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Instagram User busts Tenancy Fraudsters in Lagos, shares Experience



Instagram User busts Tenancy Fraudsters in Lagos, shares Experience

Instagram user @mobyakins has shared an experience her and her friend had with tenancy fraudsters in Lagos. See below:

Tenancy Racket/fraud aka 419: In January my friend was in dire need of an apartment, as a single lady with no “sponsor” or sugar daddy, she required nothing fancy. @bimpy18 and I were driving through Oniru when we saw a banner that read “2-4 bedroom apartments available in lekki and oniru. We immediately called the number and spoke to a then seemingly responsible and elderly man who introduced himself to us an Engineer Coker. We passed on the information to our friend and she called him as well. She told him about her requirement and gave him her budget which was about 800k-1m inclusive of agency, legal and caution fee. He said he had an apartment in lekki and promised to send his boy to her. His boy (who’s picture can be seen above) who was introduced as James, indeed went over to the house and did like any agent would do. She asked questions and he answered. He said the place was for about 700k and after all additions would be 800k. My friend was elated as at this point she needed to move like yesterday! She checked out the apartment a few more times and finally paid. After the payment was made, she went to the apt and to her utmost shock and bewilderment, wasn’t let in. She spoke to the security guard like she had done many times in the past during her visit asking him what exactly was wrong. He said the designated agent had given a directive that nobody should be let in because the landlord had been informed that his house was being used to perpetrate fraud. Upon self investigation, we realized that the fake agents with the help of the security guard would remove the designated agents banner whenever they were set to operate. We involved the police and got a order to block the account domiciled @firstbanknigeria but apparently, he had already withdrawn the money that day. The bank was unable to help and his BVN was was full of fake information. We reported the case at Maroko Police Station but their trail went cold. Fast forward to August, their banner resurfaced this time in Lekki 1 and Ligali Ayorinde. We called again with numbers they weren’t familiar with and told them we wanted to rent an apt with a budget of 2.5M

He receiver introduced himself as Engineer Cole (formerly Eng. Coker) and said he had an apt in Lekki 1 available for rent. 3 days later @bimpy18and I went to look at the apt. It was a brand new 3BR duplex all en suite with a BQ and he said it went for 3M plus agency and all would come to 3.6M. My ppl this apt wouldn’t be up for less than 5M per annum and that’s if the landlord is Jesus himself! This time the agent who took us was called Benjamin (formerly James), we managed to get a video from our recce of the apt. Eng Cole started calling and putting pressure on us telling us there was only one terrace left and we had to pay. I told him my rent was expiring at the end of the month and I was desperate. He told me he needed to know where we worked as he didn’t want corporate prostitutes residing in his houses and because we sounded responsible he would hold one terrace down for us. He then sent us our agreement just as he had done to my friend in Jan ( see pictures for her agreement/offer and mine). We insisted on seeing the place a 2nd time to be double sure. He said okay but by this time, we had informed the police who had provided us with 3 ununiformed officers to capture the culprit. When he got there, I noticed a jide Taiwo estate agent banner over it, by the time we came out they had flipped it over as is their modus operandi. I offered to give him a cheque as it was a large sum of money but he insisted on an online transfer. By the time we came out of the building, Benjamin was arrested and apprehended by the police along with the security guard. When we got to the station, he confessed that his real name was Ademola Ayo from Ondo State and Eng Cole he knew simply as Ola. He acknowledged and confessed to duping my friend. Now, I have been receiving calls from Eng Cole aka Ola boasting that he has ppl and informants around and he is right because he gave @bimpy18 a detailed description of how his accomplice was arrested. He also claims to have ppl at Maroko Police station. Even though we have involved an AIG in this matter, I am still apprehensive because if he indeed has ppl at the station this man will be released behind our backs! @policenglagos


  1. Hmm

    August 24, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. The scams and their sophistication is too much.

  2. Enn

    August 24, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    U could try tweeting this at Nigerian police account/Police IG account. Try to get as many retweets & likes as possible maybe the pressure of the case in public eye will reduce the chances of any nonsense….unfortunately this is what our “justice system has come to.

  3. Ephi

    August 24, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    I wonder how people like these sleep at night, after swindling people of their hard earned money. No conscience, nothing.

    Nigerian Police, please don’t disappoint.

  4. Greatness

    August 25, 2017 at 5:17 am

    I am so sorry about your experience. As a real estate consultant/agent, it is my job to help prevent you and others from these kind of fraudsters who pose as real estate agent. If you need any help or assistance, call 07035826583.

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