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BN TV: “The West is recognizing that there is a new breed of Africans presenting a different perspective” – WATCH Derrydean Dadzie on Under 40 CEOs



Under 40 CEOs is back with another exciting episode featuring a thought leader and accomplished young Ghanaian business leader who was described in an article published for Guardian of UK as “not the poster child you would expect to see for Africa but a part of Africa’s emerging class of young entrepreneurs who are presenting a serious challenge to Western ideas of African economic development.”

Derrydean Dadzie is a graduate of Computer Science from Ashesi University in Ghana. Derrydean describes himself as one who brings the “nth” dimension to any endeavor; a great driver of strategic aspirations of any entity who brings the creativity needed to create the condition for motivation.

Derrydean is the CEO at DreamOval Limited where he has succeeded in building a strong dedicated team that can take on global business opportunities. He is also credited with expanding the company’s geographical reach and growing it’s assets.

Watch below.


  1. Julie

    May 9, 2017 at 2:37 am

    The more i read bellanaija the more i think you guys are the laziest group of team who want to put no work whatsoever in your content, just copy cut and paste.

    with this clip when i read your summary above – it clearly shows you copy cut and pasted what you put up there, and it still did not give me summary of what this gentleman does. I had to watch the whole clip to understand what he does

    You could have putting a lil work in your short sypnonsis. Uche you are educated please try and make an effort in hiring competent people into your team who at least attempt to put a bit of work in your content. How long will 80% be simply copy cut paste. You are no different from LindaIkeji – but i respect your blog more cos she her blog is bonified razz anyway but i am afraid i am beginning to classify you as bad as her.

    At least as much as you pride your side to be the bougie uppitty blog – amongst other blogs. Even SDK writes summary to stories. You never do, you just copy cut paste.

    Do some work or put some work in content

    • kay

      May 9, 2017 at 9:14 am

      Haba Sister Julie!!!!

    • Phineas

      May 9, 2017 at 10:15 am

      I do not intend to fight BN’s battles but seriously? @ “bougie uppitty blog” – we like our BN the way it is. You sound pained, please crawl back under your ugly little rock and remain there. I also choose not to comment on your appalling grammar, oh wait I just did.

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