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WATCH Lupita Nyong’o & Director Mira Nair talk about the Disney Movie “Queen of Katwe”



Lupita Nyong'oDisney movie “Queen of Katwe” is such a positive and uplifting story about the life of Ugandan chess player Fiona that we can’t wait to watch it.

The cast and director of the film were recently in Africa as they moved from Uganda to Kenya and South Africa to hold premieres.

While in South Africa, Lupita Nyong’o and director Mira Nair spoke with SABC 3’s “Top Billing” on how they brought the film to life.

Watch below.


  1. NOT the dustbin of the world.

    October 18, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    This is what BN should have given the attention it gave Nate Parker.

    This promotes women, and AFRICANS, in AFRICA.

    Africa is not a dustbin for first the Caucasians, then the equally opportunistic pseudo-Caucasians who remember Africa and African descent when it suits them and all else has failed. How well is Nate’s movie doing? African leaders throughout history have welcomed all manner of despots, (being such themselves), tyrants, criminals, beasts with open arms and full honours, men with terrible reputations and of extremely questionable character; despised and snubbed everywhere else, they’d turn to African rulers/presidents/heads of state, to Africa, and be welcomed, and even worse, celebrated.

    There was a conviction in Nate’s rape case. He was present at the rape. He was involved. The lady killed herself. Did he ever try to make any restitution? Of any kind? at any time? before she died, to her? Or, after her death? to her parents, loved ones? to the school?

    Maybe this is what is missing, in all the ‘statements’, press releases, spin, etc. Maybe that’s the missing piece, the tone, that’s needed, the something’s-not-right (apart from the entire rape issue itself) feeling that hasn’t gone away when one reads or hears or listens or watches.

    Condemning him forever is not right. Just about everyone makes mistakes and does things they regret and wish they never had. But does he regret it, and does he regret it for te right, unselfish reasons? Expecting his life to stop because hers has, is also, certain conditions being met, not right. But, has he met those conditions?

    Africa is not a dustbin. Africa is not an “”anything goes””.

    Nigeria is NOT a dustbin. Nigeria is NOT an “”anything goes””.

    We have values. We have standards. We have self-respect. We have morals. We value our women. We value our men. We value human life.

    THIS is Africa.

    THIS is Nigeria.

    (whatever you may see and hear, even recently, contrary to this, is NOT Africa or Nigeria: Remember: empty barrels make the loudest noise. The real Africa, Africans, Nigeria, Nigerians are alive and well and kicking.)

  2. Elvis

    October 19, 2016 at 5:24 am

    I will be seeing this movie soon.

    but am dilly-dallying because I just feel the Trailer has given us the whole storyline already.

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