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38th Durban International Film Festival is Here! Watch Trailers for some of the Movies Showing 



The 38th Durban International Film Festival is set to take place from the 13th of July to the 23rd the with screenings of cutting-edge cinema from around the world.

We at BN have decided to do a special focus on one film each from South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt and Rwanda exhibiting at the festival.


Potato Potahto – Shirley Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Ghana, 2017

When Tony and Lulu finalised their divorce after two years of marriage, they agreed on a clever settlement that will allow them share the dream house they built together.

However, their ingenious arrangement begins to fall apart immediately after Tony decides to seek the services of an attractive female helper, and Lulu, in turn, brings in her own help, an overly sexy young man who is oblivious to the game plan of the ex-couple.

The drama begins to unravel as Tony and Lulu take turns to rile each other up. But nothing prepares them for the surprises their ‘help’ confer on them as they become victims of their own trickery.

Watch trailer

Catching Feelings – Kagiso Lediga, South Africa, 2016

Catching Feelings is a sophisticated, edgy and funny feature film set in Johannesburg.

It follows Max, one-time best-selling author and English lecturer, whose mediocre life begins to unravel when the charming and unconstrained Heiner, a multiple best-selling author, returns to Johannesburg. Max both loathes and is drawn to Heiner, who proceeds to play a large part in Max’s upheaval.

Watch teaser

Withered Green Mohammed Hammad, Egypt, 2016

Iman cannot convince any of her uncles to attend her younger sister’s engagement in her father’s place, as it is the tradition. However, when she receives her medical test results, she makes a shocking discovery, which prompts her to do away with all these withered traditions
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A Place for Myself – Musabejambo Marie Clementine, Rwanda, 2016

At a casual elementary school comes a five-year-old albino girl, elikia. Due to her skin colour, her classmates make her realise that her being ‘different’ is more a problem than a special trait. While the neighbourhood treats her as a stereotype, her mother encourages her. Together, they fight back and raise their voices to find a place for themselves.

Watch trailer

All of Us (watu wote) Tobias Rosen, Kenya, 2016

This short film is based on a true incident of an Al-Shabaab terrorist attack on a bus travelling to the Somali border region Mandera. During the attack, the Muslim bus passengers shielded the Christians and saved their lives.

For more on the festival, click here.


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  1. boumi

    July 14, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Can see what you are trying to do Bella. Nice try at helping Potato Potahto do PR damage control but no one cares. Not after that fraudulent’we are premiering in cannes’ launch. Next up ‘party dress photos’ We await.

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