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A large percentage of Nigerians seek medical attention in India and are often faced with difficulties in getting access to this medical care. Some of these difficulties include visa processing; finding highly-trained medical specialist and state-of-the-art hospitals that will provide solutions to their medical ailments. This difficulty in accessing top of the line medical care in India necessitated the launch of Callhealth Nigeria medical tourism services for patients in Nigeria seeking medical treatment in India.

At Callhealth Nigeria, we resolve these challenges faced in visiting India for care and ensure patients interested in getting medical treatment are given expert attention and care. Interested individuals seeking medical care are afforded cost-effective and high-quality international medical treatment and tourism in India with over 100 hospitals (including 40 specialties) and medical consultation, for treating severe ailments and conducting medical check-ups.

With affiliation to numerous reputable hospitals in India, we ensure prospective patients access high-quality, yet affordable and pocket-friendly medical care conveniently and hassle free. We also provide initial tests and diagnosis with a dedicated routine follow-up and e-consultation from our doctors.

Our services include collating and sending medical reports such as medical history, test reports, doctor referral notes and X-rays. We also help in selecting hospitals that meet our client’s financial capabilities, planning visa and travel arrangements and providing accommodation, shopping and sight-seeing for you and anyone accompanying you on your trip.

Callhealth Healthcare system has an excellent reputation internationally. It is integrated and healthcare technology company which enables everyone to access all healthcare services and products in India comfortably by building the world’s first integrated virtual and health mobility platform to bring “Everything about Health” to the doorstep of customers. Consulting a doctor, undergoing diagnostic tests, buying drugs and accessing medical treatment and services are accessed with ease.

Traveling to India for medical tourism affords patients the high level of medical care and technical advances offered by other Western countries. Just call our line available 24-hours for full assistance.

For more information contact 07046120702 and 07089652387 | Email – [email protected] | Website:


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