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BN TV: Here’s a Quick Coconut Rice Recipe on #BukiesInstaRecipes by Bukie’s Kitchen Muse



Today on Bukie’s Kitchen Muse, she’s giving us something different with this quick, 1 minute recipe for Coconut rice. This new segment is called #BukiesInstaRecipes, here’s what she said;

Hey guys, so today I’m kicking off a new cooking series for Instagram called #BukiesInstaRecipes. A handful of my followers have, over time, asked for shorter, straight-to-the-point recipe videos mainly because of Internet bandwith challenges in Nigeria. Well, here we have it – shorter, straight-to-the-point videos for your viewing delight. I hope y’all like the 1st episode which is Coconut Rice. Feel free to share with family and friends. xoxo

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