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Akah Nnani & Delphine Okobah share 5 things Women Don’t Want on Valentine’s day | Watch on BN TV



On a new episode of Akah Bants, vloggers Delphine Okobah and Akah Nnani team up to discuss 5 things women don’t want as gift on Vals day.

Akah says:

It’s the season of Love!! February 14th is here and there’s the fuss about romance and gifts and relationships.

So a couple of weeks ago, Delphine and myself created a list of 5 things a man or a woman wouldn’t want for Valentine’s day. We think this will be a guide to helping you select the best gifts for your lover on valentine’s day! It has to be thoughtful and sweet.

This episode however, is a list of 5 things women don’t want on Valentine’s Day. The list is quite subjective but it is quite an interesting video. Do enjoy this episode.


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