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What is NYSC Really Like? Watch a New Episode of Zikoko’s Video Series on BN




Zikoko launched a video series where young Nigerians speak on their everyday experiences and reactions to the world around them.

In this episode, Zikoko sits down with a few young people as they share the good, the bad and the ugly parts of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).


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  1. OBS OAP

    June 14, 2017 at 9:33 am

    Nice nice. I liked the video. Short and straight to the point. Tbh, I get that OBS drift! Ahhh. Orientation Broadcasting Service was the ish. Back then, I was one of the OAPs so every morning when the soldiers start chasing people, I move into OBS straight up. As OAP wey i be, I go carry mic con dey talk “Good morning corp members, please let us move out of our hostels to the parade ground immediately. If you are still in bed, you are so wrong. If you are having breakfast, you know you are so wrong and if you are still brushing, you are very wrong. I can see some people strolling to the parade ground. That’s so wrong! So please double up, double up and double up right now. Thank you”. Hahaha. From outside, people will be passing and cursing me. You are very stupid. Shut up there. And i’ll be laughing. The soldiers kuku used to come and say thank you sef. It was easy to charge my phone and dodge anything i wanted to although a liked marching sha and those drills. My khaki even tore when i was doing one. Camp oh camp! Once in a lifetime thing. Biko, enjoy it while it lasts. Ohh, tbh, it can be frustrating too. Good and bad moments dey but like i said, enjoy it. xx.

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