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And the Winner for Day 8 of the #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway is…



Yay! BellaNaijarians, we have been loving all your entries so far.
We go love o!

The #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway from Union Bank and BellaNaija kicked off days ago as we are giving TEN people N100,000 each (one person per day) for Ten Days.

Want to be a part of it? You can still put in your entry for Day Nine today (click here for more information) and be on the lookout for the last day tomorrow.

Day 8 was all about love in weird places and we got really interesting entries across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in the BellaNaija comment section. We even got some interesting and creative videos entries/voice over narrations.

It was tough to select one winner but with a team of judges, we have selected ONE winner for Day Eight.

Watch the winning entry from Temini Adebowale Teluwo (entry on Instagram) below.

Watch her creative entry and read the story below.

Story behind the video 100 Ways to find love in the weirdest places! So I was in a meeting and suddenly felt a very strong urge to pee. Ran to the nearest ladies rest room, but it was full. Decided to try the men’s rest room but it was also occupied as well. Desperate, I ran round the building but couldn’t find any rest room. Almost unable to hold it in, I saw a car parked by the building, and I quickly got behind it and let myself go. At that moment I heard a man’s voice over me. He was the owner of the car! How I wished the ground would open up and swallow me! He was however very understanding and even offered me water to clean up. Later on, he gave me a lift home and asked for my phone number. To my surprise, he called me the next day….and we’ve been together ever since! #UnionBank100BellaNaija #100WaysToFindLoveInTheWeirdestPlaces #Day8 @bellanaijaonline @unionbankng

A post shared by Temini Adebowale Teluwo (@temini.adebowale.teluwo) on

Story behind the video

100 Ways to find love in the weirdest places!

So I was in a meeting and suddenly felt a very strong urge to pee. Ran to the nearest ladies rest room, but it was full. Decided to try the men’s rest room but it was also occupied as well.

Desperate, I ran round the building but couldn’t find any rest room. Almost unable to hold it in, I saw a car parked by the building, and I quickly got behind it and let myself go. At that moment I heard a man’s voice over me. He was the owner of the car! How I wished the ground would open up and swallow me!

He was however very understanding and even offered me water to clean up. Later on, he gave me a lift home and asked for my phone number. To my surprise, he called me the next day….and we’ve been together ever since!
#UnionBank100BellaNaija#100WaysToFindLoveInTheWeirdestPlaces #Day8


Congratulations and we’ll be in touch!
If you didn’t win, do not be discouraged, keep your entries coming!


Please note that entries on Social Media made under OUR post will be disqualified. To make your entry valid, simply publish on YOUR Social media page using the #UnionBank100BellaNaija hashtag.


  1. "changing moniker"

    February 23, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    I like this story!!!

  2. kesiena

    February 23, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    At first i read the story and was like “typical”
    Then i watched the video and smiled. It was very creative.
    Welldone and congrats

  3. Teminioluwa Adebowale-Teluwo

    February 23, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    OMG!!!! I just fainted a million times!!! I can’t believe I won!!! Oh…thank you so much Bellanaija. It took me all of nine hours to create the video. I’m so so happy!

    • tunmi

      February 23, 2017 at 8:02 pm

      good job

    • Nv

      February 23, 2017 at 8:15 pm


  4. Yetunde

    February 23, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Superb! Very creative!

  5. Mz Titilitious

    February 23, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    wow! i so much love the video! creativity at it finest!

  6. Mercy Amos

    February 23, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Really Awesome…. Congratulations mahn!

  7. Mercy Amos

    February 23, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Quite creative….the video indeed deserves winning

  8. Chychy

    February 23, 2017 at 6:03 pm


    It’s Hard to say Goodbye, Rose…

    When I think about my Rose, I picture her on our wedding day. I will never forget the way her amber eyes glistened through the lacework of her veil like the sun piercing through puffy white clouds. How her thick, ebony hair fell in waves against her frosted gown and was as dauntless as her character and as dominant as the night’s sky. My hands were damp from nervous sweat. My knees were untrustworthy. I gazed into the fire of her eyes through prisms of joyful tears. We kissed and promised to love each other until death. Our lips parted, although they desired to embrace forever. I reached over to a vase that was placed on the altar and came out with a symbol of my love….

    ….. “A rose, for my most beautiful Rose. Know that you will always be my life.” I gave her a gentle peck on the cheek and handed her the red flower.
    “Forever & always,” She said, and kissed me again, on the lips.

    It’s the only kiss I think of since she left me. After four amazing years, she left me. I’ll never be able to tell her I love her again. I know I can’t … and yet I refuse to believe it. I know she’ll never answer my call or respond to a letter. She’s gone now for good. It breaks my heart to think she is all alone and cold, with no one to hold her hand in the dark, or kiss her goodnight. God, I loved her.

