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Ibrahim Magu Demands N5bn Compensation from Sun Newspaper over “libellous imputations and statements”



Ibrahim Magu

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, on Thursday wrote a letter to the publisher of Sun Newspaper, seeking a N5 billion compensation over “libellous imputations and statements” made against him in a story published in the March 25, 2017 edition of Saturday Sun.

EFCC sspokesman Wilson Uwajaren, in a statement on Thursday, said that the paper quoted unidentified sources.

He added that the writers of the report alleged that Magu owned two mansions on different streets in highbrow Maitama area of Abuja which Magu immediately stated was false.

“This is a case which they could not substantiate, and which in fact was false, and nothing but the figments of their imaginations,” he said.

He added that Magu wants the publishers to issue a public apology and immediate retraction of these false statements within the next seven days in addition to the demand for N5 billion compensation. He added that the apology must also be published on the front page of the newspaper.

The publication was captioned “Magu Under Fresh Probe over 2 Abuja Mansions”.

The spokesman said that Magu’s solicitor, Wahab Shittu, noted in the letter, that the authors of the story, Fred Itua, James Ojo and Lawrene Enyoghasu “wilfully and maliciously made false, destructive, and defamatory statements” against him.



    March 31, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Shameless man…yeye dey smell


    March 31, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    Ibrahim Magu should not continue as the acting chairman of EFCC after his failed Senate confirmation period. President Ibrahim Buhari should nominate another candidate for that position. Magu is a certified idiot and a bloody thief. Has he ever heard of instituting a lawsuit and waiting for the outcome of that lawsuit ( Win or Lose ) before demanding money =N= 5 Billion naira from the publishers of the SUN Newspapers? Publishers of the SUN Newspapers should take fire the first shot by suing him for extortion. He has no business demanding =N= 5 Billion Naira from the publishers of the SUN Newspapers period. Because there is no such judgment in his favor from any Courts in Nigeria. Is Ibrahim Magu crazy? or is he EFCC drunk? Magu should be investigated for such uncivilized behavior. Is this the man President Buhari has nominated as the chairman of EFCC?. This type of behavior has brought about a legitimate question about Ibrahim Magu himself. What is the difference between Ibrahim Magu and 419 practitioners in Nigeria? Your guess is as good as mine.

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