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Fifth Year Medical Student Chidera Ota’s VLog Series are a Must Watch for Educational & Career Tips | Get the Scoop



Meet Chidera Ota. She is a fifth-year medical student at the University of Cambridge and she has kicked off her YouTube channel with the aim of sharing videos about her life in university, her experiences as a medical student and tips on how to apply or succeed in medical school.

She’ll also be discussing anything and everything from personal statements to mental health.

BN TV loves discovering unique content for our BNers and Chidera’s vlog series are certainly a must watch for aspiring medical students, aspiring students in general and anyone who wishes to have more educational/career knowledge.

Watch some episodes of her vlog below.


Get to Know Chidera

Day in the Life of a Medical Student

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety as a Medical Student

5 Things to Know Before Medical School

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