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BN Beauty: Naptural85 shares Natural Hair Products WITHOUT Coconut Oil for those Allergic



Lifestyle & natural hair vlogger Whitney of Naptural85 on YouTube recently discovered that Coconut Oil no longer works for her hair ever since she got it chemically treated with hair dye. If your hair doesn’t like the almighty Coconut Oil, this video is a must watch for you. For someone who used Coconut Oil a lot in her hair care regimen, she has now replaced it with Sweet Almond Oil and Avocado Oil. Here’s what she said;

Answering the TOP question from my video where I stopped using Coconut Oil: what products are you using now!? I’ve been pretty busy lately, so these products are LITERALLY just what I’ve been able to grab quickly and locally, and use on my hair. Of course, I’m still pretty new at not using Coconut Oil in my natural hair, so this list will definitely be more streamlined later on, but for now, I just wanted to quickly answer your question and show you what I’ve been using! I hope it helps! Xo!! Nap

WOW… MANY of my OLD favorite products contained coconut oil… ?? So my next “Favorite Products Video” is sure to be COMPLETELY different… ? Anyways, check out the few that I could salvage, along with everything else listed within this video! XO!

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