    Her leaving has torn a black, ugly hole in my soul that only she was capable of filling. I’m at a loss of purpose; living—surviving—without my Rose has destroyed me. What’s the point? Not a day goes by where I don’t feel sick inside. Thinking about it strangles my heart a little more every day. I can feel the life being wrung out of me like a worn out rag, but I can’t help it. I need to think about it, because if I don’t then that means I’m forgetting about my Rose.

    We had something more than chemistry, more than passion and friendship. But how could I explain it, without diminishing the true mystery of our love? We understood each other and accepted the good along with the bad. We loved each other despite our faults, and saw mostly our perfections.

    The last time I saw her, she stormed out in anger and slammed the door in my face. That day will forever haunt me. My soul was crushed. Losing her has evaporated my spirit. I wish I could have at least said goodbye. But no, all because of an argument we had and I can’t even remember what it was about. I blame myself for letting her get in that car while being so distraught. I should have known it was a cause for disaster.

    The guilt will never go away. Without her I am nothing. She completed me in so many ways, and now I just feel out of place. Without my Rose here, the whole world seems darker. What’s the meaning of living if I can’t have her?
    Please, God, I want her back!

    So many times have I prayed to God to bring her back to me, but I know it’s too late. Our vows were broken by her death. But I’ll always love her.

    I kneel beside the collection of roses I’ve brought every day for the past year. Some pink like her tender lips, some white like her soul, others yellow like her golden eyes that so captivated me, but most are red like her heart that once belonged to me. I can only hope that even after death, I’m still its keeper. Her gravestone says she was an incredible wife, but those words can only scratch the surface of what she meant to me.

    I’m so sorry, Rose and I love you. I always will. Don’t worry. I’ll be back tomorrow to keep you company.
    Goodbye, Rose.


  9. Ganobi Obinna Daniel

    February 23, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Day 9
    100 ways to find love…. When not looking for love.

    After a terrible heartbreak in 2011, I vowed to never dabble into love again. That sole decision affected my relationship with girls but had a huge positive impact on my academics as well. Whatever girl I met, I already had the impression that it will be like my last relationship and am not ready to go through such dilemma again.

    I resumed school after my industrial training, ahead of me is my industrial training defense, seminar presentation, plant design, project and my course work, so I have little or no time to give to anyone in the name of been in a relationship, I always occupy myself with one activity or the other. Adding to my academic workload, I won the president of Nigerian Society of Engineers, as such, I will be going for many conferences and presenting technical papers in most of the conferences. This also tightened my schedule.

    One fateful Sunday afternoon, I entered school to read, so I decided to make use of Anatomy classroom. From school back gate down to BCH/Anatomy/Medicine block, I didn’t meet anybody, the environment was really very calm. So I entered one of the class room, sighted one pretty girl sitting at the corner of the class reading. Inside of me I was like wow! She must be a very serious student. But I concentrated on my studies and even around 6pm when I was ready to go, she was still there reading, so I walked up to her with no particular intention, it was as if some forces behind my control propelled me into action.. .. “Madam Jacobia, is getting dark o, or will u sleep here? She smiled and responded I will soon be leaving.

    I left for my hostel, walking down with mixed feelings, without thinking or asking to know her or even collecting her number. Already I have told myself, “No date till you’re ready to marry”. Days later, I went to Library with a friend of mine to write an assignment. On getting to our normal corner, I was nearly shocked to a freeze as I cast my eyes on her again reading…. I was like “Nne, you again? You no dey tire? Your head go burst o….” She started laughing and my friend hopped into the discussion, smiling through his gap teeth, talking like someone already charmed, “that’s how they use to read…. All these micro biology students……” I intercepted, wishing to stamp my authority and to diminish any attention my friend has gotten, “No wonder she is always burying herself in the pages of unnatractive papers”. In my school micro biology is synonymous to a dead trap. You must be up and doing less you may not even have a pass degree not to talk of third class honors.

    We continued with our assignment, after some hours she answered a call that required her to come down to Anglican canteen for a brief meeting. So she asked me to look after her books, I quickly informed her that I might leave before she gets back, hence its better to have her number so when am about leaving, I will contact her. So she dropped her number and left. My guy was already interested and begging to have the number “oboy ooo, this girl set o….” We laughed and I reluctantly gave him her number so he can try his luck. When we finished our assignment, I called her but she wasn’t picking her call. So I packed her books along side mine and left. After some time she called back apologizing that her phone was on silent. But by then i have left for my Lodge, so she has no option than to come over to my place for her books. When she came, I offered her a sit and satchete water and a brief discussion ensued, that was even when I got to know her name was Adaeze. We talked for like 30mins and I saw her off, wanted paying for bike, she refused so we started dragging who will pay the bike man, after much pressure she yielded and I paid the bike man to take her to her Lodge.

