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So You Know about the Affair, Now What? Watch Episode 9 of Cornelia O’Dwyer’s “Chick Chat Live” on BN TV



On the first segment of Chick Chat Live, guests Beverly Naya, Makashe Awogboro and Andrea Giaccaglia, as well as the host Cornelia O’Dwyer, discuss friendships and envy. A question was asked to a group of panelists at a conference – “When you are doing better than your friends and you detect envy as the issue, how do you handle it?” – And a panelist said “It is your responsibility to carry your friends along. It is your responsibility to make sure nothing in you causes envy to rise in another.” Do you agree?

The hot topic of the day deals with a wife who’s caught her husband cheating with her family friend. The circumstances surrounding the affair make it difficult for the wife to react.

When you know about an affair and you are not ready to leave, is it necessary to “address” it each time? People tend to imply that infidelity demands an immediate reaction but it isn’t always the case.

Watch below.

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  1. Bb

    April 8, 2017 at 10:01 am

    I like this topic but i think the quote meant if you are successful and you are truly friends with the other party, you will try in your very best to see they are successful in their own career path​. It may either be through giving them business contact, supporting their business by patronising it or just advising them. I personally will want my friend to be successful, however, if I realise she is just in competition with me then i will have to re-evaluate the friendship.

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