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Culture Diaries: Wana Udobang talks to Novelist Lola Shoneyin on “Funding”



Culture Diaries is an interview series which spotlights artists, culture creators and tastemakers shaping the Nigerian art and culture landscape. The series offers rare insights into the creative process, challenges and honest conversations about the Nigerian creative scene. The series is created and hosted by journalist and poet Wana Udobang.

On this episode, Wana speaks to Lola Shoneyin who is the author of three collections of poetry and the acclaimed novel ‘The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives’. She is also the director and founder of Ake Arts and Books Festival and the Kaduna books and arts festival (KABAFEST).

Speaking on this episode, Wana wrote:

Funding funding funding!!!! This has to be one of the most repetitive topics i have discussed on this series but unfortunately it is one that we have to keep having. Culture Diaries might also have to come to an end if i can’t secure the funding for a third season because there is only so much self financing and begging one can do before your entire spirit gives up.
It is clear that in our society there is no importance placed on culture or cultural capital but somehow many keep thriving regardless.
@lolashoneyin elucidates more on this topic as someone who has been raising funds for a literary and arts festival for five years. Many who are close to her know the agony involved in bringing this to people every year.


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