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Cornelia O’Dwyer Talks Living Single in the Season Finale of Chick Chat Live | Watch on BN TV



In the season finale of Chick Chat Live, Cornelia O’Dwyer is joined by ‘Dodo’s Uvieghara, Nenesi Ibru and Initeme Adukeh as they share their insights, experiences and vulnerabilities as women in Lagos, they speak about the rewards and societal penalties they receive as single women.

The episode addresses some of the emotional issues and societal consequences women are confronted with in the course of being “Single-By-Choice”. They discuss fertility, why “single” women are “picky” and a whole lot more.


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  1. nonye inspired

    May 18, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Dodos looks so much like Brandy..Wow Pretty ladies

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