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Here’s How to Make Beef Puree for Babies by Mummy’s Yum on BN Cuisine

Mummy's Yum



Adding beef to your baby’s food is simple… Just puree it so that they can enjoy the nutritional benefits comprising of protein, iron and other vitamins. You can add this beef puree to your baby’s rice, beans, okro soup, apple puree and the rest. Watch how I prepare it below.

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  1. Aibee

    March 22, 2017 at 5:46 am

    I make beef puree for my baby too! I boil the beef normally, cool and blend with the stock. I use a cup blender and blend till its a bit strandy. My baby is 15months now so I want him to still have the chewing sensation. We use the beef (and chicken puree too) in his soup,yam/plantain/potato pottage, noodles, pasta etc.

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