    On getting home she called to appreciate my kind gesture and already am getting excited at the whole thing. That day hence, I started checking on her, we chat, and atimes after the activities of the day we will just stay at faculty sit out to gist. After some weeks of turning down a date, she accepted and we left school to Oguta Lake for a date. We had a nice time, we entered speed boat and went round the lake. It was really a lovely day. And that day signed off our relationship as she accepted to date me. Our relationship grew stronger and stronger that even after my graduation, I will have to look for excuse to go to school and most times will have to sleep over in my cousins place just for us to have enough time together. Today am happy I found love when I least expected it, when I have already told my self that there ‘s nothing like love. We did our traditional wedding last December and we are planning for our wedding come Easter. It got me thinking that one is ready to love when you don’t need to.

  10. Ope Adediran

    February 23, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    100 ways to find love… When not looking for love.

    Growing up I suffered a lot of rejection from people, due to my frail nature and appearance. Just like the legendary ugly duckling. Sometimes, the rejection even came from close family members and associates. Many times I almost lost the will to keep on living, due to the resounding rejection I encountered from time to time; at school, at work, at play etc. If not for my mother’s undying steadfastness, encouragement and believe, maybe I would have given up on life and love itself long ago.

    Nevertheless, I persevered by spending a lot of time reading the books that my Mum often bought for me right from my primary school days. Such that I became an ardent reader of books of diverse genres, and books above my age range. Thereby unknowingly acquiring information that would later become invaluable for me later in life. Afterall, books and learning never rejected anyone.

    All through my time in senior secondary school and university I never had any relationship or girlfriend. I was too scared to take such a risk because of accumulated past experiences of rejection. All the same, I tried to be friendly and made some friends and acquaintances. Somehow, from my relatively small circle of friends and acquaintances I gained some acclaim and became somewhat popular because those who were close to me usually described me as “one whom there can never be a dull moment with” to other classmates and university mates. I owe this in part to my ability to hold informed and interesting conversations with most people on almost any subject of interest to them, due to my investment in reading in my formative years.

    Regardless of my reputation, I still didn’t have any romantic relationship due to fear of rejection. After graduation, I went for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme, for which I was posted to Osun state. My place of primary assignment was a private farm, and I met some corpers there from an earlier batch. One of those corpers was an Igbo lady named Ngozi. At that time I had already jettisoned thoughts of anything romantic, but somehow I and Ngozi developed a mutual interest in each other. As days went by we started to get closer, exchange text messages with each other, and grow fond of each other amidst the other youth corpers in the same area. I began to nurse the thought of getting married to Ngozi after NYSC, all things being equal. Not knowing what fate had in store for us.

    Naturally because Ngozi commenced NYSC before me, she completed it like six months before I did. Luckily for me, or so I thought she was offered permanent employment in the farm where we served. It increased my hope that we would still continue to see each other as ‘we’ solidified our romance. But first she had to visit her parents who lived in Eastern Nigeria to tell them she had completed NYSC and also of the job offer.

    Ironically, that was the last I would see of Ngozi and hear from her. She never came back and her phone number never went through again. I later learned from third parties who somehow heard about what transpired, that the vehicle she was traveling home in was robbed on the highway and her phone was among the items forcibly stolen. I also learned that her father didn’t permit her to take the job she was offered. To make things worse Ngozi wasn’t into social media and didn’t have any social media presence. However, I continue to believe that she is safe and fine, and one day maybe we will meet again.


