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BN TV: Uwanma Lists Out “5 Damaging Relationship Myths” in her Latest VLog



OAP Uwanma Odefa is out with a new Vlog where she shares her thoughts on love, life and everything in between, and this time she is listing out the 5 Damaging Relationship Myths.

She says:

We often go into relationships and marriages with preconceived notions that we’ve picked up about how things should be. Some of these prove to be more harmful than beneficial to the relationship. As humans are different, so also would our interactions with others be different. This means that it is best to be flexible and deal with each relationship and person as unique. Apply common sense (which is often not so common), your personal ethics, integrity, values and self-respect. Above all, ensure you are happy in your relationship with whatever decision you choose to make… because it’s your life, you have to do what makes you happy.


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