own. I cry almost every night to sleep and sometimes with heavy heart and worries.
    Please can you discuss a topic on being a step-parent (not all step-parent are evil as people think)? I love my daughter with all my being but no matter how hard I try or stand by her she still see me as a wicked woman and always wishing her bad. She blames me for everything even if the decision comes from my husband. FYI: She is 9 years old and her mother is still in the picture.

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