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234Finance: How to Stay Up-to-Date with Startup Trends



As a small business owner, CEO, or an entrepreneur, you need to be current on startup trends to stay ahead of your competitor. Knowing the latest events in your industry can help you prepare for new demographics or build a new product that matches your prospective customer’s needs. Here’s how to stay updated with the latest startup trends in your industry.

Stay current on global news
A lot of news breaks every minute in our world. From trivial celebrity scandals, to political bombshells, to the story of a new company going public. If you’re not aware of what’s going in the world around you, you’ll remain in the dark, and miss out on many startup trends. Snapchat, for example, has gone public; this was unfolded recently on a global news media, CNN. The global media is a jack-of-all-trades, literally. It breaks different news, including business stories to track startup trends. Therefore, stay up to date with global news. You’ll be abreast of many things going on, including events in the startup world.

Read industry stories
You also need to be specific. While the global news is generic, specific industry news is particularly centered on the exact topic you need. As someone who wants to stay up to the minute on startup trends, all you need to do is choose top websites or blogs in your industry. Of course, your choice of websites will be in the niches of business and entrepreneurship, since you’re looking to stay informed on startup trends. Consider selecting the sites of the top influencers in your industry. Their expertise will keep you more informed about everything happening in the startup world.

Interact with your customers in real life
Meeting with your customers in real life is important. First, you’ll get to know them in person which makes them relate with you even better. Next, you’ll get their feedback in real life which will make you understand them more, and in turn they’ll know you, like you, and trust you even more. The physical connection you build with them overtime will help you know their pain points and desires – all of these are important factors for creating newer startup trends.

Listen in while socializing with family and friends
In those merry conversations between family and friends, you can chase a new startup trend. For one, understand that your nephew might be part of your prospect. They might see the world through the same lens as your existing customer.
Secondly, your friend might just show you the latest gadgets in the tech world. In fact, they can even tell you about its specifications, pros and cons.

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  1. Busy Lagos

    April 7, 2017 at 5:37 am

    Hello Bellanaijarians!

    I wish Bellanaija has a job board but they don’t (BN: New category idea) so I’m using this comment section to find suitable candidates for my startup. Why am I posting a job here? Because my startup is centered around African fashion and let’s face it, BN is the premier site for African fashion news and tips. I have a fashion startup that I have been working on since June 2016 and I’m ready to bring on my first hire! It will be more in a freelance capacity to start and we can reassess transitioning into full-time role 3 months after start date.

    So the job responsibilities and desired skillset: I’m basically looking to hire 1-2 rockstars! I’m looking for someone who will be able to manage my social media channels, work on administrative tasks, go on sourcing and buying trips (fancy way of saying going to the market to buy fabrics) and create compelling content for social media and my website (i.e. blog posts, graphics, product descriptions, etc.). Experience with Photoshop, graphic design and proficiency in Windows and Mac is a big plus. I’m looking for a self-starter, someone with excellent writing skills who pays great attention to details. Knowledge of the fashion industry is also a big plus. If this role sounds like something you’re interested in and you’re based in LAGOS, please shoot me an email with your CV/resume at [email protected]. Serious inquiries only. Thank you ☺

  2. kay

    April 7, 2017 at 10:55 am

    All dis tasks for just 2 luck finding such

    • Busy Lagos

      April 7, 2017 at 1:06 pm

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m confident I will find someone or 2. It’s a startup and traditionally roles and responsibilities during the early stages of a startup are normally shared between the founders (normally before they make their first hire). I have been performing all the roles mentioned above by MYSELF so I know it’s doable. The selected candidates are not going to be performing this role day-in; day out. Buying trips are once every two weeks, blog posts like 3-4 a month, Graphics like 5-7 a month. Of course social media posting is everyday: how long does it take you to post to IG, Twitter and Facebook, etc?

      I know there is talent in Nigeria, sadly I’ve come to notice that the work ethic is not as high as the US so I’m not surprised by the comment you left. That’s story for another day. Please Google employees of ex-startups like Google, Facebook, et al and see how much their early stock is now worth.

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