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BN TV: Lola OJ shares how she Survived Law School in Nigeria in New Vlog | Watch

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Last year, Lola OJ got called to bar and in this new vlog, she’s sharing tips on how she managed going to law school alongside her career as an influencer.

She says:

As some of you guys may know I went through one of the toughest periods of my life till date, although you may know me as an influencer I also had my own personal goals that I wanted to accomplish which I finally completed last year.

I am so excited! Yaayyyyy! I can now add Esquire to my title. I received so many questions from you guys regarding my experience at law school and how I juggled studying and building a brand, so here it is!

A short video answering all your questions; the good, the bad the ugly! “If law school affected my relationship?” “How I handled being stereotyped by others” and “My top tips on how to pass law school.” Thanks again for all the love and support and I hope this video helps someone out there.



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