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BN TV: Should You Talk About Your Marriage? Find Out on The Iyabeji Show with Precious Richard-Okon



In our society, speaking about your marriage is a near taboo… You need to stay and bear! Precious Richard-Okon aka Iyabeji has a different opinion this time and she gives some tips on this episode on speaking about your marriage.
one thing is certain, holding it all in isn’t always the best option, irrespective of what the world thinks! Here’s what she said;

Lots of times we often find ourselves as married women in the position where talking about our marriages seems like a big crime. It sometimes based on past experiences on how marriages have been crashed just by talking about it.

Find out on this episode if truly you should talk about your marriage especially when it’s necessary, and how to also go about it. Enjoy these four tips on this episode of “Should you talk about you Marriage?”

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  1. YaJ

    October 15, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Hi Iyabeji, I enjoyed watching your video and totally agree with you but I have friends who I’ve known for a long time who aren’t married and are always excited to hear you complain about your marriage. My question is, is it advisable to to talk to long term single friends about your marriage? PS. They are really good people but maybe not too happy that you’re married and they’re not.

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