  11. Omolere Opeyemi

    February 23, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    100 ways to find love… when not looking for love.
    There I was dragging my tired self across the streets of Lagos after another exhaustive search for a job. I had submitted my C.V at almost every company in Ikeja and Maryland, and the replies were not encouraging. Victoria Island had been my focus for the day. Getting a job was proving more difficult than I imagined and as a biochemist armed with a second class upper and fresh from service, a job from where the big dough would start rolling in was my topmost priority, but things were not going as planned. Just that morning, two of my friends had called to tell me about the employment letter they received and though did not disclose the pay, they said enough to make me start counting the zeros. I set out that morning with renewed vigor borne out of desperation that drained away slowly in trickles. Three companies turned me down flat and one managing director even told me his desk was too cramped to have to take a resume he was not going to look at, of course he added that he was not been harsh but did not wish to promote a ‘’hopeless hope’’.
    I took a BRT bus to Oshodi and was on the lookout for a bus heading for Ojota so I could throw my tired hungry body on a bed and fall into a dreamless sleep but it like the fates were not done tormenting me for the day, it began to rain , not the slow sweet drizzle you could contain with a shower cap but hard fast torrents that felt to be like prickles from a blunt needle, my concern was not for my clothes or my leather shoes with thinning soles but for my certificate I was yet to put to use.
    As I scoured for the nearest building to take refuge, a car slowed down beside me and as the windows were rolled down, there he was, his arms around the steering , ‘’why don’t you come in , you’re shivering and there’s no telling when the rain would stop’’. Naturally I was wary about hitching rides but then I was having a bad day already, surely things could not get worse.
    Once in the car I brought out my C.V to make sure it had not been damaged by rain. He smiled slowly when he saw it. ‘’Job hunting now are you? Recently I was in your position, hopefully soon you’ll be in mine’’. He drove us to a fancy restaurant, not just for the food, but ordered me a hot cup of coffee, then drove me home, gave me an umbrella at the gate and said he would return for it.
    And that was how I found my true love and the man that became my husband. Oh I did find a job also and life can literally not get any better.

  12. Trice

    February 24, 2017 at 8:23 am


    Day 9
    100 ways to find love… When not looking

    If this was love, then I’m definitely not interested. That was what was going through my mind as he denied me yet again.

    At 15 many would say I was too young to worry about love and relationships. Maybe I am but the deed has been done.

    I felt tears welling up in my eyes as he said it again.
    “She’s not my girlfriend “, he shouted.” We’re just family friends”.

    That laid the foundation to the walls around my heart. I wish he would look at me. He didn’t. He was looking at her. He was talking to her. I tried to to hold back the tears but a choked sound escaped my lips and that alerted them to my presence.

    His eyes widened in fear as he looked at me and I knew the message he was trying to convey. He wanted me to believe that he was protecting me. He was protecting me from her but who would protect me from him.

    I turned away. I ran. I ran away from ‘love’.

    Years later and I receive a Facebook message.

    “Hey. Happy birthday ”
    I rarely went on Facebook and chatting was virtually impossible so I would like to believe it was fate that led me online and also made me reply.
    I recognized him as an old school mate from what. He had been two years ahead of me so it was surprising that he was texting me.

    That was how it started. He told me he had been attracted to me from our secondary school days. It was hard to believe because I felt like we were on opposite sides of the social spectrum. I was nervous and scared of disappointing him. I didn’t consider us being together a possibility but I didn’t want to seem like some boring girl.

    We met up about a month after we started talking and it was awkward.
    He kept staring at me and I kept turning away. I didn’t know what to say it was different when he was sitting in front of me and smiling like that.

    “My parents are getting divorced “, I told him one day as we were talking.

    I remembered days when they were happy. Is it really possible to be happy for that long? Everybody cheats now. Giving love is synonymous to giving your heart out to be broken. I wouldn’t take the risk.

    That’s what I believed but I still caught myself smiling every time I received a text from him.

    We became best friends but I was scared that I would ruin it if we became anything more so I didn’t want that. So nothing became official until about two years later.

    I was booked for an appendicitis surgery. He lived a state away but we still saw each other frequently but at that point I didn’t think it necessary for him to know. It was supposed to be the day after my birthday but somehow it ended up being on my birthday. My sister called him but I wasn’t aware at the time.

    When the anesthetics wore off and I woke up, then I saw him.
    “That cake isn’t chocolate is it? “, I pleaded. “Please say it isn’t”.

    “It isn’t “, he replied.

    ” Are you serious? ”

    ” No”

    He had gotten my favorite type of cake which I had to watch him eat because I couldn’t. That felt even worse.

    “You didn’t have to come “, I told him.

    ” Wouldn’t you do the same for me? “.

    I would I knew without a doubt and so did he from the smile he gave me. Nothing had to be said. Everything just clicked into place.

    “… You were a bird that couldn’t fly. I wanted to give you your wings”, he had told me on our wedding day as we exchanged vows about five years later.

    That might seem too long but it was fated. I knew that there was no one else for me.

    Next came years of smiling so much that my cheeks hurt. It was so… Perfect. I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Can love really be this good?

    Sitting here today watching my husband I wonder if I should have kept my heart locked.

    Valentines day last year was the day he went into a coma. He went out with our son. He said they had a surprise for me. I never got it. So for over a year I haven’t heard my husband talk. I haven’t seen him smile. He hasn’t seen our son. Our boy survived. A miracle. I try everyday to care for him but waking up every morning and not seeing any change in my husband makes me die a little more inside.

    They think I should let him go but I can’t. He gave me love. He gave me wings. I have to give him wings now.


  13. Dammy's queen

    February 24, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Creative, very brief and deep. congrats winner!!!

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