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Lota Ofodile: Dear Nigerians, Here’s Another Way To Protest




DISCLAIMER: This suggestion might apply to only a few people, which might seem insignificant, but I really think it can be effective if put into action.

If you’re reading this I imagine you’re as concerned as many of us are about the state (or lack of it) of our dear country, Nigeria, as we should all be. #EnoughIsReallyEnough
What makes it even more difficult to accept is the fact that we have, literally all, the resources we need—human, natural, and financial—to fix Nigeria. And before you say there is no money in Nigeria, just think about the billions that have already been embezzled (that we know of), then the amounts we haven’t and probably will never get to hear about; then the fact that there is still much more to be stolen. Yet, somehow we are in a recession.

It really saddens me whenever I think about how terrible things are, especially because it’s been the same ol’ story for too long. Each time I hear the news about something some silly politician(s) did or neglected to do, I get so upset. It is particularly more upsetting because for whatever reason, the people who currently run the country are the same people that have been in power for at least ten, twenty years; for some, almost fifty! Literally.

At this point, I should first of all commend everyone behind the #IStandWithNigeria protests, even those abroad. If you came out to protest, then you did a very brave thing; well done and thank you. That said, and with Nigeria being what it is, I would be, first, more than shocked if the government actually responds to our cries accordingly, then, I would be overjoyed that Nigeria will finally get better.

I think we can all agree that one of the major issues with our current government is the lack of accountability—nobody to hold them responsible for their incompetence.

So here’s my suggestion: we NEED to start calling these public officials out, directly or indirectly; whichever is more comfortable for you.

While these protests are admirable, and hopefully something positive comes out of them, I can’t help but think that there has to be a more effective way of getting to our leaders. I’m looking at photos and videos of some Nigerians at the protest who are lending their voices against our corrupt politicians, but then I would immediately recall seeing photos and videos of said politicians at the weddings, parties and even the homes of some of these same people protesting, and it just makes me wonder: Who Protest Don Epp?

Before you say anything, please hear me out. My reasoning for this solution is as follows: Call outs tend to be more effective when they come from someone close to you, or someone you know personally.

So guys, please, if you personally know any of these politicians:
• Call them out. Let them know that they need to sit up and stop making a fool of Nigerians
• Refuse their lavish gifts and handouts at your events
• Don’t wine and dine them,
and so on. I think you get the point.

Again, this is not to undermine the aim and efforts of the #IStandWithNigeria protests. This is merely an alternative solution applicable to certain people, because I think we all know that people tend to listen, or at least care more, when the criticism is coming from a place close to home. In other words, “I only care about what you’re saying if I care about you”.

Please, let us do whatever we can to fix our nation, and I pray and hope that nobody gets hurt or killed in the process. God help us all.


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Lota Ofodile is a writer and blogger who enjoys having great conversations, listening to, and challenging different opinions. Her family and friends mean the world to her, and she believes that love is the greatest gift of all. She is a self-acclaimed Nollywood connoisseur, and a lover of God, food, and everything pink! She is passionate about healthcare and entertainment media, and is in pursuit of a career that merges both fields.


  1. Nahum

    February 7, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Naija are always too quick to put their hands on people. How can the mother chastise the child when her friend gave her child a backhand slap, BACKHAND!!!! The child can’t be punished twice. Children get over excited and they like to show off in front of adults, this child was not being malicious, he just got carried away with his games. Homegirl should have controlled herself, draw his mom’s attention to the misdeed and let her caution him. No child deserves a backhand slap, that is excessive. Now the stupid chick wants mom to support her, girl I will kill you first for backhanding my child!!!! You crase???? Born pickin na, make I backhand him and then tell me how it feels.

  2. Idomagirl

    February 7, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    “Call them out”…on Twitter or Facebook or you’ll go to their house and confront them?
    No disrespect but that’s kind of naive…
    Nigerian politicians don’t have shame & our institutions are dead…
    Call out till tomorrow sorry…

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