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BN TV: Fertility Awareness & How Infertility Affected my Marriage by Ruby Suze

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In this video Susan aka Ruby Suze on YouTube is sharing her experience with infertility and speaking openly about how it affected her marriage. She said;

I am continuing my campaign of breaking the silence concerning fertility and this time, I am sharing about how the journey affected my marriage.

My husband and I struggled to make sure that we were on the same page because we our fertility issues put pressure on us financially and emotionally.

I hope that by sharing my story, it would help someone else out there to feel encouraged to keep showing love to their husband or wife despite the pressures infertility brings. You started this journey together, don’t end it further apart than you started off.

If you need extra support, please go to: An incredible organisation who supports women struggling with infertility, miscarriage and baby loss.

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