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BN TV: Ariyike Akinbobola Speaks on ‘Issues Affecting Our Environment in Nigeria’ in a New Episode of Ariyike Weekly



On this week’s episode of Ariyike weekly, Ariyike Akinbobola talks about the issues affecting our environment in Nigeria.

She says:

I have received a couple of mails telling me to talk about pollution in Nigeria and some of the issues affecting our environment and my response was always “Err, I’m not an environmental blogger” then I had to remind myself that we all have our parts to play in making our environment safe for ourselves, our Children and other generations to come so this week, I decided to come out my comfort zone to talk about a few of the issues that affect our environment in Nigeria, some of the causes and a few suggestions on how to keep our environment safe.

Please add your suggestions to these few points of mine. Where do you live and what are the major issues affecting your environment? Please watch and let’s discuss.


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