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Uju Stevens: Use Your Craft to Change Society



Times have changed. Apparently, chivalry, innovation, substance and values have passed away with time too. I thought that things are meant to get better with time? Why is the reverse the case for this generation? We wonder why there were less broken homes in the era of our parents and grand parents, we cant phantom why they had lesser suicide rates than we do. Is it remotely possible that they didn’t have problems? These are questions in my head begging for answers.

I don’t understand why bad news gets so much attention and good news doesn’t, half cad pictures get more likes than reasonable articles like this one. We must be doing something wrong that we need to correct. If things are this bad in my generation, what will happen when my grand babies walk the face of the earth and I am almost forgotten? I shudder to think about it.

But then, why won’t our generation go daft, when we are exposed to almost useless information? They say that you are what you listen to; you are also what you eat. If all this generation feeds on is junk, why complain of malnourishment?

Today, I spent half of my day in Lagos traffic and my stereo kept me company through the wait. I was hooked to Naija FM and the DJ was on fire with old school jams. Songs like for instance by Tuface, Believe by J Martins, originality by Faze amongst several others.

While I enjoyed these jams from way back, I wondered what happened to the beautiful inspiration behind music. Is it possible that we have emptied the barrels of music and can only produce noise? What happened?

Why are musicians singing about bums and backsides and are bagging awards? Why are musicians instigating unnecessary social competition and our youth are looking up to them? Why are musicians telling our young ones about money in their accounts without teaching them to bring their A game?

Why are musicians starting social media campaigns and forming unreasonable gangs instead of teaching them to dedicate them selves to hard work?

Music is a universal language we all speak, it is a talent that is God given. I think that talents should be used to make the world a better place. Let your lyrics speak life. Allow your lyrics inspire us to want more out of life. Use your lyrics to start a positive movement. Learn from people like Bob Marley, Fela kuti amongst a whole host of others.

What do you think will happen if you were in a bad mood and stumbled on “Believe” (If you believe, you go defeat, stand up to your feet and say not to your defeat), imagine that you were contemplating losing your virginity and you stumbled on “if love is a crime”(there’s been a lot of toasting… I can’t believe she’s still a virgin, she’s been keeping herself…).

Just imagine.

I choose to believe that substance and innovation is not overrated.
Even though it appears we are late bloomers, we can make a difference if we still want to.
I know that there are a lot of social media influencers who can still make a difference. Use your prowess and change our society. Teach us values that will stand the test of time. We need us to make a difference. It’s not to late to try.

I rest my case.

This article is neither a shade or shout out to anyone. This is me , saying it exactly as I see it.

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Uju is a writer, freelance blogger and content developer. She is passionate about helping you become the best of you.She also loves to write, sing, hang out and meditate. She currently blogs via Reach out to me on [email protected] for content and articles. Join me on Facebook Nwokedi Chinny Uju. She blogs HERE.


  1. Ab

    March 29, 2017 at 1:11 am

    Well said and written Uju! truth is most people in our generation are out for Instant fame and money and so openly and confidently using their craft to change their environment or even society takes a back seat- I guess for the fear of ‘ooops, I might be alone on this, I might as well stick to the status quo and get my money and fame! Our generation want it fast and quick period! Our generation cannot handle criticism (constructive), period! Our generation love attention, we have been sold on it , d media has manipulated, twisted & made us believe that all we need to remain relevant is to do as others do, forgot the good stuff and just get people to love you which equals fame & money …extreme thirst for fame & money cannot satiate the need for the change in society that we so desire because those 2 derail one’s thinking & moral compass most times!

  2. inquizimedia

    March 29, 2017 at 2:40 am

    Good one Uj! Will be nice if we can learn to shut out external inspiration (artists, etc) sometimes and just rely on putting our all into actualizing those things we have learned to do well.

  3. Nnomsie

    March 29, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Exactly what has been on my mind of late….My lil cousin of about 8 was the one who told me about a song that goes “Shake your bum bum” by D-banj as one of her favourite songs. .thought DSTV had this parental control feature because my dad scanned everything we watched and listened to those days. She is always watching MTV Base while the elder one in JSS 2 changes the station whenever I walk into the sitting room at night. I barely listen to secular music except Timi, Waje, I’m so selective because I know the effect of Music on my Spirit and Mind. Raising kids in this generation no be beans… sleep at night is war for my son(18 months)..How na, when he can watch Cbeebies, Mickey Mouse & Barney till 12 midnight so I’ve decided to start with black-out at 9pm.
    Beautiful Article….Indeed I hope everyone uses their craft to change society and we will be in a better place

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